Date: 4/11/2004


The recent revelations by the principal Swedish Bofors case investigator Sten Lindstrom on the pressure from the congress government in India that resulted in the misdirection and closing down of the Bofors investigation is really stunning information that points the finger at Rajiv and Sonia. The pressure from India also led to the Swedish National Audit Bureau sending a blanked out version of its inquiry to India. When a team of senior executives from Bofors traveled to India to testify before the Joint Parliamentary Committee, they were prevented from doing so. Instead they met a small group of officials to whom they did not hand over any names He says that Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian middleman who negotiated the political payoff through A E Services, and who was paid $7,123,000 as a gift must be interrogated along with Sonia Gandhi . 320 million Swedish kronor had been paid as bribe for the Bofors deal to the Hindujas and Win Chadha and Win Chadha used to get faxes in Dubai on cabinet decisions on Bofors from the office of Rajiv Gandhi when Rajiv was the prime minister. I still remember the day Rajiv Gandhi visited the Dubai businessman Chabria at his office in the Jumbo house in Bur Dubai in the night like a thief when Chabria was wanted by the police in India and it was a real shocker for me. I would not have believed it had I not seen the incident and only time will tell as to what was the reason for that secret and clandestine meeting in Dubai.

Italian government has approached our government in October 2003 with a request to drop the case against Quattrocchi which means that the Sonia marrying Rajiv is not a simple boy meets the girl thing, but could be a planned operation by the Vatican. We have to look at Sikkim where the CIA agent is placed in front of the prince and future King for creating an independent Sikkim.

Until the middle of the 1970s, Sikkim used to be a protectorate of India, which had overall responsibility for its defense and foreign relations. Barring this, the territory enjoyed some autonomy under a ruler called the Chogyal the twelfth Chogyal, Palden Thondup Namgyal. He got married to an American student called Hope Cook, who had come to Sikkim ostensibly for research. The Indian intelligence viewed her as a mole of the US's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), allegedly planted on him to steer him in the direction of independence for his territory.

In 1963, at the age of 39, he married Hope Cooke, 22, and conveniently his father Tashi Namgyal, the eleventh chogyal died the same year. In 1975 the special status of Sikkim was ended and Cook and the chogyal emigrated to US.

All these raises more sinister questions about the security of India under the Congress headed by Sonia who lied about her education to the parliament and is now known to have a total study of one and a half month at a teaching shop known as Lennox Cook School of English, at Cambridge which was closed down in 1971 You don't need a high school diploma to study in language schools. If Sonia was supporting her education with an au-pair, barmaid, babysitting money - that's an honorable exception. Most language Students often resort to other professions. As per H J Easterling, Registrar of Cambridge University, even Rajiv Gandhi was in residence as an undergraduate at Cambridge for Mechanical Sciences for three years, from 1962 until 1965, but did not pass any University examinations, and so he left Cambridge without qualifying for a degree. On the contrary the Indian public was told lie about Rajiv's qualification as well.

The connection of Sonia to the antique smuggling racket and her family's ownership of two Indian antique shops in Italy, her reported link to LTTE, KGB etc are really frightening. February 2004 Sonia's envoy Eduardo Felerio met LTTE representative in Sri Lanka secretly.

The terrorist organization LTTE was responsible for the assassination of Rajiv, and Sonia had used it for smuggling the antiques out of India. In November 2002 Sonia gave a lecture at the Oxford centre for Islamic studies even though it was known as an Islamic fundamentalist setup funded by Osama Bin Laden's brother. Sonia also opposed the banning of Islamic terrorist organization SIMI in June 2002. In Tripura the congress party tied up with INPT which is the over ground setup of the banned terrorist organization NLFT On 21st May 2002 the centre told the Delhi High Court that Sonia's citizenship will be cancelled if the CBI enquiry proves that Sonia had links with the Russian spy agency KGB. The court also asked to probe Sonia's connection to the two Indian antique shops in Italy run by her mother and sister. Indira Gandhi Memorial Foundation, controlled by Sonia had a major donor, a Pak national, Agha Hassan Abedi, who along with ISI founded the collapsed drug money laundering and terror financing bank BCCI.

Even the congress party under the leadership of Sonia is now stands accused of accepting the bribe of 4 million barrels of crude oil from the ex Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in return for some unknown favors. The present investigation by UN about the oil bribe when completed can result in the declaration of congress party as a corrupt political party and can result in the arrest and deportation of Sonia Gandhi as a criminal. It is now known that the ISRO spy case was fabricated and stage managed by the American Intelligence agencies in collusion with American spies in India and Congress party to delay the development of the cryogenic engines. Americans were afraid that with the development of such an engine, Indians can surpass US. So the two ISRO scientists, D Sasi Kumaran and S Nambi Narayanan who were working on the cryogenic engines were accused of spying, arrested, tortured in inhuman ways by Kerala Police's Special Investigation Team headed by Sibi Mathew, a christian IPS officer that conducted the initial inquiry in the spy case. The case was started by IB chief, M Dhar who was sacked in the end and surprisingly he joined the congress party.

Hindus are minority with just 49% of population in Kerala with no political clout, and the state is being controlled by the Christian church. Thus Kerala was ideal to launch the CIA plot to sabotage our space programme.

The penetration of Kerala police by the US spy agencies will not surprise any one. The false spy case was further strengthened by the mass hysteria created by the Christian controlled media of Kerala. All these resulted in a terrible national loss that delayed our programme as wanted by US by many years, and we are yet to develop the powerful cryogenic engines as per my BARC batch mates who had joined ISRO in the late sixties. Presence of christians in very sensitive project makes it easy for CIA to spy on us through the christian missionaries. The postponement of the planned 1995 nuclear explosion and the ISRO spy case are some of the examples. Congress party itself is now taken over by the christians and the party now appears to be more dangerous to India than from the ISI of Pakistan.

The clout of Sonia Gandhi is so pervasive that recently one judge had cleared Rajiv of Bofors bribe and reportedly that judge's name was found in the panel for appointment by the Congress government of Delhi after his retirement. It looks like the media is silent on Sonia's background and a fear factor cannot be ruled out as all those congressmen who could be a threat to Sonia's leadership were killed on Sundays in very natural accidents. In any other democracy we would have known the truth at least about the education of the leader of opposition. Under Sonia the congress has become a party of Christians and it is evident in the large number of Christians in the top ranks of the congress party which had prompted many congressmen to complain about it few years back. What the public would like to have is a white paper on the mysterious Sonia alias Antonia Maino, from the Congress Party.

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