Date: 3/22/2004


................WHAT DID YOU DO IN WAR, DAD?

"What did YOU do, dad, when the Indian Muslims attacked our great and glorious Land of Vedas to take out Lahore and Dhaka?"

"Son, NONE in our Bharatvarsha asks such questions. I did not send you to the UNITED Kingdom or the UNITED States to remind me of the worst ever unconditional surrender of history. I sent you there to study for a degree so that on return you could earn a lot of money for the family."

The son, while studying in the West, saw numerous documentaries and full-length feature films on the two World Wars, not only in the UK and the USA, but also in GERMANY, a country that ought to have put a ban on the words SURRENDER and DEFEAT.

One title that particularly touched his heart was, "What did YOU do in war, Dad?"

One son came home with a worthless Italian White Elephant, but the other came home to ask his Dad the same question.

But while the Dads in the West give different replies like, "I was in the Navy or the Air Force," or "I fought in Burma," Or "I took on the German Panzer Division in North Africa," or, "I saw active service in Sicily and then went up the mainland to Rome," or, "I fought the army of General Rommel at Tobruk," etc., etc., the HINDU dads from Lahore, Multan, Sindh, Quetta, Peshawar, North Kashmir, East Bengal, even Srinagar, all went silent.

All what one DAD managed to say, was, "I gave my trousers to your mother to wash," while another said, "Son, we do not mention Partition, but call it INDEPENDENCE, and celebrate the Day accordingly. These days we also do not mention Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya."

The son, just returned from the post 9/11 America, where he saw the whole nation galvanised into action in Afghanistan and Iraq, spat in contempt.

At the same time he resolved to TELL his own children all that he could find out about PARTITION.

In his dream that night, he saw a red glow over the horizon. He was the Squadron Commander, riding the leading tank, driving- guns blazing, beyond LAHORE towards KHYBER PASS.

As he passed through ATTOCK, he chuckled with a surge of victory. Over his intercom he broadcast to all the tank commanders of his squadron,

"Hi guys, now you KNOW what to tell your sons and daughters in the years ahead when they ask, "What did YOU do in Great War, Dad?"

Tell them with PRIDE, "I hoisted the BHAGWA upon KHYBER which the "Son of a BI*CH" Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru threw in dust on August 15, 1947. Afterwards he gave himself the grand title of "UNCLE" ("CHACHA") like Uncle Sam."

Any "Dad" today, who might feel upset over the abuse for NEHRU, ought to make the heroic effort to visualise the ignominious ROUT of our secular nation from Peshawar, and DEATH in Rawalpindi, in 1947.

In Hindi there is a term, "Pati PARMESHWAR". This is how good married women regard their husbands, e.g., Parmeshwar. In turn their husbands regard them as "devis" (goddesses).

It is noteworthy that the President of India, "RASHTRAPATI" has this "pati" in it. At present he is ABDUL KALAM.

He is the luckiest "PATI" of our MOTHER (India), since he has NO son or daughter who could ask such an embarrassing question.

To give him close company in this ideological HISTORIC national dishonour and disgrace, there is Prime Minister ATAL BEHARI VAJPAYEE, another bachelor, who, too, has nothing to fear in this regard.

For both of these especially chosen top "baboo(n)s" in Bharatvarsha, NO SONS, THUS NO AWKWARD QUESTIONS!

The nearest Third at the TOP of India is NAJMA HEPTULLAH, the Perennial Deputy Speaker of Upper House of Indian Parliament, who has the joy of knowing that NO suitable Hindu is on hand for her post.

She has plenty to be PROUD of since she asked her father the same question.

Her father does not tire of saying, "I fought for ISLAM and we WON a great victory when the world's largest Islamic republic was born on August 14, 1947."

Now sadly, "I can't ask this question of my own dad since he was killed by the Muslims in North Kashmir while defending the family. I escaped since they got busy with my mother and sister."