Date: 4/1/2004




Mr. Abdul Kalam,

President of PARITTIONED India, New Delhi.

Dear Mr. President,

You may NEVER have heard the word "PARTITION". We don't blame you for your ignorance. The word is not mentioned in any school text book in India, and one will look in vain for it in your Constitution.

Partition of India took place on August 15, 1947, when the Indian Muslims inflicted the most crushing defeat on their own country of birth and took out ONE THIRD of Indian surface area to be placed directly under the Law of Koran. It meant instant degradation and eventual extermiantion of the Hindus from there.

Not one condition was imposed on them in turn. Hence it is labelled by the rest of the world as the worst ever defeat India suffered in her entire history.

One result of that PARTITION, by which the Muslims of India got their own separate Islamic homeland IN PERPETUITY, was to have been their ejection or eviction from India.

The HINDUS, the majority community of India, emerged with two blights: surrendering their sacred territory to the Separatist Devils, and also being forced into embracing them like some ticks sticking to the skin of the horse on which their MUSLIM President rides at ceremonials.

The only condition or circumstance under which we HINDUS will tolerate a MUSLIM in the President's chair is when we see a Hindu in the chair of President of Pakistan, or when Lahore is squarely back in India. It will be even better for the Indian Muslims when North Kashmir, too, is back in India.

That neither were the Muslims expelled as a result of creation of Pakistan nor were they labelled traitors or PERSONA NON GRATA in your Constitution, is due to the fact that the PEOPLE of India have never had a say in their affairs up to now. They have lived and died under the terror of Gun, Sword, Stick and Dagger of Mohammed.

Since 1947 their rulers have been anti national and anti Hindu, even Muslims and Italians.

We believe the time has come to look at that Partition again and the Role of Islam from March 23, 1940 till August 15, 1947, and then to CHALLENGE your appointment as the President of India at the United Nations.

Whenever a gathering of the Heads of State is held anywhere on earth, all the three Heads of State from erstwhile India, that is, the Presidents of Pakistan, India and BOGUSdesh, attending it happen to be MOHAMMEDAN. The Hindu is eliminated at the top. The world regards the Hindus as ZERO.

It was the same a few years ago when that despicable "Son of Punjab", IK GUJRAL, was the Prime Minister. He sent SALMAN HAIDAR to London as India's high commissioner.

At that time, too, all three of them could get together any Friday for Namaz in Regents Park Mosque in London, leaving the Hindu "coolies" and the wretched Sikhs of England longing to see the shadow of their Indian high commissioners in mandirs and gurdwaras.

Sir, in view of that irrevocable Partition, you are NOT entitled to any post in public sector in PARTITIONED India. You are an IMPOSTOR.

We expect you to resign forthwith and honour yourself as well as your own country, that is now, by right, logic, common sense, constitution and Law, HINDU.

Before we broadcast this letter to the world, enclosing a copy to the Secretary General of the United Nations, we urge you to take the small patriotic step, and relinquish the office of President of PARTITIONED India before April 13, 2004.

In that year in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh gave the Hindu "jackals & mice" the SWORD to enable them to look into the eyes of any Khan, Kalam and Musalman in the eye, and speak to him as EQUAL all over the world, but MORE THAN EQUAL in our own Hindustan.

We hope you will act honourably and RESIGN from your post forthwith.

Yours sincerely


Bharart Ratna Kurukshetra


Institute of Hindu Ideology

Friends of Endangered Hindus in Bharat

Movement for Annihilation of ISLAMIC Pakistan and BOGUSdesh.

Friends of Hindu Refugees from South Kashmir.

Forum for Safety of Sikhs.

Friends of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya