Date: 4/24/2004



Priynka and Rahul didn't want to join politics but they would love to enjoy political power. Every time elections come, they come out of 10 Jan path and disappear after elections. Now they are using the same trick again. When asked if they are joining politics, their answer is, they might or may not. They say, it can happen in a week or 3 years. What the Hell is that answer. It shows arrogance and disdain for Indian electorate. They were actually insulting the intelligence of Indians. Damn these secular media organizations who are giving so much coverage to these two spoiled brats. Are they occupying some political or organizational office that they deserve so much press coverage?

Anyway, what do these two Italian, guess know about India? They talk about road conditions in UP forgetting the state of affairs in Bihar where Congress is a partner of the government. The fact that they joined hands with a scum like Laloo shows what Congress stands for. These two kids should mind their business and not venture into politics. In fact I believe that every participant in this forum including me or any average Indian citizen is better qualified to stand for elections than Priyanka and Rahul. Rahul was once caught in open while having sex with his Colombian girlfriend. God only knows why so much Media Hype is given to these people who are nothing but liability to Tax Payers of this Nation. They have not done anything for this nation, other then enjoying a Royal Life. Priynka and Rahul should be kicked on the streets wherever they go.

It is shame on every Indians in this world due to Sonia Maino and Rahul Maino contesting the Lok Sabha election. God only must save our nation from Selfish White skin people. The Congressmen have decided to pull out dogs, cats and Donkeys with a Nehru Gandhi Tag.

Questions to the Trio:

Why has Sonia Maino and her children suddenly developed so much love for India in just last 3 Years? Is it Because of Ottavio Quttrochi or Something else? Why has Sonia lied regarding her education Qualification? What is her past background before she got married to Rajiv Gandhi? Why has Sonia Remained quite when she was asked about her Sister close Relationship with LTTE Chief Prabhakaran?

Indians, Beware do not allow these white skin People to dominate in the political process in our country. We have every right to stop them

Sonia is Dumb

Stepping into the water may be the best way to learn swimming, but nearly seven years after she took the plunge Sonia Gandhi continues to be a novice in politics.

The Italy-born president of the Congress can barely explain the party's stand on various economic and political matters, and still finds it hard to handle PCs [journalese for press conferences].

Her lack of intellectual wherewithal was on vivid display once again on the day the Congress election manifesto was released at the party headquarters.

Gandhi sat flanked by former Union finance ministers Pranab Mukherjee and Manmohan Singh. After the preliminary statement, which she duly read out, the floor was thrown open to questions. And Gandhi fumbled and faltered, responding in monosyllables or unhelpfully short single sentences.

Asked why son Rahul had been named the party's candidate in Amethi and not Rae Bareli, Sonia Gandhi merely said the latter constituency was once represented by her mother-in-law and before that by her father-in-law, the late Feroz Gandhi, and so she and her children decided that she should contest from Rae Bareli. The obvious follow-up question -- does she regard herself as an inheritor of Indira and Feroz Gandhi's legacy -- was ignored.

Likewise, there was no convincing reply to the question why she had chosen Rahul to enter the electoral fray and not Priyanka or both. Did it mean Rahul had been anointed successor to the family's political legacy? Response: No, it is not true. It will be wrong to say this. Period.

But it was her failure to elucidate the claims made in the party's manifesto that exposed Gandhi's lack of understanding of economic issues. The Congress manifesto promises to create ten million new jobs every year, just like the National Democratic Alliance's manifesto had done in the last election. A questioner asked how the Congress intended to achieve this. Her answer was all of three words -- "by accelerating growth."

When a reporter asked which policies of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government her party would discard if it came to power, Gandhi pointed towards Mukherjee. Another question about divestment was likewise referred to Dr Singh.

But if there is one thing you have to give Gandhi credit for, it is effort. She comes fully prepared with notes to every press conference. Her backroom advisers, including her children, brief her completely. Further, friendly scribes are primed to ask questions so that she can come up with rehearsed answers.

Yet, she lacks the understanding and confidence to field questions. No wonder her conduct invariably leaves senior Congress politicians exasperated. Of course, in front of her they feel obliged to commend her on an 'excellent job done.'

The Sonia-Quattrocchi connection

By Dina Nath Mishra

Five years ago, India was at the crossroads. An ordinary, Italy-born woman had all but grabbed the prime ministerial chair, claiming the support of the majority of Lok Sabha members. The 120-year-old Congress willingly surrendered to the Italian bahu of the dynasty. The oldest party in the country could not find a single individual other than her to lead it and the nation of over a billion people.

On her part, the widow of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi made bold to strangle inner-party democracy. Five years ago, the nation was saved by the bell. For, finally, the nationalist in Mulayam Singh Yadav surfaced, and he quietly put paid to Sonia's dreams. There may be a whole lot of reasons why she should not be the Prime Minister of India. But just one is enough: She is not of Indian origin.

