Date: 3/17/2004


posted on Internet:

The issue of Sonia Gandhi's foreign Birth, can neither be discounted, nor can be wished away.

The inference is clear from the evidence, on the examples of UK and USA (both democracies).

In both of these countries, the Chief Executive Officer of the country (PM for UK and President for the USA) has to be a Native-Born citizen of the country, not a naturalized foreign-born citizen of the country.



You have described the CONSTITUTIONAL position in these countries. What about the public opinion in them?

If a MUSLIM or a HINDU was proposed for the office of President of U.S. or stood for the post of Prime Minister of UK, how will the public, the PEOPLE, react?

I leave it to your imagination.

There was a good Christian who withdrew from candidacy for the Presidentship in the US.

He said, "I am Black and am most likely to be ASSASSINATED."

Now compare the scene with LOK SABHA and also the PUBLIC OPINION in our Bharatvarsha. The more foreign a woman at the top, the better everyone feels!

Sonia, the "committed Catholic Cat" from ITALY who will not touch Hindu Faith even with a barge pole, is elevated to "uncrowned queen" of India.

One asked the famous cricket player IMRAN KHAN, "Why did you declare to the world, "My Jemima has embraced ISLAM?"

He replied, the "public opinion in the Muslim world is that of a TIGER."

Then I reflected on the high position of Sonia, a NON HINDU in Hindustan and whispered to the friend standing beside me, "The PUBLIC OPINION in our Bharat is that of a goat."

I have been reflecting on this ever since. How to turn the public opinion in Bharat to that of a LION?