Date: 3/31/2004


COMMENT on the important posting at the bottom. (Just to add to Shri Ram Narayanan's apt and sagacious comment: (Quote) Normally, I would have dismissed all such stuff as the rantings of a crank. But the author happens to be a distinguished former diplomat. And the way America is screwed up and is screwing up things, . . . . (Unquote)


KASHMIR will go, not due to America or Pakistan but due to our own HINDU leaders whom we regard intelligent, independent and PATRIOTIC. They are NONE of these.

The way to RETAIN Kashmir was simple commonsense and easy. Under the sheer WEIGHT of history, trusting INDIAN Muslims in 1947 was FATAL.

This was their logic: "Phase 1: Lahore. Phase 2: Srinagar. Phase 3: Delhi."

The ENEMY is ON COURSE. (It's a pity that the word "enemy" is not in a Hindu's vocabulary although he has ENEMIES all over the world!)

Our history is written in the BLOOD OF HINDUS. The motivation and JUSTIFICATION to KILL the Hindus was the same in 1947 as it was in the preceding CENTURIES. It is the same today.

If the first step is taken in the wrong direction, one will run in the WRONG direction for the following centuries.

Most demoralised Hindus would call PARTITION "history" exactly as the MUSLIMS and now even the ITALIANS would wish us to say.

There was a grammophone company called "HIS MASTER'S VOICE". Their logo was a DOG. One did not expect the sovereign Hindu nation to become someone else's voice on our OWN TERRITORY. One did not expect the HINDUS to become the voice of the granddaughter of Mussolini or the son of Mohammad.

Our OWN (HINDU) voice says, "Partition was surrender before BULLIES."

We openly put ANTI Hindu and NON Hindu Sonia Khan and Najma Heptulla FAR FAR ABOVE our own Saddhwi Ritambra, Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharti, who are the true daughters of Hind.

Our religious teachers and preachers CHANGED their teachings to be "politically correct". They called even the "Shaitan" a friend.

That is how we see Guru Nanak's "All are brothrs and sisters" and Gandhi's "Ahimsa PARMO Dharma."

Such teaching was for our own HINDU FAMILY, not for the invaders, bandits, robbers and Hindu killers. In any normal family the mothers say to their children, "Don't fight among yourselves." They don't say, "Go and embrace the bandits and burglars."

When the others are NOT the children of the land but wish to slaughter the native mothers and enslave their offspring, then the teaching has to confirm to the primary need of suvival.

Therefore such teaching made us weak, defenceless, vulnerable, ridiculous and ludicrous.

It made our HINDU nation, ready to appease and SURRENDER. And we did surrender not only LAHORE but one third of India on just one day in 1947.

It was quite logical and natural that the emboldened Muslims would "GO" for Kashmir after taking West Punjab. And they did.

They have dug their teeth deep in the Hindu flesh and they are NOT in a position to withdraw them. The ISLAMIC JAWS ARE LOCKED.

We ought to have known that MUSLIMS are the irreconcileable ENEMIES of Kafirs and are also experts in two unethical weapons that always bring VICTORY or GAIN to them. These are beyond the imagination of Hindus: SURPRISE and DECEPTION.

The more devastating the ATTACK, the greater the thrill and joy of the whole Muslim world.

When the Hindus destroyed the Babri "masjid" in Ayodhya, temples as far as Lahore in West Punjab, Dhaka in East Bengal and BIRMINGHAM in England were destroyed. Hindu image dropped in public eye as far as Afghanistan and Malaysia. It was already ZERO in Karachi and extremely low in Fiji and Uganda.

In contrast to Muslim solidarity, if all the Hindus are massacred in Srinagar, there will be NO retaliation in Mumbai or Allahabad.

In this way the nation has shown its WEAKNESS and DISUNITY to the world of Islam. So WHY should they not take advantage?

Many genuine patriots think that the ONLY way out is the way of courage, to repudiate PARTITION and send such shock waves through the BESTIAL MUSLIM WORLD as to stun them, and force them to stop their galloping war horses for a moment, for a new assessment of the appeasing, surrendering, crying HINDU.

To be frightened of such an idea is to be afraid of the Muslims. They are now about to turn upon us, daggers drawn, as DEATH. The world will only admire their courage, not condemn them.

Kashmir in Hindu TERRITORY and in Bharat, not "Christian" land like EAST Timur, Southern Sudan and Southern Cyprus), or in the United States. We shall have NO friend or ally.

The fate of Lahore is not fiction. Delhi is now next in line.

There was an excellent programme on Middle East in which a Muslim scholar bemoaned, "We cannot tolerate Israel right in the middle of our Arab world." His words went to the whole world.

I could have YELLED at him, "That is exactly what YOU are in Ayodhya, the heart of Hindustan." But will anyone believe that the Muslim will care a dime about my protest?

Bapu Gandhi's so-called "misguided Muslim children" are more than DEVILS for whom to renounce claim over Kashmir is impossible. We need to see other options except Vajpayee.

Why have we discarded Chatrapati Shivaji, Mahrana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh, even NETAJI and SARDAR PATEL?