Date: 3/29/2004


Change the Constitution of India to get Parliament of Professionals

....................(By GC.Asnani)

In late 1920’s when I was just a school boy, Almost a young child, There was a Movement under the leadership Of Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress Movement. To win political freedom from the British Rule.

“Mahatma Gandhi Zindabad, Angrez Sarkar murdahbad.”

These slogans inspired us, gave us life. Some elderlies, our children’s well-wishers indeed, Cautioned us; the Roots of the British Raj Penetrate down deep into “Patal”; The Sun never sets over the British Empire.

How can you children challenge the British Rule?

In those day, wearing a Gandhi Cap Was a visible challenge to the British Rule. We children along with a few bigger boys Put on the Gandhi Caps and walked before a Police Thana, Shouting “Congress Zindahbad, Angrez Sarkar Murdahbad….”

The keepers of the Police Thana felt rather amused; They looked at us, the small ones, and smiled. It gave us courage and some confidence too, That one day we shall win Independence from the British Rule.

By ourselves, for our country, we shall work and labor To make the country great and sovereign, Happy and prosperous, where the rivers shall flow with milk and honey And the people shall walk with Spines Straight and Heads High.

We won the so-called Independence, I lost my Home Never to return to where I had spent my childhood Played around and challenged the British Empire Over which the sun never set at that time.

Came Pakistan, with untold miseries to the Hindus, With loss of Hearth and Home; Hundreds of thousands lost their life and women lost their honor; Many of us felt betrayed by our Leaders.

Now, More than fifty years have passed since Independence; What do we find? Again betrayed by our New Leaders. There is a clear and strong nexus, between Criminals and Politicians; The network becomes stronger and stronger, day-by-day, Almost hour by hour. Despair overtakes the mind.

Was it for this that we shouted in our young age, And dreamt Sweet and False Dreams? So many lost their lives and honor. That does not seem to hurt or put to shame our politician-criminals. They are playing cunning Games with Lives and Honor of Hindu Men and Women.

In Jammu-Kashmir State and Ladak too. Northeast India seems to be Out of Bounds For Hindus, so also the earlier Hyderabad State. Bihar State seems to be under Goonda Raj. People are unsafe in the country in Buses, trains and on roads too. There are pockets where the writ of police works not, the Goondas can kill you without any fear, For politicians are their protectors. Lack of Security within and across the Borders too.

Of what use the reserves of our foreign exchange? Whom do they benefit? To whom do these treasures belong?

First we want security of life and honor. Down with Politicians who have been cheating us for long And holding promises of happy life- Without security of Life and Honor?

With the courage that inspired us to drive out the British Rule, We shall drive out, chase out the criminal-Politician nexus too. How long can they stand before the public wrath? They cannot. We want safety security of our homes and life.

We are not interested in their cunning games which have Profited them, their cronies and their criminal comrades of the First Rate. We shall change the Constitution, Our Country To be placed under the Minister-rulership of the wise, the experienced, Professionals, Educationists, Judges, well-known policemen and military people Who have proved their worth on the battlefield, And in dealing with Terrorists, Businessmen who know how to increase The wealth by Fair Means, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Genuine Social Workers, not counterfeit ones; Newsmen who shall not behave like purchasable commodities; And Representatives of the un-organized Working Class.

People are not all equal just as fingers of a hand are not, Each one to play the Part he/she is well qualified for, Not on Religion, Caste-Certificates of Birth, real or manipulated.

Under the New Constitution, every Indian shall live and earn livelihood Wherever he/she chooses; The Country is One and shall remain as One. Those who wish to partition shall have no place here in this land. Let everyone worship God sincerely without interfering with others. If they interfere, they shall have no place in this land at least.

We had more unity of being Indians during British Rule than we have now. How did it happen? The clever cunning Politicians divided people on petty issues to get votes, to rig the elections, to do booth-capturing, The criminals even kill the opposing contestants.

You require not character and capability to stand for election, But money and criminal support of Party Bosses Who have almost monopolized Assembly and Parliament Seats, The bosses of Parties in criminal conglomeration.

The New system shall allow periodical 5-year elections; No one shall be there for more than two elections, a total period of ten years, to yield place to new talent Before he dies in harness of Power.

With the courage which we learnt in early years from Mahatma Gandhi And drove out the White British Rulers, We shall drive out Also the Brown cunning politician-criminal nexus, To establish the system for which our friends gave up their lives, careers and Hearths and Homes; We shall surely come out of the criminal-politician nexus And take the country up and high, As we had dreamt in our younger age.

We shall build upon the experience we have gained During the past fifty Years and more. Competition in professional skills, not in crooked cunningness And criminality.

We shall make our India Great.

We shall allow none to stand in-between,

Out they go, to make place for the new Professionals.