Date: 4/24/2004


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Sub: An IITian who saved India from Cobbler Shinde and Cobbler Pawar from becoming Telgi Shinde and Telgi Pawar. A Kanpur IITian decided to join the police force after graduation. . His name was Sanjay Pandey. While he was deputy commissioner of Mumbai police in the Economic Offences Wing of the Crime Branch he took on his political bosses in the cobbler scam in which crores of Rupees were siphoned off by politicians like the present Maharasta chief minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and NCP chief Sharad Pawar. The congress government of Maharastra shifted this upright IPS officer to Jalna as the head of Police Training School. which was a non IPS post.. Sanjay Pandey's action stopped the cobbler scam at around Rs 1000 crore. If this upright IPS officer was not there we would have witnessed the scam to grow like the fake stamp paper scam which is said to be about Rs 67,000 crores and India would have witnessed two more Telgis, like Telgi Shinde and Telgi Pawar. Few years later Sanjay Pandey left police force and joined the Tata Consultancy Services. Currently he runs a cyber security business in Delhi. He is now contesting the Lok Sabha election from the Mumbai North Central constituency which includes Asia's largest slum Dharavi.

It is important to know the cobbler scam in which the congress politicians siphoned off crores. In the Rs 1,000-crore cobbler scam the present congress chief minister of Maharastra, Shinde's Chakrayu society flouted the rules and siphoned public funds under the garb of co-operative society for poor cobblers. Former Mumbai sheriff Sadruddin Daya of Dawood shoes, Rafique Tejani of Metro Shoes and Kishore Signapurkar of Milano Shoes were held as the prime accused in the Rs 1,000-crore cobbler scam. NCP leader and former Maharashtra chief minister, Sharad Pawar is also linked to the scam.. Tejani was a director of the Rs 500-crore Dynamix Dairy Products Pvt Ltd in which Pawar has a stake through the holdings of family members. The sole milk supplier to Dynamix, the Baramati Milk Cooperative, is controlled by Pawar. Good amount of the money from the shoe scam was diverted to Dynamix. During Pawar's regime. . It was at this time this time that Sushil Kumar Shinde, chief of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), floated the Chakrayu society which flouted every rule in the book. It dealt in machine-made goods against the mandatory rule of handcrafted leatherwear. So while the project report guaranteed employment to 2,000 cobblers, only about 50 were actually employed. Further, the rules say that 10 per cent of the total funds should be contributed by members of the society; 60 per cent should come from financial institutions and the state government should loan the remaining 30 per cent. According to the Accountant General's report, member contribution to the Rs 133-lakh Chakrayu project was just Rs 4.75 lakh. Of this, Rs 4.25 lakh was contributed by 200 members who were shown as "people of repute". Investigations reveal that they included Kripashankar, vice-president, MPCC and Ramdas Phutane, a Congress MLC, among others.

With the cobblers being too poor to contribute even the token Rs 100 to join cooperatives, it is usually the Mahatma Phule Vikas Mahamandal which pays their membership fee. However, in the case of Chakrayu, the Mahamandal refused to give the funds. In 1992, Shinde, then state finance minister, got the government to sanction Rs 44.5 lakh for the society in three installments. In a further flouting of rules, Shinde got the Maharashtra State Finance Corporation to sanction Rs 60 lakh. Once Chakrayu was formed, the cobblers' interests were given a back seat. . Normally, every member of a cooperative society has equal voting rights, but Chakrayu modified the rule and only members with a contribution of Rs 1,000 or more were entitled to vote. This virtually alienated the cobbler members of the society. This is how the congress party had run our nation since independence. Even in the present Stamp paper scam, newspapers had reported the involvement of congress ministers from Karnataka and CWC members.

It is time that our upright and brilliant scholars like IITians and other professionals to join the politics and save our nation.