Date: 4/20/2004


................... The Maino trio

The threesome of Raul Maino, his mother, and his sister in national politics is a negative development in a country that wants to shed its historical baggage, foster national unity and make rapid economic and social progress ... their presence, behavior and actions are divisive ... they are a reversion to an earlier time and with the support of the Congress Party, xian, Muslim and other reactionary forces, will keep the country shackled to its past ... Vision 2020 will suffer a major setback.

You can forget that the Mainos are some kind of heirs to a political dynasty as the Angrezi media and the moribund Congress Party would have you believe ... they're Italian riffraff ... the whole time they've been in the country they've been pyramiding wealth by all means foul and aligning themselves with forces that constantly provoke and seek confrontation with the Hindu majority ... they remain outside the mainstream national culture and their political activities trigger revulsion, consternation and animus in a nation that threw off colonial rule less than just sixty years ago ...

The late Prime Minister Roberto Maino is responsible for their presence in national politics ... they are the family he left behind and they should have left the country upon his death ... they can listen to good counsel and still do so now ... before boarding the plane, however, they should leave their wealth behind - it belongs to the people.