Date: 4/21/2004



I feel most of our people are wrong to be against the Tàmil Tigers. They, too, deserve our support. They have been discriminated against for long. Even the WEST is coming to their support while India is keeping away.

Ràjiv KHAN, Prime Minister of Hindustan, was wrong to send the army in Shri Lankà.

(No, brother, Rajiv KHAN was quite right to take advantage of the ignorance and servitude of the gutless "monkeys" of the Indian Parliament who honour the foreigner but watch the NATIVES being clobbered as far as Fiji and Uganda, leave aside Sri Lanka next door, and Kashmir even within India! And so much the BETTER if the native happens to be HINDU or SIKH!)

In some respect I favor Srï Lankan government more than ours, but again discrimination of Tàmils is wrong and they deserve our support.

Same with Myànmàr. Aung Sàng Su Chi may encourage more WEST and Christian agenda, than the present government ...



My dear friend, wonder no more.

Everything becomes crystal clear if we were only to see the TRUTH and then had the guts to tell the whole world.

The Truth is that Congress, and IN PARTICULAR, Nehru and his offspring, are HINDU BASHER AND SIKH KILLER. They are ENEMY NO. 1 of our culture, Dharma and ancient Hindu civilisation but champions of the Great Mogul Empire.

Whenever an Indian is KICKED, ABDUCTED, RAPED or KILLED, they look the other way, e.g. Fiji, Uganda and even Sri Lanka where the Tamils of INDIAN origin are being slaughtered and chased around.

MANLY Turkey offered a good precedence to COWARDLY Hindustan by occupying Northern Cyprus for the Turks living there. Nobody has boycotted Turkey that is a tourists' paradise and also member of NATO.

But should it be the MUSLIMS of Indian origins in trouble anywhere, the rulers of Hindustan will do their utmost to come to their rescue, e.g., liberation of EAST Bengal from the clutches of Urdu, Islam and Koran in 1972, though soon thereafter the family ethos and wisdom dawned on Indira Khan, that being MUSLIM, EAST Bengal must not touch our secularism but go ISLAMIC again.

Did our Lok Sabha of "rats" notice this High Treason?

Similarly North Kashmir will NEVER be liberated since it is Muslim and happily OUTSIDE our "stinking" (so the Congress Ideology) Bharat.

Had the Hindus been of the GUTS and SPIRIT of the Iraqis, who are now taking on the world's Super Power No. 1, Sonia would have long DISAPPEARED in her three clothes in which she arrived in the Prime Minister's house on Day 1.

India would also have LIBERATED Northern Sri Lanka and handed it over to the TAMILS to go sovereign just like East Bengal.

Our calamity is that we are volunteers for slavery and beating. That is what we are also getting in South Kashmir.

No native is proud of this "damn sarkar". Ask the Tamil, the Sikh, the Kashmiri Hindu. But ask the Kashmiri MUSLIM and the East Bengali MUSLIM, and you will find him mighty pleased.

What kind of PARTITIONED "buckwaas" is this "Hindustan" of ours, then? Will someone tell us, please?