Date: 3/12/2004


...............Eternally grateful Hindu

“He will ensure our safety without asking for Jezia,” said one Hindu when asked, “Why have you gone for a MUSLIM supreme commander?”

"Pakistan will be afraid of invading India when they see a Muslim head here," answered another.

"They wouldn't wish to drop their nuclear bomb on Delhi knowing that the man in Rashtrapati Bhawan is a fellow Muslim," said another.

The Inferior Indian continued, “In earlier centuries our Muslim emperors used to levy JEZIA tax upon the natives in return for their safety.” No Hindu could speak out, “IT IS YOU WHO SHOULD BE PAYIUNG US FOR FEEDING AND FATTENING YOU ON OUR TERRITORY.”

Some Emperors like Akbar, the Secular, not only levied this tax but also demanded Hindu virgins to satisfy his Mohammedan Lust.

What Emperor of the Hindus, AURANGZEB, did, is not worth recalling. He beheaded or converted the Hindus by the million, thus turning western and eastern India, Kashmir in particular, into MUSLIM MAJORITY areas. His services to Islam while feeding himself at the cost of the Hindus meant the birth of Pakistan eventually.

"So we are mighty grateful to ABDUL KALAM the President and the Supreme Commander, who is sparing us from forcible conversion to his Islam and also has not levied JEZZIA tax upon the Hindus yet. He is merely content if we keep away from South Kashmir and don't mention Ayodhya. And he will be magnificent if we never recall LAHORE or mention PARTITION. We don't do so any way.

"Every Hindu is quite willing to touch his feet and even wash them with pleasure. They are better than the feet of former British Viceroys. Just think of them, the British. They regarded us inferior and LEFT while the Muslims regard the Hindus like their sheep at Eid, fit for slaughter, and have accordingly stayed back for perennial sheep slaughter.

"We regard the Muslims among us as "manly" tigers who only eat one at a time.