Date: 4/3/2004


In East lie Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka and Bharat.

In West are the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States.

In Burma the agent of West is AUNG SANG SUU KYI, who married her professor while studying at Oxford.

In Bharat we have SONIA, the Agent of West, who married the son of Prime Minister while working as a maid in Cambridge.

Both hope to become Prime Ministers in their respective countries. Both believe the natives are serfs and coolies and only too eager to serve them, admire them, adore them, and then convert to Christianity.

Neither Suu kyi is prepared to go back to England where her boys live, not is our own Sonia Khan prepared to return to Italy to live with her own kind.

Both see the picking very rich in the East.

Then we mentioned Nepal where unrest and chaos are mounting. India, under committed HINDU leaders and rulers would have extended a hand of help there as well as in SRI LANKA where the Tamils are struggling and fighting for basic rights. Due to absence of India from the scene, it is the Norwegian mediators trying to broker peace in this Buddhists/Hindu land (Sri Lanka).

To complete the wretched story, we look at Bharat. The chant, "militarise the Hindus" is rising in pitch. WHY? Because the natives, the HINDUS, have been at the receiving end since PARTITION.

While Lahore died overnight due to Islamic gunshot, Delhi is dying slowly under the butcher's knife in the manner of halaal.

The news about Hindus is not encouraging from West Bengal and Kerala either.

While a lot of attention is being devoted to "MILITARISE THE HINDUS," the implication is not considered.

The Hindus have PERISHED in West Punjab, East Bengal, North Kashmir and South Kashmir not by accident or due to a foreign invasion, but while looking towards their own rulers in Delhi for safety.

But, how is it that their rulers in Delhi have never thought, "If we cannot defend the Hindus, then let us enable the Hindus to defend themselves. LET US MILITARISE THE HINDUS."

We do recall the ONE HUNDRED PILGRIMS IN JAMMU and 36 SIKHS in CHATTISINGHPURA who were gunned down by Muslim terrorists. We wish they had guns to fight back.

If they had FOUGHT BACK, not one militant would have escaped alive from the scene and all the ongoing murder and killing and rape of Hindus would have stopped.

But the Hindu has another ENEMY who will shoot him dead, or arrest him and give him a thrashing and beating of life time if he carried or even owned a gun.

Yes, one ought to look at India's Supreme Commander at this very moment. He is watching the Hindus, finger on trigger.

Yes, Abdul Kalam is saying to himself, "Let one appear with a gun and I will ORDER my Jawans to shoot him dead on the spot."

Please rest assured, his JAWANS, all Rajput, Gurkha, Jat or Maratha, WILL OBEY HIS ORDERS like the Jawans of General Dyer at Jallianwala Bagh in 1919 and the JAWANS of Indira Khan in Amritsar in June 1984, and will shoot at the Hindus rather than put one Musalman in cage.

So dear Hindus, before you whisper, "Militarise the Hindus," please think of the enemy with nuclear weapons. They are NOT for Pakistan in order to recover North Kashmir. They are PRIMARILY for the Hindus who might approach our Grand Temple in AYODHYA in large numbers.

The difference in East and West is this: In the West one George Bush AT THE TOP decided to attack Afghanistan and smash Iraq. His nation had to go along. In fact he also dragged Tony Blair and his nation, too, went to war.

In the East the JANTA (the nation) is being intimidated in Ayodhya and wiped out in South Kashmir but the top is calm and just watching.

When 100 "yatris" were gunned down in one night near Jammu, the President of India did not address the nation to be watchful.

When three dozen Sikhs were shot dead by Muslim terrorists in South Kashmir our President did not cancel his banquet for visiting Bill Clinton.

Now while we are at last crying, "Militarise the Hindus," our Presidnet is saying, HOW DARE YOU?

Just consider our helplessness, watching our nation BLEEDING non stop since PARTITION. (OOPS! it was Independence!)

In a normal land where the leader and the led are BOTH of the same religious or moral persuasion, the Supreme Commander would have militarised the Hindus of Valley 56 YEARS AGO after the first Hindu was killed by MUSLIM militants.

EAST & WEST: While there in the West the LEADERS give a lead and mobilise the nation to take on the enemy, here in the East the NATION must, at first, BLOW THE LEADERS UP FIRST! (MK GANDHI 30 Jan 48, Indira 31 Oct 84, Rajiv 21 May 91).