Date: 3/27/2004


Dear friends of India, and brave patriots,

Please see what is going on in the "MUSLIM INFESTED" AND DOMINATED South Kashmir that stayed back in India after NORTH Kashmir was captured by Pakistan in 1948.

Please ASK these questions:

Is there a SUPREME COMMANDER of India? What is HIS reaction to the news? What is HIS ideology? On whose side is HE on? What does HIS Koran (literally, Word and Command of God) say to HIM about the Hindus?

Is there a "Rashtramata" of INDIA? What is HER reaction to this news?

What has stopped HER visiting the Hindu refugees from SOUTH Kashmir, and accompanying them back to Srinagar under her ESCORT?

Could she not give this task to her son, the new MP aspirant Rahul KHAN, who will soon be standing for LOK SABHA from Amethi?

We are sure many Indians are so clever that they can easily ADD to this List of Questions ten-fold.

Oh! We forgot to ask, "Is there a PRIME MINISTER, who could think of Hindus of SOUTH Kashmir instead of rushing off to ISLAMABAD? Does he know what happened to the Hindus of NORTH Kashmir?"

We need to KNOW the answers and we are sure the answers will also be of some interest to the ONE BILLION "weak" Hindus at home and of great interest to the 12 million "strong" NRI's living abroad, who can ASK such questions, being safe from 'arrest and elimination' under the Will of 'Bandit Dynasty' at home.

By the way, since this (the wretched plight of the Kashmiri HINDUS) is now on INTERNET, are there any "literate" MP's in Lok Sabha, New Delhi, who might have access to Internet, in order to read this?

Can they understand English, or will this appear Greek (or ITALIAN) to them?

In case they are all illiterate "coots", could their secretaries read and understand this, and then TRANSLATE it to their illiterate bosses?

We definitely need to cry to THEM, those who are RULING India, before we CRY IN WILDERNESS of the world.

These SOUTH KASHMIRI Hindus have done so (crying in wilderness) for more than HALF A CENTURY. The baby born in "raped" Kashmir in October 1947 is a FIFTY-SIX-YEAR old man (Hindu) in middle age with a lot of grey and white on head.

That is also the present age of the BASTARDS (literally TRUE!) born out of forced rape and gang rape of our HINDU/SIKH women and girls in Lahore and Rawalpindi who were abducted at gun point by Mohammedans after their husbands, fathers and brothers were put to sword for the crime of being non Muslim in Islamic Pakistan.

All of them, and our India, have become an object of pity for the whole world but at the same time, our Bharatvarsha, the ancient land of Wisdom, Vedas, Gobind, Gandhi and Gita, has ALSO become an object of RIDICULE and DERISION from North Pole to South Pole.



"Kashmir Wail of a Valley - Atrocity and Terror" - By M.L.Koul, 1999.