Date: 3/31/2004


.............Date: 6th November 2001.


Prof. G.C.ASNANI, MSc., Ph.D. (United Nations Service, Retd.)

To: -

Secretary General (Attention:Mr Kofi Annan)

United Nations Building,

New York, USA.

Respected Secretary General of the United Nations,

Your Excellency,

The month of Ramadan(Ramzan) is considered to be a Holy month for Muslims throughout the World. In this year 2001,the month of Ramadan starts on Saturday 17th November 2001 and ends on Sunday 16th December 2001, when the new moon is expected to be observed; Monday the 17th December 2001 is to be observed as Ramadan Id day.

2. There are some Hadiths which state that during the Holy month of Ramadan, Holy prophet Muhammed(p.b.u.h.) offered praises to Allah(God) and also invoked curses of Allah on non-Muslims.

3. Let us see what Holy Quran prescribes for Muslims at the end of the Holy month Ramadan. We present quotations of the Holy Quran as given by three different translations.All these quotations are from chapter 9,titled Repentance,para no.5.

(i) The KORAN translated by Arthur J Arberry published by Oxford university Press:

“ when the sacred months are drawn away , Slay the idolators wherever you find them, And take them ,and confine them and lie in wait for them At every place of ambush.”

(ii) The QURAN translated by E.H.Palmer Sacred Books of the East, edited by Max Muller:

“When the Sacred months are passed away , kill the idolators wherever ye may find them; and take them and besiege them,and lie in wait for them in every place of observation.”

(iii)The Holy QURAN with Arabic text on half page and English translation side by side on the other half page,by M. pickthall , published by Nusrat Ali Nasri for Kitab Bhavan, 1214,Kalan Mahal,Darya Gunj,New Delhi-110 002.

This is a well-known Publishing Home of authentic Islamic Literature:

“When the sacred months have passed ,slay the idolators wherever ye find them ,and take them(captive), and besiege them ,and prepare for them each ambush.”

4.Surely , many Muslim clerics (Moulvis) know these contents of Holy Quaran,on the basis of which they incite their Muslim followers for violence against non- Muslims throughout the world. I know that ordinary Muslims do not all know the contents of the Holy Quran.There are some very sincere Muslims who emphatically assert that the Holy Quran does not and cannot preach hatred and violence against non-Muslims;that Islam is a religion of peace and love for all-Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

5. If the Quotations given above from different independent translations are brought to the attention of Muslims and non-Muslims in the world,we shall have done a service to the whole Human race.A line has to be drawn somewhere between Religion and Terrorism.

Respectfully yours in the service of human race,


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