Voice of Judea

Date: 3/12/2004


Voice of Judea 12 Adar 5764


1. Jewish avengers back in style ? 2. Moufaz; we will surrender Gaza after American elections. 3- Sharon Pledges Not To Cave In To “Settlers”

1. Jewish avengers back in style ?

Sixty two years ago several popular songs were written in tribute to Shlomo Ben Yosef. Ben Yosef was hung by the British in Palestine June 29th 1938 for the crime of carrying out a retaliatory “terrorist attack” against Arabs in Northern Israel. Many years have past since Jews would glorify heroes such as Ben Yosef who launched an indiscriminate act of revenge against Arabs? In spite of draconian laws against “incitement” of this nature, more and more Jews from mainstream Israeli society are coming out of the closet and publicly identifying with modern day Jewish “Freedom Fighters”. In fact, the very same song, the “song of the revolt” written by Shlomo Skolesky, paying tribute to Shlomo Ben Yosef, has now been modified with several additional stanzas interchanging Shlomo Ben Yosef’s name with that of Dr. Boruch Goldstein.

According to an article appearing in today’s Kol Hair (March 5th 2004) “whole internet sites have been dedicated to Goldstein’s honor, books praising him and new song books praising his deed are being circulated. Synagogues affiliated with the NRP and SHAS light memorial candles in his memory. From southern Israel, cities such as Netivot, hundreds of busses bring thousands who come to pay respects and to ask the “righteous” to intercede on their behalf (in the heavenly court). Tens of children throughout Israel have been named after Boruch Goldstein.

‘Kol Hair’ quotes mothers who claim that they were unable to have children until they visited the site of the “Tzadik” and asked for his intervention.

Today’s headlines in Israel reveals information of the alleged one man underground in Haifa, who was suspected in perpetrating nine attacks against Arab Knesset members and other Arab targets. Eliran Golan, 22, allegedly told police “I simply hate Arabs”. Eliran Golan does not fit the typical stereotype of a modern day Jewish underground character. Over recent years the Jewish division within the Shin Bet, have succeeded in demonizing the “settlers” by claiming to have found “settler undergrounds”. Most of these attempts have failed. Most of these alleged Jewish terrorists have been released, with the Shin Bet suffering huge blows to their credibility.

The mere existence of an Eliran Golan, a secular unknown “Jewish terrorist” from the red (associated usually with the left) city of Haifa, is significant. It is no less significant to examine the spontaneous responses to this story on the various internet forums, representing a true cross section of Israeli society. Approximately 30 percent of the thousands of comments we have read on the many Israeli news sites, in some way attempt to justify the action alleged to Eliran Golan.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

Considering the fact that there have been approximately 20 attacks against Arabs, most unsuccessful, over recent years, in contrast to tens of thousands of attacks launched by Arabs against Jews it is indeed a major story when the cops finally find a Jewish avenger. Allow us to put things in perspective. Over a thousand Jews have been murdered by Arab terrorists over the past few years. These terrorists enjoy the popular support of the majority of Arabs according to any survey that has ever been published on the subject. Thus the Arabs are conceived as the enemy of Israel. (Such a simple assertion may sound simple to objective Gentile onlookers, yet is so complex for some perplexed Israelis).

Most Jews in Israel live under fear of constant attack. Most Jews think twice before boarding busses or entering into crowded streets and markets. Most Jews have been directly affected by Arab terrorism. There is hardly a Jew in the land of Israel who is not related to or that does not have a friend who has suffered by Arab terror. It is rather impressive that the best the Jews can do is to “boast” of, a one man Jewish underground.

In a recent interview Yakov Perry the ultra left wing former director of the Shin Bet said, that if he was currently the head of the shin bet he would focus his energies and resources in strengthening and expanding the Jewish division of the Shin Bet. Perry and his comrades have made the obvious deduction: As Arab terrorism intensifies and more and more Jews are massacred it stands to reason that Jews will rise up to do that which the Government is unable or unwilling to do – to protect Jewish lives and to instill fear in the hearts of the enemy population.

Unfortunately for Mr. Perry and his friends they will have great difficulty solving acts of Jewish revenge against Arabs because they will continue to focus their investigations on their known political rivals within the “settlement” movement. The real threat is not the law abiding citizens in Yesha. It is the grassroots “AMCHA” ordinary Jew living in Haifa like Golan or in the upscale town of Herzilya, like Yigal Amir who are not only unknown but the real wild cards.

