Date: 4/17/2004


RAHUL GANDHI Lies and Forgery :

Open Letter to Trinity College , Cambridge University

With due respect we wish to bring forward to your kind attention about a candidate name Mr.Rahul Gandhi ,running for Parliamentary Elections in India who claims to have done MPhil[Development Economics] from Trinity College , Cambridge University . Earlier he was projected by his party and the Indian media as , Masters in Economics from Harvard University ( Appendix 1 ) . According to Harvard University records , though he studied at Harvard ,didn't completed his Program . After public protests and an open letter to Harvard University President ,highlighting gross abuse of University name the Indian media stopped reporting this lie .

In his affidavit http://upgov.nic.in/election/Affidavits/21/RahulGandhi/RahulGandhi.HTM L to Election Commission of India ,Mr.Rahul Gandhi stated that he is MPhil[Development Economics] Trinity College , Cambridge University . http://upgov.nic.in/election/Affidavits/21/RahulGandhi/RahulGandhi_SC4 .jpg

Interesting observations in the Affidavit

His qualification in affidavit jumped from Senior secondary to M.Phil. bypassing BA and MA. It surprised many in India because we never never seen people write like this - Senior Secondary - M.phil Nowhere in the world it is possible to do M.Phil.(Master of Philosophy) after senior secondary school. In UK, in some colleges it is possible to do M.Phil after B.A. (honours) with good ranks. Normally, most UK colleges/universities offer M.Phil. after MA/MSc degree. From affidavit, it looks completely forge

We learnt from numerous sources that he didn't completed his degree . Indians regard Cambridge University as a Sacred Temple of Education and fountain of Knowledge , many students from this esteemed University contributed to the development of India and have occupied high positions . India is a largest Democracy in the world , unscrupulous persons who couldn't able to complete their degree are using "Cambridge" as a Marketing tool to appeal to Voters in the run for Public office , by doing so they are not only doing a great disservice to the Society but also lowering the dignity and respect of Cambridge University .

This is not the first time such lies are spread to Indian Public , please allow me to quote 2 instances . (Appendix 2)

We request you to check the records of Mr.Rahul Gandhi and issue a statement as early as possible in the interest of public .

With Regards

S.Kanthi President

GCCI (Group of Concerned Citizens of India)

Email : suruakanthi@yahoo.com

K.Manoj , Md.Saber Khan , D.Sangeeta Sharma , Raja Franklin , K,Harshvardhan , YMKVV. Prasad , I.Suraj Bhan , Omkar Verma .



Here are some instances in the Indian Media and also prestigious News Agency AFP .

NEWS AGENCY : AFP is reporting

"Rahul Gandhi, a Harvard University graduate who used to work for a computer firm in London, bears a striking resemblance to his father, who was slain by Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels in 1991. "

Source : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp_world/view/76523/1/.html

Times Of India

Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid- 576319,curpg-2.cms

Education : Studied at St Columba's, Delhi; History honours at St Stephens. Did not have

the requisite marks for the course, but was given admission in the sports quota for shooting, amid accusations of using the Gandhi name. Masters in Economics from Harvard, Development Economics at Trinity College Cambridge, also did an engineering design course in software.

Hindustan Times

He is a Masters in Economics from Harvard and has studied Development Economics at Trinity College Cambridge, with an engineering design course in software also in his kitty. He gave up his career abroad to help his mother Sonia Gandhi at home and in India,he has his own consultancy firm in Gurgaon besides being involved with an NGO Pratham which focuses on primary education for children.

Source : http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/5983_633597,004300140007.htm

Sify News

Source : http://sify.com/news/politics/fullstory.php?id=13436933

The Harvard-educated Rahul currently owns a computer consultancy firm in New Delhi. His candidacy, ironically, runs counter to a ruling by his mother that two members of the same family should not be given tickets to the same election! In any case, the Congress hopes that the 'politics of pedigree' will see them through. However, it must be said that Rahul does not enjoy the advantages that his father and grandmother had when they entered the fray.

The Guardian

Monday March 22, 2004

The 33-year-old, who studied at Harvard and has worked for an investment bank in London will stand for election in the north Indian constituency of Amethi. The seat was held by his father, Rajiv, assassinated in 1989, and is currently held by Rahul's mother, the Italian-born Sonia, who leads the opposition Congress party.

Source : http://www.guardian.co.uk/india/story/0,12559,1174872,00.html


Monday March 22, 2004

What unique skill will the Harvard-educated Rahul bring to the party is a question that needs to be answered, and answered fast

Source : http://www.rediff.com/election/2004/mar/22espec2.htm

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1.Late Indian Prime Minister Mr.Rajive Gandhi claimed that he was qualified Mechanical Engineer from the Cambridge University UK. Subsequent enquiry with University officials revealed that "Mr. Gandhi was in residence as an undergraduate at Cambridge for three years, from 1962 until 1965; his subject of study was Mechanical Sciences. During his time here he did not pass any University examinations, and so he left Cambridge without qualifying for a degree " . His name was removed from the Children's Encyclopedia by The World Book Inc. of Chicago . But it was too late , he was able to successfully dupe the Indian Public .

2. Ms.Sonia Gandhi wife of Rajive Gandhi has bluffed Indian Parliament in the Who"s Who wherein she states (p. 291) that she was educated in Cambridge University and received Diploma in English . It was corrected after 5 years when a gentlemen pointed out this .