Date: 3/22/2004


Hindus and Media are guilty for Unworthy one Family Rule

Some one wrote, which are views of many other people as well that there could be no denying or wishing away the fact of the foreign origin of Sonia. The Congress leaders including their spokesmen / women can try to talk smart. They can get the best legal luminaries to defend her but can they erase her birth origin? Can she declare that she is not an Italian? Not that her place of birth is Italy -she is born of Italian parents -can she deny that or can the SC deny that. We are not merely talking of an acquired citizenship.

Tomorrow the PM of Pakistan can get his son or daughter marry an Indian and settle down here-acquire an Indian citizenship and then get elected and rule this country! Why not - anything can be possible once we establish a precedent of allowing one of foreign origin to rule this land of Bharat country. We can wind up our border security forces because we have within the very power center a foreign born person - why deny others free access and guard what? No courts can give her what the Almighty has not. She is not a born Indian and that is what matters. It was already a mistake to have allowed her to be the leader of the Opposition.

There seem to be desperation in her and her coterie in wanting to make her the PM of this country. One wonders what is the secret for this unholy, treacherous desire. It cannot be allowed. Why did we have to gain Freedom from the British-to allow an Italian to rule this country Bharat?

The brash way in which she said that if she wanted to become the PM she could have become one in 1991. Shows her scant respect for this country, its people and its democracy. This is precisely why one feels there is something more in her wanting to become the PM of this country. Jayalalithaa voice must be strengethened by other equally powerful voices - let a million voices give the clarion call that this country will not allow an Italian to be the PM. Let a million people be arrayed before the judiciary. One must not allow this consultation with the judiciary to cow us down or to weaken the issue of the foreign origin. There is a down to the earth common sense of the people - one must appeal to this and let them know that the choice is between an Italian and an Indian. Not development neither is employment the issue before the people - but the whole election boils down to the choice of an Indian versus an Italian.

Let the leaders of the Congress not compare Mrs. Sonia to Annie Besant and Sister Nivedita - they did not ask or aspire for power. As the election campaign hots up it is the duty of every patriotic Bharatiya to raise the foreign origin of Mrs. Sonia and make the people focus on this because the Congress is trying to hoodwink them.

Qualification of a Person aspiring for post of Prime Minister

As regards Sonia Gandhi, we Bharatiya people have nothing against her in person. She is now a Bharatiya citizen and from a prominent family of Bharat. But that does not mean that a person should aspire for the post of Prime Minister. Many people doubt she even wanted that. In fact she was trying to run away from active politics. But the bad elements in Congress who are abundant and always had formed powerful caucus, backed by some foreign powers, want to use her as a captive Party Leader. A figurehead to encash the pseudo-Gandhi name {Indira or Rajeev were NOT GANDHI. They had nothing to do with name Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi. Rajeev was son of a Muslim gentleman}. Our point is that a party which uses such borrowed names to fool electorate and which cannot throw up even Two leaders from amongst 100 crores of population, hardly deserves to be in politics. So time has come to wind up this congress party of Sonia, by whatever name it is called. As regards Sonia's Prime Ministership, she should stop thinking about it. Same applies to Rahul and Priyanka {She should allow to be called only Priyanka Vadra and not Gandhi. It is strange that Indira used her husband’s fake Gandhi surname but Priyanaka is not using her husband’s name. The reasons are obvious- Even press is irresponsible and doing great damage to Indian society} Priyanka has lost her head already. Her behavior is repressive and short tempered and she has started thinking herself to be Queen of India (remember sacking of a crew member of airlines recently?}.

These people have nothing to boast about contribution to society. Just born in a political family. Their one point program is to hang on to Relics of erstwhile British Raj and continue dynastic rule. If dynastic rule is what people want then why not simply pick Maharaja of each jagir and make a parliament. It will cost less to conduct an election and much cleaner and better parliament will come to power.

Maximum communal riots took place in regimes of congress led governments. This is true and sad fact. People themselves should reject such persons. WE HINDUS ARE AT FAULT and media is also responsible for such a bad situation and allowing unworthy people to rule Bharat for half a century. We should spread the right thinking views and persons amongst masses. For whom are we waiting to do this job?

It is these dirty politicians like Mulayam Singh, Lalloo Parasad, and V P Singh and likes who created problems on Ayodhya issue by provoking Muslims claiming to be their well - wishers. Otherwise everyone knows that Muslims largely did not bother about this shrine. Remember that Somnath temple was rebuilt without any agitation. But it is the current pseudo Hindu politicians in all the parties who foment trouble in the nation. All parties have bad elements and gundaas and they should be punished by right thinking citizens by giving clear message that corruption, lethargy and communal acts will not be tolerated by Bharatiya Public anymore. This is right time now as we are heading for federal elections. It is important for democracy and for preserving Human rights of innocent citizens. You can’t expect quality of life improvement and corruption free society with these bad elements being in power.;~takes~dig~at~'roadshow'

New Delhi, March. 17 (PTI): Turning the tables on the Congress which had referred to Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani's roots in Pakistan, the BJP today made no bones about its intention to make Congress President Sonia Gandhi's foreign origin a key issue in the coming Lok Sabha polls.