Today, when the nation is once again witnessing the battle of the ballot, every nationalist of every party should ponder whom is he voting? He may be voting for the CPI (M), which ultimately translates into support for Sonia Gandhi, whether directly or indirectly. They may be voting for Laloo Prasad Yadav's party, which would ultimately strengthen the hands of Sonia Gandhi. They may be voting for the DMK- Ied front whose prime ministerial candidate is Sonia and Sonia alone. They may be electing PDF candidates in J&K but with the same result. The duty of all true nationalists then is to ensure that power does not slip into the hands of someone of foreign origin.

The ramifications of her entry into Prime Minister's Office are numerous. One of them is the Quattrocchi angle. Ottavio Quattrocchi, the representative of the powerful Milan-based Italian company Snamprogetti, originally came to India as a chartered accountant based in a Chennai- based Italian MNC. Gradually, he made his way into the corridors of power especially after Rajiv Gandhi burst on the political scene in the wake of Sanjay Gandhi's death in a mysterious air crash. It is essential to understand the Quattrocchi phenomenon, particularly in relation to Sonia Gandhi.

He worked for a firm, which provided services like designing, engineering, and management of construction and training of personnel in the sectors such as oil refineries, gas processing, petrochemicals, fertilizers and pipelines. He had no experience of any guns, gun-systems or related equipment. However, he was a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi’s family.

Investigation has shown that the families of Rajiv Gandhi and Ottavio Quattrocchi were on very intimate terms and they used to meet frequently. Quattrocchi and his family had free access to the Prime Minister's house. As a result, Quattrocchi was able to project himself as a person of great influence.

Script of Generation Next By Ashutosh Roy

Hamari party mein neta koi janam se nahi hota”, announced the Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee at BJP’s Vijay Sankalp Abhiyan. This was also an occasion to re-elect BJP’s captain for the next three years, M. Venkaiah Naidu. If this is true for the BJP, a “party with difference”, it is not so for the Congress, which ruled the nation for 50 years. If, in the BJP, an individual has to climb the steep stairs of hard work and brave the scorching sun, blizzards, dark wintry nights and lashing rain to work at the field among masses, leaders are born in Congress. From Indira Gandhi to Sanjay Gandhi, to Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi and finally to her children, Rahul and Priyanka—it’s all in the family—they were born to lead Congress and aspired to lead the nation.

Priyanka Vadra and Rahul Gandhi, the latest Congress brand names, are all set to take over the outfit from their mother, Sonia. These two bright faces, Rahul with his Colombian girlfriend and Priyanka, whose husband Robert Vadra (known more for his dancing skills in discotheques, and of course business interest) are the second generation of Congress, set out to defeat the BJP during the general elections.

In contrast, the second generation of BJP comprises a band of leaders, who worked their way up. Narendra Modi, Uma Bharati, Vasundhara Raje, Arun Jaitley, Pramod Mahajan, Sushma Swaraj, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Ravi Shankar Prasad are among the second generation leaders, who are known and respected for their oratorical skills and contribution to grassroots politics. But for the Scindia none of these leaders have a family tag to flaunt of. What brought them to the top is their work among the people of the country and contribution to their party.

“Will Priyankaji join politics or will Rahulji come to our rescue?” was the question the Congressmen have been asking, after being stunned by their leader Sonia Gandhi’s failure in the recently Assembly elections. Question is what are the contributions of Rahul and Priyanka to the nation or to the party? More significantly, what was the contribution of Sonia Maino, born on December 6, 1946, in Ovassanjo, 80 kilometers from Turin in Italy? Sonia Maino’s claim to fame was her getting married to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s son, Rajiv Gandhi.

Incidentally, the Congress gen-x, (Rahul and Priyanka) step out of their ivory towers only during the elections, only when they feel their mother might not be able to re-capture India for them. Priyanka with two children has hardly ever been seen working among people. But then when it is elections time, her heart “cries out” for the underdeveloped rural India and the poor farmers. While tracking down the roads of Amethi and Rae Barely, she feels “sad” as there “is no shining in the family constituencies.”

Question remains, what has the family done to make Uttar Pradesh shine? But then she remains the darling of the media, her smile touches all. The State offered three Prime Ministers from the family. Still it remains one of the poorest in the country. And it offers script on poverty, backwardness and illiteracy to the family.

According to a report on the Mid-Day website (December 24, 2003) on the second possible heir to Gandhi throne: “Among the guest accompanying the Gandhi family for new year celebrations on the Lakshwadeep Islands is Rahul Gandhi’s girlfriend, Juanita, a Colombian...” The report adds: “According to reliable sources, Juanita is from an affluent family but one of her uncles in Colombia has nefarious antecedents and is reportedly a wanted person in that country. He reportedly has interests in drugs and other illicit business...” But then Rahul wants his share of India’s pie.

When both the brother and sister were recently walking down the muddy tracks of Rae Bareli, the television crew snooped on Rahul and wanted to know his decision to enter politics. Raising his eyebrows and in a typical Yankee expression, he replied, “Well...umm I don’t know... let’s see.” Yet Congress wants him to rule the nation, if Priyanka declines. Why?

Priyanka perhaps gave the answer in Rae Bareli. “Rahul looks like Rajiv Gandhi,” she told a crowd gazing at her brother.

