Date: 3/12/2004


8 March 2004;

While the world is celebrating Women’s Day, that is Mothers’ Day in the United Kingdom, the news comes in from Karachi where India is playing cricket with Pakistan.

This time the World Power called Pakistan relaxed visa restrictions for the visitors. The Indians used to pay hefty fees to benefit ISLAM. So they are mighty OBLIGED to Pakistan for this goodwill gesture.

But on closer look, who were these “Indians”?

They were the same who BROKE UP India in 1947 to create Pakistan. Will there be any HINDUS among the so-called cricket fans going over to Pakistan on the pretext of watching the game of cricket?

NO. It is the MUSLIMS OF INDIA who wish to go to Pakistan to experience the thrill of creation of world’s largest Islamic republic established over BLOOD and BONES of the Hindus. They will also visit their relatives who emigrated from INDIA to Pakistan voluntarily. Some will go to bring new bridegrooms while the others will visit their mothers-in-laws in Karachi who were originally Hindu women abducted in 1947 when their fathers and husbands were KILLED by Muslim bandits celebrating the birth of Pakistan.

What about the Hindus of Karachi? They were beaten, kicked, abducted, spat on, raped and FOLRCED TO FLEE.

So which Hindu will be returing to his “sacreed janmabhumi” in Karachi or Lahore?