Date: 3/20/2004


.....................DEMO IN MUMBAI

Today (March 19, 2004) a big demonstration against the US is planned in Mumbai, Bharat.

Our first reaction is surprise, and, second of shock.

We are surprised that the people of Mumbai never held a demonstration AGAINST Pakistan for her occupation of North Kashmir, for her home grown terrorists operating in Mumbai and South Kashmir, and even against her testing long range missiles capable of delivering nuclear war heads deep into India, including Mumbai.

We are shocked to discover that the organisers and RABBLE ROUSERS are "Indian" Muslims, not native Hindus.

We are doubly shocked to see, as the rest of the world can, that after Partition there ought to have been NO "Indian" Muslim left in our Bharatvarsha.

INTEGRITY ("Akhandta") of Secular Indian Territory is a firm concept in our heads though to our leaders at the top, India that is minus one third of her area is perfectly all right- morally, constitutionally and legally.

There are some more very worrying aspects of this demonstration that is planned in Mumbai today.

Firstly, since the demonstration is aimed at America and her President, George W. Bush, we ought to ask, "Are we alienating or befriending both America and George W. Bush?"

Should we not realise that it is the United States where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INDIANS are living voluntarily for livelihood and quality of life while NONE has emigrated to an Islamic republic to improve his/her quality of life or personal freedoms. In fact, those who opt to go to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East, are strongly advised to leave their daughters and wives behind. We ought to know the sexual morality of those who can have four wives and umpteen concubines.

Secondly, are the HINDUS living in any ISLAMIC republic, including the two taken out of India's body like the ribs of Adam, capable of holding a demonstration against the illegal, unconstitutional and immoral occupation of North Kashmir or to protest over the forced evacuation of all the Hindus out of Kashmir Valley?

It is a sad comment on the state of the HINDU nation (the only one on earth) if the Muslims can take out a rally for a cause that has NOTHING to do with India while the Hindus in our Bharat have yet to take out a similar sized large and vocal demonstration in Mumbai in support of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, or for dismantling the BOGUS Islamic republic of East Bengal while our own East Punjab cannot have its capital on its own territory.

It is a sad comment on the state of the HINDU nation (the only one on earth) if while searching for No. 1 Lady of Land, everyone's eyes fell on NAJMA HEPTULLAH but not on Sadhwi Ritambra or Sushma Swaraj.

Such a nation, ignoring own cause but championing every Italian and Islamic cause on earth, needs to TAKE UP ARMS, man, woman and child rather quickly, as per Clarion Call given by Defender of Hindusthan and Hindu Dharma, Guru Gobind Singh ji, on April 13, 1699.

It's a mind boggling dark and dangerous thought: "Have we Hindus been LULLED and BRAINWASHED into sleeping, and getting thrashed and shunted about mentally, morally, spiritually, and politically, FOR SO LONG?" (Three hundred years, NOT three hours, three days, and even three weeks!)

The authorities in Bharat (if our Bharat is not the "concubine" of Islam and the "slave" of Italy) ought to BAN this demonstration at once, or ORDER the organisers to change all their slogans and placards to say, "QUIT YOUR AGGRESSION IN NORTH KASHMIR."

The demonstration ought to be against Pakistan that poses nuclear threat to India, while occupying large chunks of our sacred territory, and NOT against the United States and her brave President who could be our own LAST Saviour when 'chips are down' once again.

May we know if anyone will be writing a letter to the President of the United States of America to say, "All demonstrations in our PARTITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BHARAT) against the United States are instigated, manipulated, orchestrated, and paid for, by IRAKI money and ARAB clout in our "hijacked" ("Hijda") Hindustan."

Moral superiority means speaking the truth, as per our motto, "Satyam Vijayate."

Moral COWARDICE is not to enter the name of Guru Gobind Singh ji as the "Defender of Hindu Dharma" in Constitution, but to "dump" the Hindu refugees from Srinagar while shedding copious tears for the victims of war in distant IRAQ.

Finally, HIGH TREASON is to surrender LAHORE and MULTAN without a single condition imposed on the ENEMY (Indian Muslims), and to liberate EAST Bengal (1972) but not NORTH Kashmir (since 1948).