Date: 3/12/2004



Soon after accepting the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Lahore, that was deemed to be HIGH TREASON, Pandit Nehru used his state controlled media to go full blast in deifying Gandhi.

Many Hindu congregations were so much deceived, fooled and moved that they thought of Gandhi as some reincarnation of an earlier god.

Did you know that many were so impressed by Gandhi’s spirit of “tyaag” (RENUNCIATION or SURRENDER) under which he let ONE THIRD OF INDIA go to Mohammed oF Arabia, that they installed his IDOLS in temples. It is only recently that these had to be removed, covered in spit, and SMASHED, when the new generation of Hindus started asking for his BLOOD to punish the COWARD for his High Treason in 1947.

Gandhi has now emerged to be a "british fed" mouse who FAILED to give a rousing call to the Hindus to DEFEND East Bengal and to the Sikhs to DEFEND LAHROE at all costs.

The COWARDLY “son of a mosquito” simply went on his “moan barat” (silent fast) and that was the END OF INDIA on the dark night of 14/15 August 1947 when Secularism died in Lahore along with Akhand Bharat in Delhi.

How is it that NOT ONE CHURCH IN INDIA put up a picture of Gandhi next to that of Jesus?

And what reply will one get from Sonia Khan if you suggest putting up Gandhi’s photo in her Vatican?

Here is what she will say: “In all contempt we reject his person while we do amply adore his name. It brings us instant HINDU VOTES, political POWER, wealth and glory in your Hindustan.”