Date: 4/22/2004


We have often wondered as to why our Bharatvarsha (PARTITIOINED INDIA)bends over backwards in commemorating any brutality by the British (Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919) but goes silent or dead when there is a need to commemorate the brutality of Muslims (a MILLION of us killed in 1947).

Another example: Bharat's ruling establishment gives green light to commemorating the martyrdom of Bhagat Singh who was hanged in Lahore (we betrayed this brave patriot grotesquely by surrendering Lahore to Islamic SLAVERY that is far worse than those days under the British!) for killing the butcher of Jallianwala, but there is NO commemoration ACROSS HINDUSTAN of the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur and of the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh (only the Sikhs are seen commemorating the days, NOT THE HINDUS in general), boy Hakikat Rai, and even the THOUSANDS killed in Noakhali in 1946 and the MILLION Hindus/Sikhs killed in West Punjab in 1947.

Actually every true Son of a Hindu ought to wear BLACK RIBBONS on August 15 in their sacred memory but we are at great pains to greet the "Sullahs" on "Independence" (and "Eid Mubarak!" and eating "IFTAR"), and commemorate the "patriotism" of Bandit Nehru and "bravery" of Bapu Gandhi.

Is it due to GENETIC TERROR of Islam in our guts and psyche? Or is it due to the fact that the British will not mind but the offended Muslims will slit our throats all over? Will someone explain? Is it time to change the "tradition of slavery"? Is it now time to call a spade a spade?

Is it time to shout, looking at the HIGH TREASON of Congress Party,


It would be most appropriate for PARTITIONED INDIA, or BROKEN BHARAT, to commemorate every brutality, massacre and destruction suffered at the hands of the Muslims against our civilisation and people, starting with Mohammed Bin Qasim's invasion of Sindh in 712 AD.

After the name of AKBAR instead of writing "the Great", we ought to write "the DOG". This can come about when the Hindu becomes a stalwart.

Sonia will be busy packing her loot and think of flying back home instead of dreaming of becoming the next PRIME MINISTER of captive and ignorant Hindustan.

Our considered conclusion is,

Due to TERROR OF ISLAM in our guts and genes, we HINDUS can safely regard the British as our ENEMIES but must regard the Mohammedans as secular FELLOW INDIANS.

The truth is that many Indians came to UK not one went back to Lahore or Dhaka. Isn't it surprising, amazing and preposterous!

The peaceful ceremonial departure of the BRITISH (Remember, the last British troops were given the Guard of Honour at India Gate in Mumbai before their ship sailed for England?) is called "INDEPENDENCE" by us, while not one Hindu "STALWART" can entertain the idea of "INDEPENDENCE FROM THE SAVAGE MOHAMMEDANS," although they took away ONE THIRD OF HINDUSTAN whereas not ONE SQUARE INCH of our territory was taken away by the British!

The British also had the decency and self-esteem to LEAVE while the Muslim "predator, skunk and rat" has stayed back to RECAPTURE Hindustan through demographic BOMB. He has also terrorised the whole lot of us into deleting the word "partition" from our vidhan and vocabulary. Isn't it surprising, amazing and preposterous!

This is what SLAVERY UNDER MOHAMMEDANS did to our slave nation. It turned the native stalwarts into puny dwarfs. So, LET US STAND UP.