Date: 3/19/2004



.....................Who is mongrel?

Not or pure race, of no clear pedigree. A mixture of races or breeding.

............A SECULAR HINDU in Partitioned India.

In 1947 the INDIAN Muslims acquired clear Identity and pedigree in the newly created State of PAKISTAN, but the Hindu India remained mixed and mongrel, undefined and vaguely secular. (Real Secularism was to stick to Lahore and East Bengal!)

After her devastating Partition, India was NEITHER HINDU NOR MUSLIM, NOT EVEN CHRISTIAN. She is a MIXTURE of all. No wonder when an Indian is kicked in Fiji or booted out of Uganda, there is none to come to his aid.

India could have remained HINDU through all the past centuries, had she thrown out the first Arab invaders from Sindh in 712 AD. After that year, she just could not halt the deluge of invaders and got her IDENTITY more and more diffused, mixed and murky. She got more and more of ISLAM in her blood and body and thus became more and more MONGREL.

The natives had NO choice in inviting or selecting their new MASTERS and over the way they were ruled, administered, treated, brainwashed, thrashed, abducted, raped and taxed.

The Muslims, whose SPIRITUAL centres were outside India, had their CORE loyalties, too, outside India. After centuries of persecution at the hands of Muslims the natives found themselves under another invader, this time the Christians. Since BOTH had NO bona fides or justification of stay in India, they formed an alliance against the Hindu majority.

Hindu COLLECTIVE HEAD, long since crushed, the natives could not unite, to have a say over their own affairs. At last, the British left, richly rewarding their Muslim allies with one third of India's territory, now known as Pakistan and BOGUSdesh. Defeated India, still unable to shake off the terror of Islam, accepts their two hostile, provocative and ALIEN flags in New Delhi.

The State of Jammu & Kashmir offered an ideal opportunity to the departing British to damage India's economy by injecting tensions in the region, thus making the sub continent dependent on Western aid.

Much celebrated Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru proved to be the worst enemy of the Hindus.He ROBBED them of their Identity. He helped the Muslims raise their flags over Lahore and Dhaka, while ramming his own version of INFERIOR Secularism down the Hindus' throats in Delhi.

Lacking a collective head, the Hindus FAILED to see how their moral superiority was proving their collective death. The Hindus remained stuck to Gandhian philosophy and the Sikhs remained stuck to their "nishkam sewa" and symbols. Neither could FREE their minds and brains to look at the lethal consequences of accepting Partition and the Kashmir dispute as its by product.

Kashmir has become a FESTERING WOUND in the skull of India. India has accepted or tolerated this state of affairs for the last 56 years. Not one Indian leader has posed the question, "How will it all end?", or "What next?"

Knowing our eternal enemy, it was easy to foresee one or two things.

Firstly, Pakistan, a product of AGGRESSION and BULLYING, will never give up her claim to Kashmir. They are also REINFORCED in their resolve by the FACT that while Islamic flag flew over Delhi for SEVEN CENTURIES, Hindu Bhagwa never managed to fly over Kabul even for a day.

Secondly, if the Hindus do not behave better than 1947, they will lose Kashmir, too, just like Lahore.

Thirdly, the West will always remain sympathic to Pakistan, their own child.

The Hindus were brainwashed to think that the history of India began on August 15, 1947 and all that what lay in the past was irrelevant except the glorious Mogul (Muslim) era. Thus whole chapters on Hindu glory and heroes like Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh were deleted from our history books.

Indian Army cannot commemorate even one battle or war where the HINDUS gave a crushing defeat to their enemies. One example is the capture of KHYBER and the hoisting of BHAGWA over ATTOCK, PESHAWAR and KHYBER by General Hari Singh Nalwa at the head of a SIKH army.

That event ought to have been celebrated with utmost pomp and show by Hindustan. Bandit Nehru who asked a BUDDHIST, not a Hindu, to write up the Constitution of Partitioned India, also made sure that the word "Hindu" would seem something very inferior. The position has not changed much since.

Whatever seems OBVIOUS, India's "uncrowned empress" Sonia and "Rashtrapati" Abdul Kalam, and all the HINDU BASHING previous leaders will NOT allow. What are these steps?

1. In 1972, when India decisively defeated Pakistan, she ought to have recovered North Kashmir, too. But that was NOT to be, since the whole of Kashmir was meant from Day One, to go to Pakistan as per top-secret understanding between Mohammed Ali Jinnah and our Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

2. After Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Document of Accession, the whole of Jammu and Kashmir ought to have been integrated into India like EAST Punjab, and later, Hyderabad.

3. There was and is NO basis for Article 370 of Constitution that applies only to South Kashmir. Why should the only Muslim State be singled out for reward?

4. Why should a BLEEDING PARTITIOEND India ever appoint a MOHAMMEDAN as a Minister, Governor, Ambassador or President? Why?

Why should the Hindu offer "laddoo and pakora" on gold plate to any Mohammed who, IN TURN, contemptuously "spits" in the face of a Hindu?

5. When the Muslim militants chased out the Hindus from South Kashmir in 1989, the State ought to have gone under President's rule and a thorough OVERHAUL of ethnic mix ought to have been carried out.

The "mouse" called Lok Sabha had the precedence of Pakistan itself where the Hindus had been exterminated in 1947 with the whole world and all our gods looking on. The second precedence was the Poles and the Czechs who forced out all the Germans from their countries after World War 2. The third precedence was TIBET where China reduced the native majority within months of invading that country in 1959.

But our mutilated, gagged, shackled and "hijacked" India did not lift a finger. Till date the Hindus from Kashmir are refugees living outside their State. This WRETCHED state of India (and of the Kashmiri HINDUS) has NO parallel anywhere in the world.

The dirty Dynasty still has tremendous hold over Hindustan. They are still determined to keep the Hindus weak and scattered. They are bent upon grinding the Hindus into dust. They do not wish to see Kashmir issue settled, not do they want the Hindus going back home in Srinagar.

The logic behind Congress government is this: "If Kashmir is cleared of Hindus, Pakistan's claim will be impeccable and fool proof."

Yes, unbelievable as it may sound, this is what lies at the heart of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam and the ruling and fooling establishment of India. Otherwise can anyone tell us that Government of India cannot do anything in Kashmir to ensure the safety of Hindus there?

We should see the CONTRAST in how Abdul Kalam rushed to Gujarat to make sure the Muslims were safe and sound there. But neither Kalam nor Sonia has gone to South Kashmir to comfort the Hindus. Which nation on earth tolerates such ANTI NATIONAL leaders even for a second? Knowing their insulting response, not one Hindu "Shankaracharya" or Sikh "Singh Sahib" has dared to commend a native religion to either.

If we cannot draw any conclusion about this "Government of India" then only we are to blame for our bad luck.

Pakistan has strengthened her claim to Kashmir by acting firmly on the side of the United States, and after the present war on terror slows down a bit, she is going to threaten a nuclear strike on Delhi.

UNO, the handyman of US, will then ask India to VACATE the HINDU AGGRESSION and avoid nuclear war. They can even ENFORCE a referendum whose outcome will be ALLAH HU AKBAR (NOT "Har Har Mahadev").

That is the scenario for us to contemplate, not just chant, "Gandhiji ki Jai!"

The Law of Nature dictates, the weak cannot hold the diamond in their hands. Someone will come along to snatch it and even chop off the hand that holds the diamond. We should never forget that despite Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi, it was the SWORD WIELDING MOHAMMED who prevailed in Lahore, Multan, Dhaka and Sylhet.