Date: 4/25/2004



"Prophet muhammad and Sankaracharya are the incarnation of Lord Shiva."


Are we so ignorant, NOT to see millions killed by and for Mohammed? The Hindus of Ayodhya are cursing him. The Jews of Jerusalem are cursing him. The Christians of East Timur, Malaca and Southern Cyprus are cursing him. Can anyone tell me who is praising Mohammed except his brainwashed, MORON following who are finding "suicide bombing" an enjoyable pastime.

Two million HINDUS happen to be your own fellow Indians in 1947 who were killed by SWORD OF MOHAMMED. Such equalising by Hindus is sickening.

Mohammed's creed DESTROYED every godly place they could lay their hands on. That was the fate of AYODHYA, SOMNATH, MATHURA AND VARANASI temples, and also of Mahila Devi's Temple in Agra (today's Taj Mahal!).

To every Hindu, Mohammed will remain a "RAT" if Partition is not UNDONE; To every Sikh, Mohammed will remain a "SKUNK" if his flag is not lowered in SRI NANKANA SAHIB and LAHORE.

The whole world needs to shout at them, "GO BACK TO MECCA!" just as we need to shout at SONIA, "Quit India!"

Is anyone keeping a track of how many Hindus are being KILLED on daily basis in Hindustan that ought to have become "MUSLIM FREE ZONE" on the day they took away one third of India's territory and did not pay even one dollar for it all?

Today Guru Nanak's Janmasthan is under Mohammed's PROVOCATIVE FLAG. So is North Kashmir and East Bengal. How is it that we HINDUS don't realise this, don't feel this way, don't show self-esteem? Why have we never thought of establishing a tiny temple in Arabia when they have tens of thousands of mosques across Hindustan?

Will any Muslim, or Mohammedan, come on Internet and say, "A Shankaracharys is equal in divinity to Mohammed."? But look how the Hindus have elevated Mohammed, the Savage, calling him an avatar of Lord Shiva. Amazing and PREPOSTEROUS!

The truth is that next time Hindustan goes under MOHAMMED'S FLAG, every Shankaracharya will end up as pickles, while in "secular" India every Mohammed's whiskers are safe and sound. One is even our Supreme Commander with the task of defending Hindu life in South Kashmir, recovering North Kashmir, and every MANDIR and GURDWARA across Bharat.

Now let "Rasul Allah" Mohammed speak up from his grave, "O INDIAN Muslims, vacate your aggression in Lahore and Chittagong. Live with the Hindus under ONE law."

Our surrender then (1947) was UNILATERAL. Our appeasement now is also UNILATERAL.