Date: 3/12/2004


........Why is impossible to bring freedom to the Hindu?

He lives in 25 segments (States in India) not in one country. His Hindu religion is NOT a unifying force but the one that like a powerful turbo fan, scatteres the Hindus AWAY FROM EACH OTHER across the world. Each State has own chief minister and there are 25 of them vying for favour of the despot at the Centre.

At present the despots are ITALY and ISLAM, well represented by SONIA KHAN and ABDUL KALAM. Neither is prepared to touch any religion of the natives even with a barge pole. Their hidden agenda is to impoverish the Hindus, sow confusion and demoralisation, and to break the backbone of the Sikhs. They are quite happy with the freedoms of Sindh and East Bengal but will be willing to slaughter every Tamil if they wanted some autonomy for Tamil Nadu.

It is so easy to manipulate one State or community against the other if one has the power, gun and broadcasting. At this time all are under Italy & Islam with the native Hindu dreaming of his Temple in Ayodhya and the Sikh dreaming of visa free pilgrimage to Nankana Sahib.

We can abuse Mohammed and his Koran and everyone in Pakistan and Bogusdesh, the fact remains that the Muslim is in palace and the Hindu is in dust, semi clad fakir, living on political dole and mercy.

In South Kashmir there is neither dole nor mercy for the Hindu. ONE BILLION Hindus know it to their cost that to demand some autonomy from the Centre is to invite RIDICULE and accusation of HIGH TREASON from all the others.

If anyone fails to understand the MENTALITY and SLAVISHNESS of the Hindus, he only has to spare a second’s thought to the question, “How could the FOREIGN detested Muslims rule the Hindus for over eight centuries and how could the British rule the Hindus for another two?”

While the rulers had song, dance and concubines, the natives had their mahatmas preaching RENUNCIATION, AUSTERITY and NON VIOLENCE. One ought to spare a thought for the easiest surrender in the entire human history, that of ONE THIRD OF HINDUSTAN to Mohammedans without resistance and withour anyone sweareing to push Islam back to Mecca.

The Hindus were reconciled to history’s worst ever surrender in LESS THAN A SECOND. It was exactly the very moment of this HUGE HIMALAYAN SURRENDER OF TERRITORY that Bandit Nehru was congratulating them all on their Independence.

They listened in rapt attention and in total reverence. Not one, NOT ONE, cried, HANG THIS TRAITOR or drown him in your spit. He signed off Lahore and East Bengal, too.”

That is why having an ABDUL KALAM and a SONIA KHAN on top is the very essence of Hindu DHARMA. The slaves and all the donkeys and monkeys of Bharatvarsha are in their own element and feel safe and secure when the present times are just like those olden golden days when the Hindu gave up his bride promptly upon demand by a Khan and opened his mouth wide to receive the Musalman’s spit.

Disgusting when you see a Hindu millionaire in his limousine but disgustingly true when you KNOW that he has ZERO status as a Hindu in his own native land called Hindustan. He can neither return to Srinagar nor stand up in Ayodhya.

Those who are scared of even dreaming of freedom like the EAST Bengalis, how can they DEMAND it?

Now we can well understand the wretchedness, misery and slavery of the Hindus for the next THOUSAND years.