Date: 4/17/2004


............. Tryst with Dynasty

.........Cong propagating dynastic rule: DPM

The party became dynastic and only a single family was considered fit to rule Bharat. The only claim of the Congress's present chief is her relations with that family. She does not belong to Bharat and does not understand India. Now when she realises that she cannot become the Prime Minister, she wants her children to rule. I have nothing against the two children. They are young and can gain by their own merit. But just because they belong to a particular family they have a natural right to rule is something that cannot be allowed. The Congress's performance was abysmal as a ruling party but is most irresponsible as an Opposition party," Mr. Advani said.

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Amethi is largely a rural constituency

Raul Maino is the Congress Party candidate for the Lok Sabha from Amethi in UP ... Amethi is largely a rural constituency ... 60%

illiterate ... water is scarce ... not much agriculture ... electricity flows a few hours a day ... no industry ... 20% employment ...

80% are idle ... stark poverty all around ... this is the Nehru-Gandhi political stronghold ... it's a mystery why the people keep voting for one family that just keeps ignoring them ... if you're not from this family, you will not be a Cong candidate from Amethi ...

The 33-year-old Mr. Maino is the son of the late Prime Minister Roberto Maino and his widow, Antonia Maino ... The Times of India recently published an interview it claims IANS conducted with the Congress candidate on board a flight from New Delhi to Lucknow

We're skeptical this interview ever took place ... we don't know whether the TOI has received awards for truth and accuracy in journalism, but it has carried items like the following about Raul Maino: M. Phil in Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge ... this sounds more like his lying mother's diploma in English from Cambridge University which does not offer such a diploma course in English at all ... every Angrezi paper is working overtime putting out stories of fictitious academic and professional achievements of Raul Maino ...

Let's go back to the interview, which may well be a hoax or largely doctored ... Maino began by calling his mother an Italian outcast ... he did not say why she is an outcast in Italy ... was he trying to reach non -Congress voters by distancing himself from his mother? ... We’re not sure ... but we've always suspected she's some kind of outcast and we've been telling people from the Congress Party to dissociate themselves from her and ditch her and that she be given the same status as in Italy ...

Maino who has never pushed himself to achieve anything claimed he can push the country to great heights ... He said he's young, he can change things, people in politics who have been doing the same thing for 30 years can't change, but He can ... he had, however, nothing to say about anything he has done for himself or the country in his 33 years...He said a person should not be judged by his caste, religion or roots, but by his qualifications and abilities ... that's exactly the point: what are his talents and accomplishments in any area he cares to name? ... the Congress Party has no CV on him... but wait a minute, no CV is no problem: according to late-breaking news, Maino has hired a fellow xian Sham Shitroda as his campaign manager ... sycophant Sham reportedly trained under heavyweight xian evangelists abroad ... he has a gift for telling lies which he credits to his faith ... he started out as a rice xian but exposure to” extreme globalization" has upgraded him to a piss-xian now judging from his pronouncements the last several days ... Maino spoke of his fundamental right to help the country ... we'd like to remind him he also has a fundamental right to leave the country and go back to Italy ... the half-Italian Catholic talked about caste and religion and said you should definitely not mess with religion ... when he's firmly and permanently back in Itlay, he should tell that to the Pope, this pope if not dead, or the next one, that there should be Hindu temples in towns and cities all across Italy and the Pope or the government should not mess with the establishment of other religions in that country ...

He sought approval: I'm fully Indian, right? ... We don't know ...we hardly know anything about him other than he's a Catholic, a half -Italian and that his mother did not abort him which was a mistake... He told a bogus story about the many Indian friends he has abroad and how all of them hate India ... but he loves India with all his heart ... he's like his mother he said...There was another one about how topics like caste and religion never come up in conversations with strangers in other countries ... people in other countries only ask about the kind of work you do and nothing more, said Maino ... only in India the people are obsessed with caste and religion ... this one has been used by religion- and caste-baiters so often he simply repeated it in the interview if the interview took place at all ... until we see him on TV answering questions, freely interacting with the people and the media, we’ll rely on anecdotal reports that say he's retarded... Rahul Maino is a major problem like his mother and sister... the trio are not a dynasty, they are not mainstream, they are Undesirables, they're shit for the birds ... they've been serving as a focal point wherein is their usefulness to xian, Muslim and other forces trying to rip the nation apart ... the presence of people like Sham and DMK Demento Karunanidhi in their camp should give You an idea of the kind of people supporting them ... they are a source of division and potential nationwide unrest and a threat to National security if elected or appointed to high office ... they cannot be allowed to hold high Constitutional posts with the authority to use state power ...

'I'm Indian because of my mother' Author: IANS Publication: The Times of India Date: March 29, 2004


On Board Air Sahara 6137: Rahul Gandhi says he learnt being an Indian from his Italy-born mother Sonia Gandhi and that it is his "fundamental right to help India" by joining politics. On board the Air Sahara flight from New Delhi to Lucknow on his way to Amethi, from where he is contesting the parliamentary election as the Congress party candidate, Rahul said: "I am an Indian because of my mother. I learnt to be an Indian from my mother. My mother is completely Indian. She is an outcaste in Italy."

Rahul was seated next to Satish Sharma, his father Rajiv Gandhi's close friend and aide when he was prime minister, and agreed to the on-flight interview after some initial hesitation. He was seen off at the Delhi airport by his sister Priyanka Gandhi as he headed for his political debut in the constituency that has been nursed by his mother, father and uncle, Sanjay Gandhi.

The election in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, India's most politically consequential state, is scheduled for next month.

Saying that he shouldn't be condemned for joining politics just because he belonged to a famous family, the 33- year-old asked: "If my father, grandmother and great-grand father were in politics, why should I not be allowed to do something for my country?"

"You don't condemn a person whose father is a criminal and wants to come to politics. Why are you condemning me? It is my fundamental right to want to help India."

Rahul, overshadowed in politics by his younger sister Priyanka, was a surprise announcement as a Congress candidate. A reticent man, Rahul has no far not displayed any of the characteristics that made his late father Rajiv Gandhi, his grandmother Indira Gandhi and his great-grand father Jawaharlal Nehru so hugely popular and household names in India.

Rahul said as a child he saw very little of his father - only for an hour a day when he was prime minister (1984-89) and perhaps for three hours a day when he was a airline pilot before that.

"I have learnt something of India from my grandmother (former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi). But I am an Indian because of my mother. My mother is completely Indian. She is an outcaste in Italy," he said in reference to questions on Congress president Sonia Gandhi's alien roots that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants to make a major issue in these elections. Asserting that "it is my fundamental right to help India", Rahul said a person should be judged not by his caste, religion or roots, but by his qualifications and abilities. "Either you have something in you or you don't. If I don't have it, I am gone," Rahul said emphatically. He said he had certain ideas for the country that he would "keep them to myself for now". But Rahul, who his friends insist is a very intelligent and sensitive person even while being reticent, said it "frightened" him when he heard leaders of the country announce grandly that "India has arrived". "In other more developed countries, leaders are constantly exhorting the people to do more by saying the country has miles to go. But in this country, where millions live under the poverty line, it is frightening to hear leaders say we have arrived." He dismissed the ruling alliance's India Shining campaign "as just that - a campaign". He described religion and caste as fundamental problems in India holding back the country's progress. He said the goal should be to make the country number one in the world but not on divisive issues like caste and religion. Reiterating that people should be judged on their abilities and action and not by their birth, caste or religion, he said the common people of the country judged leaders "not by what you are but what you do and how you do it. "I dream of an India where the issue is not about what caste or religion you belong to but what you are doing for the country." He went on: "Change can come from young people who aspire to take the country somewhere..." Rahul said he had no plans do any public speaking during his first visit to Amethi as a candidate but may do so later in the week when he goes to file his nominations.

He said his visit this time would be limited to interacting with party workers in Amethi, which remains a solid Congress bastion even while the party gasps for survival elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state. Some Amazing statements here:

1. "I learnt to be an Indian from my mother." The same mother who refused to take up Indian citizenship for the first fifteen years of her marriage.

2. "You don't condemn a person whose father is a criminal and wants to come to politics. Why are you condemning me?" No one is condemning him. They are just questioning the competence.

3. "My mother is completely Indian. She is an outcaste in Italy." Oh, oh. And we all thought that casteism is a primary feature only in Hinduism!

4. "Asserting that "it is my fundamental right to help India", Rahul said a person should be judged not by his caste, religion or roots, but by his qualifications and abilities." Yes, people want to judge him on qualifications and abilities. But what exactly are they?

5. "He said he had certain ideas for the country that he would "keep them to myself for now". " So how are people to judge him?

6. "In other more developed countries, leaders are constantly exhorting the people to do more by saying the country has miles to go. But in this country, where millions live under the poverty line, it is frightening to hear leaders say we have arrived." So in other countries people indulge in self-flagellation all the time?

7. "I dream of an India where the issue is not about what caste or religion you belong to but what you are doing for the country." And this is not the dream of Varun Gandhi? And can he say what he has done for the country in the last five years?

If in his next interaction with the press he dwells on this issue, the people of this country will have an opportunity to decide on his merit.

