Date: 3/25/2004




The term traitor is subjective. Pandit Nehru, who did not demand Referendum but surrendered ONE THIRD OF INDIA unconditionally, was a TRAITOR in our eyes, but the wisest statesman in the eyes of the British since they could “exit” fast and without taking any casualties from the remnants of INA (Netaji’s Indian National Army), and the best friend on earth for the Muslims.

The same goes for General Musharraf of Pakistan. Until recently he was a great ISLAMIC fanatic and fan who sent ISI agents into India, Sri Lanka and Nepal and congratulated the “madrassas” for their great job in sending highly motivated TALIBAN to Afghanistan.

Then on September 11, 2001 Al Qaida invited the wrath of America who ordered Gen Musharraf to “tow the line” or lose his job and head. The General complied.

But the General was in a most difficult position. He was obliging the Americans while at the same time aiding and sheltering the remnants of TALIBAN and AL QAIDA.

Fed up with his Islamic character, America asked him to launch a full-scale military attack to nab the “highly valuable” targets in Waziristan along the frontier with Afghanistan.

Although he heaved a sigh of relief when the Al Qaida top men escaped through a tunnel, he incurred the anger of tribesmen of the area. They were fighting the KAFIRS with full zeal. Some say, the long tunnel cut through rocky terrain was dug by Pakistani Sappers in plain clothes, working feverishly for several nights.

The fiercely independent tribesmen who were bypassed by Alexander, the Great, on his way down to invade Hindustan and were paid huge sums annually by the Imperialist British to keep their distance, couldn’t understand the reason for this about turn on the part of Musharraf. Then someone told them, “He is a HINDU.”

“He is a HINDU because he was born in Delhi in Hindustan.” They quoted old impeccable Islamic sources, which stated that a person born in Hindustan is a HINDU, even if he is a Muslim or Catholic by Faith.

That is why the PAKISTANIS, wishing to earn gold and silver in Arabia, the Land of Rasul Allah, are given a broom to sweep the streets or clean the toilets. Many moved on from Arabia and have arrived in the United Kingdom where they abuse the British National Party (BNP) day and night.

Once it was established that Musharraf is a HINDU by birth a “Fatwa” was promptly issued by the top Al Qaida leader, “KILL him.”

This Fatwa is BINDING on all the Muslims in Pakistan and very soon we shall get the news.

We now ask the UNO, the USA and the UK, and the President of India, Mr. Abdul Kalam, “Please take all necessary steps to save the life of President of Pakistan. It will soon end.”

(The learned writer knows the definition of "HINDU" in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), as well as the meaning of FATWA against a HINDU.

The TOP Indian leader, PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, feared them so much that he let them keep NORTH KASHMIR as a gesture of goodwill and appeasement towards the Pathans.

The learned author also claims to know the meaning of loyalty of PATHAN tribesmen towards their guests. Many a FLEEING HINDU knocked on the door of a Pathan and immediately claimed "guest status" to save himself from the thousand HINDU-KILLERS in hot pursuit. Those who did NOT claim this status, were all massacred in the mountains whose name "HINDUKUSH" commemorates their wretched fate.

Quite amusing, ABDUL KALAM. Isn't it?)

The rest of the non-tribal world does not realise that if the PATHANS do not eliminate MUSHARRAF, they themselves will be labelled HINDU. There is no more terrible nightmare for a warrior of PESHAWAR, BANNU, KOHAT, and WAZIRISTAN than that word of abuse.

In the meantime Gen Musharraf is said to have replaced his BALUCH Guard by trusted men of BIHAR (MOHAJIR) INFANTRY REGIMENT to guard him day and night. These soldiers are proud of their ancestors’ feat who did the RUN from Patna to Dhaka, carrying pots and pans, wives and Koran, within three hours during the dark night of August 14/15, 1947.

After Gen Musharraf, the Hero of Kargil, is assassinated, he will go to Paradise. That was also the destination of this 14-year old boy, caught at an Israeli check post before he blew himself up (March 24, 2004).

An Israeli guard said to him, “So young to serve your Prophet!”

Without batting an eyelid, the highly indoctrinated boy replied, “I wish I was even younger, just nine like the blessed virgin who offered herself to our Lord who was SIX TIMES OLDER.”

The Israeli captors were left speechless. Now even a nine-year-old girl could arrive from Gaza, belly bulging with a BOMB under her green gown. They fear that her Divine Lord, who took one 9-year old on earth, may also have mercy on her in Paradise and take her.

One's matter of blind DIVINE FAITH can be a joke for the others. But we should know our world well before we lose even DELHI.