Date: 3/18/2004



Imagine the Indian army hitting the terrorists in South Kashmir really hard, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy and severe collateral damage and suffering and misery on the civilians.

The terrorists are so badly mauled and scattered that they beg for mercy. The Government of India then ask their generals to cease fire so that the enemy leadership can emerge from their deep holes (in the manner of Saddam Hussein), and come up to offer surrender.

The other scenario would be that the Government of India are so scared of receiving their soldiers (jawans) continuously in body bags and seeing bombs explode regularly at Mumbai Stock Exchange, in front of Parliament in New Delhi, at bus and railway stations, and the frequent massacres of pilgrims to Amarnath Cave and Vaishno Devi temple, that they ask their generals to cease fire and then invite the leaders of the terrorists to have discussions with cabinet ministers in New Delhi.

The people of India heave a sigh of relief at this peace secured in the manner of Chamberlaine at Munich. The media print large pictures of these Mujahideen and Ghazis, and send a “message” to the nation that our Government ("Sarkar Mai Baap") is dealing with some formidable rebel force who could set fire to Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Lok Sabha simultaneously.

The readers can see the difference in these two scenarios and one is sure which one they would opt for.

News has come that AL QAIDA, that gave a devastating blow to Spain, killing over 200 and wounding over 1450, have declared cease fire. They have given a warning to Spain to withdraw their troops from Irak or else. . . .

This is a big psychological BLOW to Spain since normally a winning side declares a ceasefire to enable the weaker side the opportunity to apologise, while the losing side BEGS for it.

Previously one thought of Spain as a fox. Now we think it is a chicken.

Readers may have their own opinion of Spain today. One could even call it “Gandhian” way to buy peace, but it has ruined the IMAGE of Spain as a strong nation, forever. Will her close allies and friends (European and Latin American) ever trust her again?

Spain had the bad luck to have been OCCUPIED by savage Islam once. That occupation saw the destruction and plunder of churches, rape of women, forcible conversion of Catholic slaves to Islam, degradation, humiliation and general DETERIORATION OF GENES.

Once a nation swallows the “Spit of Slavery” under Islam even for a day, it cannot raise its head, or its status from third class to second class but stays fixed in fear somewhere down under. It can never become first class again, as she was BEFORE the strike of Sword of Islam.

Britain and the US have the fortune of NEVER being under the degrading Islamic flags and thus have their guts and brains free and in tact to comprehend what the term “Global Islam” means.

Global Islam means global terrorism, global threat to man’s liberties and women’s freedoms and universal secularism. Global Islam puts a question against the fate of KASHMIR and the survival of Hindus in South Asia. Global Islam means weakening of secularism and slow death of democracy on earth.

Dear Spain, we understand your problem. Before Islam occupied your country, your people were manly warriors of Christ like the brave Hindu Maharajas and Buddhist kings all over PRE-ISLAMIC Hindustan.

You did manage to shake off the YOKE OF ISLAMIC SLAVERY but remained bent and buckled. You never stood upright. You have just given the proof of this.

But you have company. Spain was slave under Islam for 400 years while our India was slave under Muslims for 800 years.

We not only expected Spain to double its military contingent in Irak but also expected our India to send a whole brigade of her elite soldiers to do DUTY shoulder to shoulder with your men.

We notice that India’s hesitation, reticence and timidity, and lack of vision and guts, has given a golden opportunity to Pakistan to get into good books with America.

New alliances are being formed on the earth. New friendships are being forged. Bad guys are coming up while good “Gandhian” guys are being dumped by the wayside.

While the American eyes are on Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan’s eyes are on KASHMIR. That is how the world is transforming itself before our eyes while we Indians "salaam and salute" our ABDUL KALAM and deeply adore and revere our Sonia Gandhi, and lick our wounds in South Kashmir.

Spain has stepped out of ranks. She has betrayed her allies. She has shown her national weakness.

Spain will live to regret her COWARDLY decision (of pulling the troops out of Irak). She has saved her skin by APPEASEMENT and COLLAPSE. In the future she will only have to bend and stoop lower and lower before ISLAM.

Instead of ordering general SURVEILLANCE of every Muslim and Moroccan, Spain has shown her WEAKNESS to the ever menacing, threatening, bullying and advancing devil.

Suddenly the Spaniards all look “HINDU” to the rest of the world.

The Hindus of Hindustan have yet to muster guts to whisper, “We must re-capture North Kashmir, get Lahore back in India and also raise our great and grand Temple in Ayodhya.”