Date: 4/22/2004



PREPOSTEROUS change of heart on the part of the savage Turks swearing by Koran, promising good behaviour in European Union.



Cyprus is in the news these days. It may be very remote from India, but something told me to look closer.

Is there a similarity with our "Partitioned Indian Secular State" (PISS)?

Since we have realised that those mighty POWERS, that have hijacked our beautiful but weak and helpless Bharat, do not wish to hear the word "partition", but call it INDEPENDENCE, we decided to ignore all the BOGUS, COWARDLY and DESPICABLE Hindu stalwarts and leaders who have NO guts to EXPLAIN Partition to their ignorant "blindfolded" following who vote them into power, and to look closer at Cyprus and India put together in one basket.

Normally it would be impossible to put an elephant and a frog together in one basket but due to "performance" of India on world stage, she is no more than a frog. The list of our degradation under the Axis Powers ("Italy, Islam & the genetically INFERIOR Hindu rat") goes on, that makes India look even smaller than a frog, if one sees the state of ruin of the Grand Temple in Ayodhya and the panic that has gripped the HINDUS of East Bengal and South Kashmir since 1947.

Muslim is a SEPARATIST "bas***d" through and through. It makes NO difference whether he is a Pakistani, Taliban or Turk.

So whenever he sees two NON-Muslims shaking hands with each other, his soul gets a 4000 Volt shock, and the idea of JEHAD against them surges up in his chest.

The MUSLIMS in Turkey saw the beautiful island of Cyprus uniting with its mother country GREECE. So they invaded it. That was 1964.

Turkey sent paratroopers, although Indian paratroopers did not even land behind KARGIL where they were most needed. General Musharraf hasn't seen our "EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM" at all.

Turkey did in Cyprus what India FAILED to do in Fiji, Uganda and even next-door Sri Lanka. They invaded Cyprus and occupied 40% of island for 20% of population that was Mohammedan.

After going under the SWORD OF ISLAM, the inhabitants of Northern Cyprus soon got poorer and poorer but they still stuck to KORAN.

All peace overtures by the "Gandhian" Greeks were rejected out of hand with typically stubborn "donkey" mindset of a Musalman. We now see the same mindset in Ayodhya in our BROKEN BHARAT.

Now that Southern Cyprus is about to join EU, the impoverished North, pushed back towards the culture of 7th century AD of Saudi Arabia, has suddenly woken up. The shine of Euro of EU is too much for the Turk in Cyprus as well as the prospect of marrying a second or third wife in Germany or Britain.

..Now the word "unity" is suddenly "sugar and honey" for them.

But the Greek remember the savage TURKISH attack when they destroyed or occupied Greek homes, desecrated and looted churches and abducted girls and women after killing their men folk.

The Greek also know that a united Cyprus, if it becomes a part of EU, will also become a conduit pipe for smuggling Turks (MEN ONLY), drugs, prostitutes and KORAN into EU.

Can you trust a Musalman who becomes a wolf when he smells loot but becomes a lamb when Euros, dollars and free running European girls dazzle his eyes?

............We would say, "NO!" to Cypriot reunion.

The same goes for all the Abdul Kalams and Mohammed Alis in Pakistan. Tomorrow they will all shout "AKHAND BHARAT" if today's BROKEN Bharat suddenly discovers oil or diamonds under its surface,

We know the despicable breed who swear by KORAN and beg for mercy when trapped, but as soon as free, strike the "trusting damn fool" with their sword.