BJP’s second generation lacks the political pedigree. If Jaitley is known for his knowledge in law, finance and commerce, Mahajan is known for his strategies, oratory and administrative skills. Smt. Swaraj, Ravi Shankar Prasad and others have proved their mettle in their ministries and among people. Modi, Bharati and Raje are hard campaigners who won their States for the party. Naqvi has come all the way from Rampur, worked at the grass root level and same goes for Shahnawaz Hussain.

While the BJP’s second generation has been fighting for an ideology, touring the country for years. Rahul had reportedly quit his job in UK and come to India to help his mother.

Does Congress, such a vast organization, lack leaders and is it forced to depend on the dynasty to rule them? Perhaps not. But the outfit, disintegrating rapidly, is plagued by crab culture. None of the senior leaders is willing to allow the other to reach the top. And therefore they rely on the queen mother and her children.

A funny FIR—A retired professor in Kerala on December 30 had filed a complaint against Rahul Gandhi and his Colombian girlfriend saying that they should be charged under the immoral trafficking law.

John M. Itty, a retired college professor in Alapuzha district, has contended that action should be taken against Gandhi and his girlfriend Juanita—who spent three days in the backwaters of Kumarakom—under the law because they stayed together even though they were not married. Itty had made his contention in a written complaint to the Kottayam Superintendent of Police S Gopinath. Gopinath said his office received the complaint but no action was taken on it. “I did not see Itty. All I received was a complaint that both Rahul Gandhi and his girlfriend should be charged under the law. Rahul and his girlfriend had spent three days at the Kumarakom Lake Resort with sister Priyanka, brother-in-law Robert Vadra and their children joining them”, he added.

A believer family: The dynasty trying to deliver the nation from NDA is in fact wedded to Christianity. Priyanka Gandhi married to Robert Vadra (Christian) Rahul Gandhi’s Columbian girlfriend, Juanita (Christian), Sonia Maino Gandhi (Christian). God save the family and Bharat nation.

To put the record right about these pseudo- Maino Indian, they are not Gandhis but using and abusing this name for votes and cheating the masses on name of Mahatma as far as I think India and more accurately Hindus would have been better off without these Gandhis and Nehrus. It is more important that we should will build a memorial at Rajghat for true sons of Bharat Mata rather than phony Nehru -Gandhis.

Since independence of Bharat, Hindus are supporting Humpty -Dumpty Congress politicians Of Bharat, who are mentally slave people and also making Bharatiya people mentally slave people as well.

The entire western world is suffering a democratic malaise these days. According to polls by the Environics survey firm, 39 percent of Canadians believe that their national government actually harms the public interest. The equivalent in the United States is 32 percent, in Germany 20 percent. In India, this percentage might be upto 85 percent.

The unique problem for India is that during Congress rule, India always has been more a state-nation than a nation-state. The elite rulers of India have inherited a healthy economy at the time of independence but reduced it to a debt ridden, unemployment- riddled mess. They have devoted their principal energies of the last five and half decades in converting Hindu India into a pseudo secular state. To create vote banks, congress politicians have allowed the use of vast open land for accommodating people of neighboring countries on one excuse or the other. The Hindus are paying price for keeping pseudo secularism alive by sacrificing their rights, facilities, money, jobs and honor.

The congress dominated political system masked a lot of economic and social inequalities and has legitimated those inequalities. This has resulted in the loss of old sense of public

purpose and national coherence that once formed the backbone of Hindu nationalism. The congress government's tactic of playing off groups against each other and paying some of the groups has worked for the congress so far, but in the long run it is bringing disaster to the country as every interest group is out for itself. Their interests, though conflict, but the interest groups to-gather are against the general public and against Bharat.

Whenever to-days politicians attempt to broker out these competing self interests, they end up looking,” equivocal, compromised, even mendacious." By contrast interest group leaders

by remaining outside, are able to look,” straight forward, honest as idealists among the legion of the corrupt."

The downfall of the Hindu elite, no matter how much self inflicted, has severely perhaps irreparably damaged the fabric of Indian public life, which needs to be fixed or repaired by the new BJP government by several ways like changing education system, decreasing the influence of English language from Bharat and giving in practical ways Hindi the status of national language of Bharat in true sense. This can be achieved to some extent if Hindi films and TV programs give cast in Hindi, putting Hindi on the labels on all the products manufactured in Bharat, writing Hindi on the signboards of Bharat, using pure Sanskritnist Hindi instead of mixture of Urdu and English words in Hindi, by bringing administration to the level where general public participates and understands, abolishing special status of Kashmir and Nagaland, treating all states and communities equal by abolishing special treatment to some communities and ending pseudo-secularism, creating greater Bharat by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The former ruling Congress government of Bharat was morally and intellectually broke.

The priority of the new government should be about renewal and change, change of generation, change of thinking, renewal of political ideas and inspiration for the upliftment of Vedic and old traditional Hindu ideas. Congress people are slave of Nehru Gandhi family, which must be destroyed.

Comments by Narendra Modi The Congress, which fought for the country's independence from foreign people, is now welcoming them. This is intriguing- Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, taking a dig at Congress president Sonia Gandhi.