Date: 4/5/2004



Consider a land that calls itself "Gandhian", morally superior to the rest of the world, secular and a DEMOCRACY but in which the Government of the day considers the Will of the people as nothing simply because the majority are HINDU.

That land is the Land of Vedas, Sri Krishna and Sri Rama. Guru Gobind Singhji was born in this land. It is INDIA, now partitioned and in three fragments while no one has cared a hoot for the Will of Majority for the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS. India has remained the "THIRD REICH" of Koran and Bible till today.

In this democracy 85 per cent of people (presuming that not one Muslim or Christian has the least regard and reverence for Sri Rama) want that Sri Ram Temple be constructed without any delay in Ayodhya.

In this democratic land the Government and the Supreme Commander threaten the majority of PEOPLE with the answer: "NO. NO. NO TEMPLE IN AYODHYA. How dare you even dream of it?"

O yes? But now consider this democracy again. In 1947 it was only 30 per cent of the population, the eternally separatist disgruntled rebellious Muslims, who demanded Pakistan and Government of India of the day said, "YES. Of course we accept that you are NOT part of secular India but a SEPARATE nation, quite entitled to your own separate PAKISTAN, and call it ISLAMIC, too."

Someone whispered into Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru's ear, "Sir, demand a referendum. What will the Hindus think? They are the majority."

He replied contemptuously, "I will put my foot on the Hindus and see who dares to squeak. They will be celebrating Independence and adore my dynasty for the next one hundred years at least."

As most people on earth understand, Democracy is the wish ot the majority and in this manner MP'S, MLA'S and PRESIDENTS are chosen and elected all over the world. Look, how close was the election of the President of Taiwan a fortnight ago, yet the majority verdict was considered valid.

Recall the election of George Bush himself. After several legal challenges and re-counts, Mr. Bush was elected by a wafer thin majority but he is in office with all the powers of his office. The majority verdict, however slim, was accepted fully.

So, what is WRONG with the HINDU democracy in which the Muslim MINORITY always wins hands down - be it in the case of North Kashmir, and be it in the case of our grand Temple in Ayodhya. and be it East Bengal, that was captured but returned to ISLAMIC rule.

The effect of that act of High Treason by Indira Khan was devastating on the state of morale of the KASHMIRI Muslims.

They spoke among themselves, "Look at this inferior HINDU brand of secularism. They let go of EAST Bengal, and earlier they had given up West Punjab and Noth Kashmir, but insist on OUR sticking to their secularism for ever. It must be "dog's muck". We REFUSE to touch it."

The answer there is not to send in more troops but to bring EAST Bengal under secularism. The answer is, to rob Pakistan of its claim over Srinagar BY CLAIMING LAHORE. Then one will see how quickly the Muslim MONSTER goes to sleep.

The Hindu majority States have NO Article 370 to confer benefits, autonomy, advantages and privileges as is the case with the MUSLIM majority state of South Kashmir.

Jenab Abdul Kalam is DEFYING the Will of MAJORITY of his intimidated voiceless subjects (Hindus) if he does ot speak up boldly in favour of Sri Ram Temple promptly or order the DEMOLITION of Article 370 in case of South Kashmir.

Our Muslim Supreme Commander will also do well to issue a warning, "If a Hindu is killed on this side of the CEASE FIRE LINE then we will BOMB the terrorists' town or village on the OTHER SIDE of the CEASE FIRE LINE."

He could also declare that CFL will not be regarded LOC (LINE OF ACTUAL CONTROL) until Lahore is back in Bharat.

But such a PRESIDENT is still to appear. We had one in the past, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and even before that, Chatrapati Shivaji. Not one MUSALMAN-BEIMAN could hoodwink them, nor throw dust in the eyes of the nation.