Date: 3/18/2004


...................The Albanians of KOSOVO


The Albanians are MUSLIMS of Turkish origin. They believe in every word in KORAN and they HATE the non Muslims by indoctrination and brainwashing.

They are part of GLOBAL Islam. Thus if consulted on the future of Kashmir, they will say, "It belongs to PAKISTAN." And if asked about the United States, they will say, "In love of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Ladeh, America is our ENEMY. But in hatred of Russia, we regard America our friend."

Typically SCHIZOPHRENIC Muslim response all over the globe. One could hear the same from a Pakistani, who speaks PUNJABI to his mother but ARABIC to his spiritual WAR LORD, just like the BOGUSdeshi, who doe not know whether he is Indian or Arab, or even Afghan.

That should tell A LOT about the ALBANIANS, Pakistanis and the BOGUSdeshis to the rest of the free, secular and CIVILISED world.

The ALBANIANS are the counterparts of the MUSLIMS in India. They wish to eliminate and exterminate the Serbs living around them who are Christians.

Like the Hindus of India these Christians tolerated the Albanian Muslims for centuries until recently when Islam got a boost from petro dollars and revived its dream of GLOBAL Islam.

"Give $1000 to a Muslim. He will not invest in business but in WOMEN and EXPLOSIVES," is a popular saying in India.

The Serbs took note of the role of Muslims in INDIA where they created Pakistan while staying back to do further damage to the native culture, civic harmony and civilisation. The Muslims wish to be treated according to Christian Laws in Europe and America but will treat the Christians according to the DRACONIAN Islamic laws in their own Islamic republics.

It is said that the Albanians are so fanatic that the Christians among them fear for their lives and the safety of their daughters.

TERESA, the nun who later became “mother” in India, felt so insecure while growing up as a Christian in Albania that she went to India to comfort her terrified soul.

There she served her Lord what she could not do while FEARING abduction and rape by the Muslims of her own native land. She felt safe in India where the Hindus respect women.

For the British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Jack Straw, holding a press conference in London (March 18, 2004) with the Italian Foreign Minister, it was easy to say, “Look, once we, too, were enemies but today we are friends,” Overlooking the fact that both Italy and Britain are CHRISTIAN and, furthermore, NEITHER is an Islamic republic.

But how much of friends were they (Britain and Italy) when one was a democracy the other a fascist state?

So, Mr. Straw, do not throw dust in the eyes of the world. NATO, the UNO, the USA and the UK are already partial towards the Hindus and the Serbs.

Your remark was inappropriate, immoral and most misleading. We wish to ask you, “Could you live in peace with those whose very ethos, conviction, indoctrination and RELIGIOUS DUTY is to convert or kill you and till that auspicious moment of victory, to do everything to make Britain an insecure, and a weaker, place?"

Wise guys like Jack Straw then go on to preach amity between Israel and the PLO, and between India and Pakistan.

UNO, too, is either blind or dishonest to overlook facts and reality.

The only way to ensure peace in the Middle East is to ship or shift all the PLO (refugees by voluntary choice) to some vast Arab land and let Israel live in peace.

The only way to bring peace to South Asia is to EXTERMINATE Islam’s separatist and intolerant flags and to put Lahore and Dhaka back in India where they were, till the last day of the British rule over India.

The division in India is British mischief. The division is Kosovo is UN mischief who fail to pack all the Albanians there and send them to ALBANIA where they belong. Why should poor Serbia be exposed to the Muslim POPULATION EXPLOSION of the future?

We need to ask the liberal and secular Mr. Jack Straw: “Imagine that LONDON is under the Islamic flag and all the work of Parliament in Westminster is done in Urdu. Church of England has been ABOLISHED by decree of Sharia Law. A defeated Christian walks with his head bowed through the streets of London.

HOW DO YOU RELISH THE IDEA, Mr. Straw? We were merely thinking of a serb in Kosovo, of a Hindu in EAST Bengal, a Jew in Syria and a Sikh in Lahore. If the world is small and getting smaller and more dangerous by the hour, then this is something you would take note of before RAWALPINDI, LAHORE, NEW YORK and MADRID are repeated in London.

Message to the Kosovan SERBS, "Please do not look for counsel towards India. She became secular only after surrendering North Kashmir and became the largest democracy on earth only after seeing the GOAT OF DEMOCRACY SLAUGHTERED in EAST Bengal in 1947 and again in 1972.

India now lies partitioned and her trembling voice is the same as that of PLO and Al Qaida.

(Due apology to President ABDUL KALAM {A "Pakistani" by ACT OF PARTITION, INDIA, 1947} who has yet to follow the example of Pakistan in eliminating AL QAIDA from his country. Expecting him to send his troops to ensure peace in Baghdad would be a TALL order for the "midget" who is a MUSALMAAN at heart.)