I have a much better plan for the Shin Bet. If they really wish to prevent the handful of Jewish avengers from becoming a widespread phenomenon in Israel then they must expel the Arab threat and crush Arab terrorism. By doing so they will save thousands of Jewish lives (not that this is of primary interest to Mr. Perry), and they will effectively do away with Jewish avengers. If the Arabs are not killing Jews by the thousands then there will be no frustrated Jews, taking the law into their own hands to take revenge.

2. Moufaz; we will surrender Gaza after American elections.

According to Maariv March 5, 2004, the Israeli government is making a formal commitment to the Americans not to implement Sharon’s unilateral disengagement / surrender plans until after U.S. elections in 2005. The first step of the Israeli land surrender will include the destruction of Jewish towns in Gaza as well as at least 4 Jewish towns in Northern Shomron. It has yet to be decided where the displaced Jewish refugees will be transferred to.

The reason being given for Israel’s postponement is fear in Washington that these unilateral actions may lead to a vacuum in the surrendered territories that can lead to anarchy and upset the delicate balance in the Middle East, leading to intensification of the conflict. Bush has enough problems on his head right now. The last thing he needs is chaos in the Middle East spreading to the Gulf States or to American interests around the world, before elections.

Voice of Judea commentary:

You read the Israeli press and you listen to Israeli politicians and you must learn to understand the ramifications. One can begin to appreciate just how low Israeli politicians have sunk by listening to their own words that flow so freely out of their mouths. While Israeli leaders usually speak out of both sides of their mouthes, on the issue of the direct influence of America on Israeli foreign and security policy, there is zero room for interpretation. It has become so acceptable to hear the Defense Minister or Prime Minister speak candidly about implementing and formulating policy based solely around pleasing the incumbent American administration. They do not speak of taking action to save Jews. Everything they do is centered around a policy of appeasement to the Americans and the Arabs. Even when Israel finally decides to take clear self destructive action to please America, such as, Sharon’s new unilateral surrender /disengagement plan, this too is subject to deferral so as not to upset or interfere with Bush electoral issues, however remote, indirect and insignificant the impact might be.


An angry Sharon blasted his political rivals on the Israeli right for leaking information about his alleged ties with Tannenbaum. Sharon promised the “settlers” and his right wing opponents that nothing would stop him from carrying out his plans to tear down “settlements”. Sharon said that he expected to be the victim of the intensification of the immoral battle against him. Sharon also said that he felt that the recent politically motivated campaign against him is worse than the campaign spearheaded by the Israeli left during the war in Lebanon, in 1982.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

The Sharon of today truly feels that he is a bigger enemy to the left than to the right. This is no surprise considering his evolution into a clone of Shimone Peres. How sad that the man perceived as the great friend of the “settlement” movement, who helped build so many of the Jewish towns in Yesha has now turned into the biggest enemy of the “settlement” movement. Sharon is not only the enemy of the “settlement” movement. He has become anathema to so many in his own Likud party. The average Joe Schmo on the street, who voted Sharon, views him as a man who has betrayed his ideals so as to please leftwing prosecutors and judges. Poor Sharon! He has betrayed his party, his constituents and the Land that he fought for. Poor Sharon! He will not be remembered for his great military courage but for his cowardice in standing up to U.S. pressure and to domestic left-wing sentiments. How pathetic to hear him speak so “courageously” about not capitulating to “settler” pressure. Wow!!! Tough guy!!! It is really tough to stand up to the weak pareve, passive resistance of the “settlers”, who vow never to lift a finger against those who will come to expel them from their homes. Wow, Sharon will valiantly and courageously destroy the Jewish homes in Yesha, knowing in advance that the “settlers” will never raise a finger against fellow Jews.

Sharon has turned into a pathetic old man, who has turned his sword against his brothers to save his sons from prosecution and to save himself from angering the Americans. Our brave General has turned into a real warrior to oversee the crusade against the loyal Jews of Israel.


How could the world ignore 25 MILLION Hindus forced out of Western and Eastern India by Muslim fanatics in 1947? Do they have TWO yardsticks, one for the Jews and the Hindus and the other for the PLO and the Muslims?

The PLO refugees ought to vanish like the Hindu refugees of 1947 and the second wave of Hindu refugees from South kashmir in 1989. There is enough space for them in PAKISTAN, Libya and Saudi Arabia.