"We are grateful to the Congress for having raised the issue. We will continue with the debate in the course of the polls," party spokesman and Union Law and Commerce Minister Arun Jaitley, told reporters here.

Congress spokesman Kapil Sibal had yesterday reportedly referred to Advani's birth in Pakistan and his family owning a 'Victoria' (buggy) terming it as an evidence of being "pro-British".

"What vocation the Congress President was involved in, whether in Italy or at Cambridge, is as irrelevant to the present election as the Victoria buggy of Karachi. By raising such trivia, the Congress has taken the campaign to a historic low.

As the “guardians of the nation like the President, the Prime Minister, the Vice-President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the three service chiefs had vital responsibility of protecting India’s security and sovereignty”, persons who held such offices should necessarily be Indian-born citizens.

The members of Hindu Society in their respective States should form a list of Candidates finally standing for election and audit their conduct background and behavior. If this is done, the names of candidates rejected by people should be communicated through press briefs and by the many forums.

Model code of conduct required for Chief Election Commissioners A letter written to a newspaper by N.Krishna, about code of conduct for EC


I was surprised to see our newly appointed Indian Chief Election Commissioner T.S. Krishnamurthy in the company of Christian priests attending some function in Chennai which was widely shown in TV channels. This is immediately after some of the Christian priests’ associations had given calls to Christians to vote for Christian candidates only.

In the second week of February 2004 the National Congress of Indian Christians (NCIC) had written to the Christian Sonia Gandhi to allot 30 seats for Christian candidates for the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections saying that the Christian population in AP is now 10%. This request itself is not surprising as the Congress party appears to be taken over by the Christians. So far the Christians were claiming that they are only 2.3% of the population and the sudden spurt in their population in AP indicates the rampant and virulent conversion activities that is going on for the past decade in AP, with the connivance of the politicians like Chandrababu Naidu and with the help of foreign missionaries in business visa operating in the state violating the law of the land.

In states like Tamil Nadu this rampant conversion by missionaries had resulted in the growth of up to 50% Christian population in the coastal Kanyakumari district. In February last week Christian priests assembled in Mangalore asked Christians to vote for Christian candidates only and demanded Christians to be put as candidates for various areas. . This communal call is unprecedented and will open up a Pandora’s Box.

The CEC is required to pull up such pronouncements by communal elements, but unfortunately he was seen in their company shortly afterwards in Chennai giving a sort of legitimacy for these communal approach to our elections by Christians. Hence it is necessary that CEC should have a code of conduct and should attend only government functions and should refrain from attending other public functions.

This need for a model code of conduct for the. Election Commission was felt when the previous CEC James Michael Lyngdoh was in office. He once retorted to a District Collector in public, as “Are you a joker Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" He also referred the politicians who wanted early elections as `mad'. Later he referred the politicians as ‘cancer’. He also said that the Governors are like peons.

While we ordinary citizens can refer the politicians as the way we want within decent limits, a constitutional authority reporting to the politician in power, should never demean his bosses, as they are the ones we ordinary citizens have put in power by our votes. CECs had created an atmosphere of fear among the politicians by suspending even ongoing welfare and drought relief programmes. Election is a festival time for the citizens and certain amount of freedom should be allowed for the parties to freely express their opinions and there is no need to restrict the festive mood. During the election campaign the political parties and contesting candidates are expected to abide by a Model Code of Conduct evolved by the Election Commission. Similarly a model Code should be laid down for CECs.

Sonia voted in Bharatiya election, when even she was not citizen of Bharat. CEC did not punish her for this misdeed:

CEC should also investigate even the past misdeeds of leaders like Sonia Gandhi who voted in 1980, a solid three years before she became a citizen of India while she was still a citizen of Italy which constituted a violation of Section 31 of the Representation of the People Act, 1950 that is punishable with imprisonment for one year or with fine or both. Even after such gross violations of law no action was taken so far, and indicates the failure of our Election Commission.



The contribution of Sonia is nil for the Bharat country as a whole because she has been dragged in to this dirty politics of Islamic congress. She is not Mentally, EDUCATIONALLY, Physically, Spiritually, Culturally suitable for the present post and also for the post of P.M. of BHARAT. The greed and hunger for power may have contributed to accept the post of President of Congress Party.

Sonia had retained her Italian citizenship for 16 years after marriage to Rajiv; one wonders how “patriotic” Indians could consider handing over the country’s leadership to such a person. Sonia had become an “Indian citizen” by compulsion than anything else and by virtue of Rajiv Gandhi’s position as Prime Minister. There is a “grave danger to the country’s security and sovereignty” from the “opportunistic and unprincipled” alliance formed by the Congress and by making Sonia President of Congress Party.

This is a disgrace on Congress party to sacrifice an incapable person to head such an organization and it seems end of congress has finally come. It further proves that there is no capable leader in this party because Nehru got rid of all capable leaders to clear the path for Indira and later Indira got rid of capable people from congress party. The pseudo - Gandhis like Sonia, RahuL and Priyaka are actually not capable at all to face the problems of Bharat and a few leaders are running away from congress so it is the death of congress and may be good for us all Bharatiyas.