Date: 4/20/2004


`Your Prime Minister's wife does not trust you, gets her security from Italians'

.............Saturday April 17 2004 17:07 IST

....................S. Gurumurthy

This is what this investigation reveals. Sonia arranges a clandestine meeting between the RAW, Indian spy network, and Italian spies. This was when she was just a housewife and Rajiv was just the general secretary of the Congress.

When Sonia was still an Italian and had not applied yet to become an Indian citizen. Are you surprised? Go further.

Her brother-in-law, that is Sonia's sister's husband, Walter Winci, arranges bullet-proofing of Indira Gandhi's car in a German factory. Are you shocked? Wait. Later the same Winci arranges the training of SPG commandos by Italian security personnel who even slap the SPG trainees. Are you embarrassed? Go further.

When Sonia travels to France with Rajiv in 1985, without the knowledge of the Indian security agency, SPG, she gets the security of Rahul and Priyanka arranged by Italian and Spanish officials. Are you ashamed? It is not over yet.

In 1986 when Rahul and Priyanka go to Geneva and Italy, Sonia directly gets their security organised through the Italian foreign office.

The Swiss police official taunts the Indian RAW officer in Geneva, ``Your Prime Minister's wife does not trust you; she trusts only the Italians.'' You feel humiliated?

Whether you feel humiliated or not, the RAW official did feel extremely humiliated. Italian officials are the ones she trusts.

Italian embassy is her official embassy. Italian security is her security.

This is the Sonia who now shouts from election platforms day in and day out that she will die for her motherland. The only issue is which is her motherland. That she does not trust India is known to the whole western world, but not India. Read this humiliating story.

The expose is based on oral testimony of retired officials, including the RAW officials.