Date: 3/31/2004


Sikh RELIGIOUS body, SGPC, lodges protest with French Government on turban issue

Amritsar, March 24. The SGPC has lodged a strong protest with the French Government over the legislation of the controversial Bill that bans wearing of conspicuous religious symbols in public schools.



Was that PROTEST endorsed by the President of Hindustan called ABDUL KALAM?

Was that PROTEST endorsed by India's uncrowned QUEEN called Sonia KHAN?

If not, then what does France care for SGPC? They may never have heard the name before.

If France wants to know more about the Sikhs, they will be told, "They DON'T mind a MUSALMAAN at the top, and they don't even mind LAHORE and NANKANA SAHIB in the barbaric "THIRD REICH OF MOHAMMED", but they do mind your ban on headgear."

THANK GOD, THE FRENCH DO NOT ENQUIRE ABOUT THE SIKHS FROM INDIRA GANDHI OR THE BOFORS CHOR. But the French ambassador in New Delhi at the time would most surely have seen the massacre of innocent Sikhs across India. Did the "strong" protests of SGPC then have any effect on their own government in New Delhi?