Date: 4/17/2004


...........>Ambedkar: PATRIOTIC AND RATIONALIST?


He did not relate to INDIA or her TERRITORY and did not notice the ABSENCE of one third of India from his motherland's maps. Nehru committed HIGH TREASON by surrendering India to indigenous Islam. Ambedkar connived with that HIGH TREASON. Thus he, too, became a TRAITOR.

Any decent nation would have EXECUTED them both by firing squad, and buried Ambedkar's rationalism with him deep in ground.

In his Constitution dated January 26, 1950, there is no mention of PARTITION, that was India's worst ever unconditional surrender, or DEFEAT.

Ambedkar, the "RAT", did not relate to the Hindus, being a Dalit and a Buddhist. (That is why he was chosen by Bandit Nehru to write up the >Constitution of a HINDU nation, and soon after PARTITION.)

He did not even mention the TWO MILLION SLAUGHTERED in 1947. They ought to have been mentioned in the PREAMBLE of his Constitution that our Hindu intelligentsia regard as "VIDHAN BY BHANGI" for BANDIT NEHRU'S COOLIE COLONY at that time.

Under its ZERO, or NEGATIVE motivation, it was extremely easy for Indira Khan>to return EAST Bengal to the ENEMY after its capture in 1972.

Under its ZERO or NEGATIVE impulses, the nation still cannot have its own Grand Temple in Ayodhya. Thus under his Constitution, MOHAMMED of Arabia is not>only equal to Sri Ram but superior to him. Some "nigger's" Constitution.

Under its negative or zero impulses, the Hindus have vanished from South Kashmir, not only from North Kashmir.

So, let us ASK, "By what yardstick does an Indian pygmy become a world >class >Patriot or Rationalist, even stalwart?"

It is high time now for a SOVEREIGN India to DUMP Ambedkar and his Constitution that gives first class status to South Kashmir vide Article 370, and did>not choose Vande Matram as the National Anthem, and is BLIND as to who >comes>from ITALY and then takes over the country, or who is the PRESIDENT. Would a Muslim be acceptable to any PROUD Hindu? I don't think so, unless "proud" to Hindus means "accommodating, conceding, cease-firing, surrendering rat".