Date: 4/3/2004


......................Happy New Year

.......................(SN Tikku)

I wish my global Hindu family Happy New Year which falls on March 21st in 2004.

The New Year Day in India from our remote antiquity has been the first day of the bright fortnight of the "Chaitra"- known as Varsha-Pritipada.

The Indian New Year Day is neither linked up with any Prophet nor with any religion but probably with the creation of the Universe itself.

A person is born, achives youth, grows into old age and then meets his / her end; so is the case with the year which is born in Spring, acheives Youth in Summer, grows into old age in Autumn and sets into a stage of somewhat withering away in winter.

It is absurd to celebrate the birth day of a person on a date other than his/her birthday.

December-January represent definitely the fourth stage of the year when Mother earth lessens every sort of vegetable and plant life.

Calander may be only a functional necessity but it is product of centuries of patient research and painstaking study of Luner & Solar systems with recurring trial and error. It profoundly affects a country or community,linked as it is, with roots called HISTORY.

The New Year day undoubtedly is a great time for expression of sympathies, regards,love, respect and affection.

First January is not the New Year Day. Great Britain actually used to observe its New Year day on March 24 untill 1752 A.D. It was only in that year that by an Act of Parliament Britain switched to January 1st. as New Year Day.

The Romans and the rest of Europe and the rest of the world too followed in March. Ides of March in Roman tradition and Persion Nowroz are living examples.

Jews have their own New Year day so have the Muslims.

That our pseudo-secular India should have switched over to the Christian Calender in post-Independance India is most unfortunate, not only because Christian Calendar, like the Islamic Calendar is full of glaring anomalies but also because its cut-off point brushes aside the hoary past of India and the world of pre-Christian era as worthless under the biblical notion that the world was created 4018 years back.

Hindus are the only ones who have from time immemorial, worked and are keeping a meticulous day to day tally of the cosmic dimension, the TIME, that has passed and has yet to pass before the next cataclysmic end of worldly life.


Editor Voice of Jammu Kashmir,

Representative of the Institute of Re-Writing World History, Pune.


An ancient civilisation like Bharat ought to have stuck to her own Calendar with PRIDE. But for this, the country must have a COMMITTED HINDU in the chair of President, not the one who only "appreciates Gita, tolerates the Hindus, and is vegetarian".