Date: 3/26/2004







........Memorials for the Nehru Dynasty at tax-payers’ cost:

For those persons, who have objected to the current (NDA) government’s expenditure on advertisements displaying its achievements, termed as “India shining”, it will be worthwhile to consider the expenditure of crores of rupees of the tax-payers’ money on hundreds of memorials for the members of Nehru Dynasty.

A PIL petition, questioning the legitimacy of the NDA government’s advertisements, is admitted in the Delhi Court.

On this matter the present CEC, Krishnamurthy, had also expressed his displeasure, though he had said that doing it at that time was not against its rules.

Now the CEC has asked to remove all advertisement hoardings. The criticism shows that India is really shining now since the people in India are now enlightened and in a position to criticize what they feel worth criticism.

This was not so a few years ago, when nobody dared criticize successive Congress governments in a similar situation. For example, immediately after the unfortunate (“UNFORTUNATE”? UTTER NONSENSE! BANDIT RAJIV KHAN’S ASSASSINATION WAS A BRAVE DEED WITH DIVINE BLESSING FOR THE DIGNITY AND LIBERATION OF HIS INDIAN COOLIE COLONY. HIS DEATH MEANT THE END OF DIRTY DYNASTY. BLESS THE BULLET THAT REMOVED A TERRORIST, A TYRANT, A BOFORS CHOR, THE SON OF A “WITCH”, WHERE BALLOT IS USELESS, WHERE PEOPLE ARE DELIBERATELY KEPT AT THE LEVEL OF CATTLE, AND INTIMIDATED BY WHIP AND GUN BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT.) assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the then Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Sheshan himself had unduly postponed half part of the elections in 1989 and allowed the government to spend a lot of money on creating a sympathy wave in favour of the Congress Party.

Though T.N. Sheshan officially became a Congressman later,his mind was that of a Congressman even that time is very clear. Similarly a lot of government expenditure was incurred in creating a sympathy wave for the Congress in 1984 after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. (HER ASSASSINATION WAS ANOTHER ACT OF DIVINE MERCY FOR THE LIBERATION OF INDIAN COOLIE NATION. BUT WHAT CAN ONE THINK OF THE NATION OF HINDU “DONKEYS & MONKEYS” THAT IMMEDIATELY PUT HER OWN SON IN THE PRIME MINISTER’S CHIAR IN ORDER TO BASH THE HINDUS AND MISRULE AND PLUNDER INDIA!)

If expenditure on advertisements before the declaration of election dates is ethically wrong, surely the expenditure on erecting very costly memorials for members of the Nehru “parivar” (FAMILY) is also so.

But parties opposed to the Congress did not oppose the acts of propaganda for the Congress party at the public exchequers’ cost that time.

However, the people must demand even now the reimbursement of the cost from the Congress party’s coffers to the government treasury for the benefit of the people. (YOU HAVE HOPE OF THIS FROM THE SERFS, SLAVES, COOLIES AND CLOWNS CALLED MP’s IN INDIA’S PARLIAMENT!)

After the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, the palace, Teen Murti House, where he used to stay was converted into a memorial for Jawaharlal.

Similarly after the unfortunate (MOST FORTUNATE ACT OF DIVINE MERCY, THOUGH THE DEGRADED HINDU “NIGGER” IS STILL BRAINWASHED AND UNDER TERROR OF DIRTY DYNASTY TO CALL HER IGNOMINIOUS DEATH “UNFORTUNATE”!) assassination of Indira Gandhi, her residential bungalow at 1, Safdarjang Road was also converted into a memorial for her.

Though we are a free nation having adopted socialism as our national policy according to the Constitution, we are still following the Moghul custom of building tombs for the dead, such as Shantivan in memory of (BANDIT AND “BASTARD” WHO SURRENDERED LAHORE TO ISLAM AND DID NOT RECOVER NORTH KASHMIR!) Jawaharlal, Shaktisthal for Indira Gandhi and similarly for Rajiv Gandhi. (A DISHONEST “BASTARD” DUE TO HIS BOFORS COMMISSION, WHO DEGRADED THE NOBLE NATIVE INDIAN WOMANHOOD BY IMPORTING A WORTHLESS WHITE ELEPHANT FROM ITALY.)

All the three prime ministers from the Nehru parivar (dynasty) were posthumously awarded the highest prestigious Presidential award, the “Bharat Rana”, which was not given to many more outstanding persons such as Vallabhbhai Patel, Netaji Subhashchandra Bose for many years; Swatantryveer V. D. Savarkar is not yet given this award.

Though there was already a university in Delhi, another university, named after Jawaharlal Nehru was erected in Delhi.

Since Congress Party ruled most of the states in the country for many years, there was unhealthy competition among state governments and the Central government to build memorials for Jawaharlal Nehru. This laid down a bad precedent and after the deaths of other members of the Nehru parivar also there were spates of memorials for them.

Educational institutions were named after members of the Nehru parivar, though none other than Jawaharlal could become even a graduate.

Though the parivar (DIRTY ANTI NATIONAL HINDU BASHING PRO ISLAM DYNASTY) is not known for talent in sports, many stadiums and tournaments were named after members of the parivar.

Ordinary citizens and Congressmen also tried to please Congress governments to rename various establishments after the Nehru parivar to get undue concessions or election tickets.

If you see old pictures, you will find photos of Jawaharlal or Indiraji in the scenes of police stations. It appears this was a trick to get clearance of the Censor Boards that time.

The following is a list, though not exhaustive, of such few memorials of the parivar.

..................Jawajarlal Nehru memorials:

1) Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

2) Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced Scientific Research, a deemed university, Jakkur, P.O. Bangalore – 560064.

3) KLE Society’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Belgaum, Karnataka. ,,,

4) Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Raipur.

5) Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Social Studies, affiliated to Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapith, Pune, a deemed University declared by the Central Government.

6) Jawaharlal Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Sciences, Coimbtore, (ESTD 1968), reocgnised by Govt of India and Govt of Tamil Nadu.

7) Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology, Katraj, Dhankwdi, Pune, Maharashtra.

8) Kamal Kishor Kadam’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering college at Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

9). Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Education & Technological Research, Nanded, Maharashtra. .

10) . CAMBRIDGE NEHRU SHOLARSHIPS, 10 in number, for research at Cambridge University, England, leading to Ph. D. for 3 years, which include fee, maintenance allowance, air travel to UK and back.

11). Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadiums at Kochy, Kerala, Chennai, Pune, Madgaon (Goa) etc. .

12). Jawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup Football Tournament.

13). Jawaharlal Nehru Hockey Tournament.

14) Jawaharlal Nehru award for International peace worth Rs 15 lakh cash given to many international figures, every year, including Yasser Arafat of Palestine Liberation Front in 1988 and U Thant in 1965..

15) To commemorate birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, Doordarshan screened Shyam Benegal’s film on Nehru made with Soviet collaboration.

16) Soviet Land Nehru Award, a cash prize of Rs. 20, 000 given to Shyam Benegal in Dec 89, in recognition of the above film.

17) Jawaharlal Nehru Balkalyan awards of Rs. 10,000 each to 10 couples by govt of Maharashtra ( ToI-28-4-89).

18) President Zail Singh (“DAMN FOOL DESPICABLE SIKH STOOGE AND SERVANT” OF SIKH KILLER DYNASTY that surrendered his NANKANA SAHIB TO ISLAM) inaugurated Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Mauricious, which cost the India Govt. Rs6 crore ( Loksatta- 6-4-89).

19) Jawaharlal Nehru Centenary celebrations cost the nation more than Rs 123 crore ( Afternoon Despatch & Courier - 26-11-88). .. .

20) Postal stamps of different denominations and one Rupee coins in memory of Jawaharlal Nehru…

21) A wing of the Victoria & Albert musium in London is named “Jawaharlal Nehru memorial Gallery” (20-1-90).

22) Jawaharlal Nehru Musium in Aurangabd, Maharashtra opened by state govt.

23) Jawaharlal Nehru Rojgar Yojna in various states, with expenditure of Rs 113 crore.