Rahul is misleading nation about his education like his Father and Mother Rahul is also like his mother and father who has got attached to his name the names of universities like Harvard, Cambridge but he is a drop out and did not get any real qualification and it is disgrace. His father was in Cambridge just for name sake and failed to get any qualification. His mother worked as a maid in Cambridge but talks of Cambridge University is a disgrace. Rahul is a KHOTA PAISA YAH CHALEGA NAHIN. He is a vagabond and his record is known as a playboy, he will prove to be disaster for Islamic congress and may be defeated in Amethi. His family has cheated for long but not anymore. He has no qualification except that he is son of Rajiv. This is not enough. Rahul's wealth runs into crore

Rahul Gandhi, who is contesting from Amethi Lok Sabha seat, has about Rs. 11 lakhs in Indian banks, nearly 30,000 pounds and 19,000 dollars in banks abroad, besides investments of over Rs. seven lakhs.

According to an affidavit submitted by Rahul while filing his nomination papers here on April 5, he also owns a farm house at Mehrauli in Delhi worth Rs. 9.8 lakhs.

Rahul has 10.11 lakhs in UCO bank and Rs. 99,000 in Citibank at New Delhi, according to the affidavit.

It also states that he has 27,700 pounds at Westminster Bank in England besides three other foreign accounts having 18,600 dollars, 600 dollars and 2,700 pounds.

Rahul has also invested nearly Rs. 3.9 lakhs in shares besides having jewellery worth Rs. 1.25 lakhs and LIC and other saving certificates worth Rs. 3.80 lakhs. Meanwhile Nationalist Congress party president Sharad Pawar possesses a flat worth Rs. 91 lakhs, has deposits in banks and financial institutions to the tune of Rs. 2.80 lakhs.

According to an affidavit submitted by him while filing nomination papers for Baramati Lok Sabha constituency on April 2, his total assets were worth Rs. 3.60 crores.

His family possesses ornaments worth Rs. 11.30 lakhs and the flat in camp area here is Rs. 91 lakhs, the affidavit said.


From Our Delhi Bureau

NEW DELHI: Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine, has alleged in an old issue that the Soviet intelligence agency KGB had deposited US $2 billion in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi.

Why Rahul Gandhi didn't jump with joy in Karachi!'t~jump~with~joy~in~Karachi!

By Amita Malik

And then came the Rahul Gandhi surprise. One adoring young woman said it all, when the whole of India had been wondering why Rahul did not jump in the air in the Karachi stands, together with Priyanka and Jaitley when India won the match, and instead sat unsmiling, clapping discreetly like a proper English gentleman of the last century.

"He is shy, remember what Rajiv was like?" purred a female admirer, "Just give him time."

The fringe trio of Raul Maino, his mother and sister have always remained outside the national mainstream ... baiting Hindus - that's their game ... their supporters are xians and Muslims - primarily ... commies, the Angrezi media, screwed-up "global citizen" Hindus and the like making up the rest ... all are sworn to kill the Hindu-Buddhist civilization of the subcontinent ...the three owe their status to the late Prime Minister Roberto Maino ... Roberto is long gone ... but he has left his family behind in the wrong country ... they and their advisors should realize this ... we're not sure they do ... here's advice to the three to make things right: move please move to another country ...

That western powers and the Vatican would benefit more by seeking the 'co-operation' of this Nehru – Gandhi family than the KGB or Latin American countries where , as in the times between the two world wars, both communism and the church would wield great influence in that country's politics.

We cannot dismiss this lightly but instead of being automatically macarthian, we need to nail which power stands to gain more and where Rahul Gandhi's loyalties lie.

Interest of Western Powers in Nehru – Gandhi Italian Family Western powers of state and church may use him and his mother in any number of ways. His Latin-American live-in girl friend is intended for the same reason as Sonia was intended for Rajiv. and this is typical of the CIA and the church in many parts of the Arab and African world, and not the KGB , at least not with respect of India. And because there are no Indians or Hindus in the immediate family of the trio, the mother and children will be more useful to the powers of the region from where they come than to Russia and the KGB.

It seems that the nuances are important for only one reason. if election time mud slinging is the intention then it doesn’t matter how wild the allegations are as long as we keep the likes of Sibal engaged in defense. But if we consider the family to be real threats and risks to national security, then we must make the mud stick which means we get the facts right. We can’t afford to have junior congress workers shrugging off the allegations as 'ridiculous, and make no mistake, neither Sonia Gandhi nor her children are going to say a word on the issue. they have paid help to do it for them. If these allegations are not true, then nothing that we say in future about the family will be taken seriously. That is worrying issue.

Why is Amethi threatened by the East India Company?

Because Rahul Gandhi has proposed to a Colombian girl. When Colombian girls will come here the culture of Amethi will be spoilt. Amethi has nothing to do with Italy. About 1,000 Colombian girls are campaigning for Rahul Gandhi here. One crore rupees per block is being distributed here.

Cong perpetuating dynasty rule: Fernandes

NEW DELHI: Accusing the Congress of perpetuating dynasty rule and raking up the foreign origin issue, NDA convenor George Fernandes on Tuesday said the alliance had made a ‘‘mistake’’ of not making a law to prevent naturalised citizens from occupying constitutional posts but it would feature in the NDA agenda this time.