24) O. K. Komov well-known sculptor who prepared a statue of Indira Gandhi (IN REALITY THE “BITCH” WAS KHAN, A MUSLIM CONVERT AFTER MARRIAGE TO FEROZE KHAN OF ALLAHABAD) in Orissa on 31-10-88 was among those, who were given Jawaharlal Nehru Award for 1987.

25) Roads are named after Jawaharlal Nehru in many cities e.g. in Jaipur, Nagpur, Vile Parle, Ghatkopar, Mulund etc.

26) There are colonies named Nehru Nagar in many cities e.g. in Gaziyabad, UP, Kurla, Mumbai etc.

27) Jawaharlal Nehru planetorium, Worli, Mumbai.

28) Jawaharlal Nehru gardens at Thane, Ambarnath, Panhala etc.

29) Jawaharlal Nehru market, Jammu.

30) Jawaharlal Nehru Tunnel on the Jammu Srinagar Highway

31) Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust Nhava Sheva, Navi Mumbai.

32) Nehru Chowk, Ulhas Nagar, Maharashtra.

33) Nehru Bridge on the river Mandvi, Panaji, Goa

................INDIRA GANDHI Memorials:

1) North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health & Medical Sciences, Shillong under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ( ToI –adv.- 26-12-3).

2) Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

3) Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research at Dindoshi, Mumbai ( ToI-28-12-87).

4) Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Sheikhpura, Patna, an autonomous institute of Govt of Bihar ( ToI 20-4-88) .

5) Indira Gandhi Atomic Research Centre, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu (ToI- 12-3-88).

6) Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Krishak Nagar, Labhandi, Raipur-492012 ( 3-4-89-ToI).

7) Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Academy for Pilots' Training, Rae Bareli (14-7-88).

8) Indira Gandhi Medical College, Simla (Loksatta-10-9-90).

9) Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Koper Khairane, Navi Mumbai.

10) Indira Gandhi memorial Hospital, Ichalkaraji, Maharashtra.

11) Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Delhi.

12) Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar, an annual award of Rs 1 lakh to an individual and organization given by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India (ToI-ad-9-7-93)

13) The President R Venkatraman presented the 1st Indira Gandhi prize worth Rs. 15 lakh for peace disarmaent and Development to Parliamentarians of Global Action, an International Organisation (ToI 20-11-87).

14) Indira Gandhi award for social service which carries a cash prize Rs. 50,000 by M.P. Govt ( IE - 5-1-88). 1

15) Rajiv Gandhi gave Indira Gandhi priyadarshini Puraskar of Rs 50000 in 1988 to Mohan Dharia (9-6-89).

16) Indira Gandhi Canal Projcet, Jaipur ( Business Std.- 16-6-95).

17) Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Indira Gandhi Sagar dam in Nagpur (Loksatta- 23-4-88).

18) Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Indira Gandhi bridge at Rameshvar Tamil Nadu ( Lk- 3-10-88) .

19) Indira Gandhi Awas Yojna India govt ( T - 25-2-89) .

20) Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Rs 65 lakh Indira Gandhi Park at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa ( 31-10-88 ToI) .

21) Indira Gandhi Hospital of the Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation.

22) Indira Gandhi Vikas Patra (20-1-89-34/91).

23) Indira Gandhi Gold Cup Hockey Tournament (14-9-89-32/91).

24) Municipal Corporation Sports Complex. at Mulund named after Indira Gandhi.

25) Bronz bust of Indira Gandhi at India House London (1-2-89-34/91).

26) UP Govt.'s Indira Gandhi memorial cultural Complex cost Rs 50 crore.

27) Rajiv Gandhi unveiled a portrait of Indira Gandhi at Raj Bhawan Kolkata on 15-6-89).

28) Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Indira Gandhi Sagar Projet in Bhandara District Gosikhurd Maharashtra. The one hour program cost Rs. 2 crore (Loksatta-26-4-88) .

29) Rajiv Gandhi announced Indira Gandhi Women's Welfare Scheme which violated the code of conduct as elections were announced according to the then CEC R.S. Peri Shastri .

30) Maharashtra Govt. issued a circular to all its offices and educational institutes that Indira Gandhi’s birth Day 19-11-87 should be observed as "Mothers' Day" .

31) Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated a statue and named a Park after Indira Gandhi at the place in Orissa where Indiraji had her last speech 31-10-88.

32) Safdarjang International Airport renamed after Indira Gandhi.

33) Indira Gandhi Dock Mumbai (Loksatta-26-5-95)

34) Indira Awas Yojana in Uttar Pradesh ( Navabharat- Hindi daily 19-1-3). For the year 2002-3, an amount of Rs. 294.67crore is earmarked for housing projects with contributions of both state and Central Govt.s.

35) Indira Gandhi Rural Government Hospital, Nhava-Sheva, Uran, Maharashtra.

36) Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Indira Gandhi statue in Moscow in the presence of Mikhile Gorbochov (Loksatta – 4-7-87).

37) Indira Gandhi Gold up Hockey ( Loksatta - 20-7-87) .

38) NINE different Postal stamps and coins of 4 denominations in memory of Indira Gandhi ( ToI -31-10-87) .

39) Indira Gandhi Nagar at many places including Thane, Wadala etc.



1) Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development –Ministry of Human Resource Development, GoI.

2) Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Computer and Allied Technology, Human Resources Development, GoI. With initial grant of Rs 40 crore.

3) Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical College, Jodhpur, M.P. government.

4) Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvanantapuram, Kerala.

5) Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award in Pharmaceuticals.

6) Rajiv Gandhi Vidyalaya, Mulund.

7) Rajiv Gandhi Health Musium.

8) Rajiv Gandhi statue in Sheshadripuram, Bangalore.

9) Rajiv Gandhi Setu, inaugurated by Sonia Gandhi, Delhi on May 15, 2003.

10) Sonia Gandhi inaugurated Rajiv Gandhi stadium at Bawana near New Delhi.

11) Rajiv Gandhi slum, Bandra, Mumbai.

12) Rajiv Gandhi statue, Cooperage, Mumbai.

13) Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane.

14) Rajiv Gandhi Khelaratna Puraskar.

15) Prime minister P.V.Narasinha Rao established Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Puraskar.

16) Rajiv Gandhi Trophy Footbal Tournament (3-5-95 Loksatta) .

17) Rajiv Gandhi Memorial trophy cricket tournament by Azad Sports Club, Dahisar.

18) Rajiv Gandhi Memorial trophy ekankika spardha, Prerana Foundation, Kari Road.

19) Mount Rajiv, a peak in Himalaya named by youths in Madras.

20) Rajiv Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar.

21) Rajiv Gandhi memorial marathon race, New Delhi.

22) Postal stamps in memory of Rajiv Gandhi.

23) Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was established by Prime Minister P.V. Narasinha Rao with initial Central govt. grant of Rs 600 crore. But when it was decided to establish Patel Foundation, Sonia Gandhi, President of the RGF raised an objection.

24) Rajiv Gandhi Zopadpatti and Nivara Prakalpa, MHADA, Maharashtra.

25) Rajiv Gandhi statue and hospital in Panaji, Goa inaugurated by Shankar Dayal Sharma, Vice-President of India.

26) Rajiv Gandhi Vidyalaya, Vikhroli, Parksite, Mumbai.

27) A bronz life size statue of Rajiv Gandhi inagurated by prime minister Narasinha Rao in Hyderabad.

28) Rajiv Gandhi chowk at Andheri flyover

29) Sonia Gandhi unveiled a 9.6 bronz statue of Rajiv Gandhi in Sheshadripuram Bangalore.

30) Rajiv Gandhi Vidyalaya Mulund.

31) Rajiv Gandhi Medical college, Thane, Maharashtra.

32) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Puraskar established by the government of India.

33) Rajiv Gandhi Health Memorial was inaugurated by Sheikh Abdulla, chief minister of J&K in Jammu.

34) Rajiv Gandhi slum Bandra.

35) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.

36) Maharashtra chief minister Shinde announced establishment of Rajiv Gandhi Information and Technology Commission on his 59th. birth anniversary.