Date: 4/25/2004


We live in a small world. Whatever happens elsewhere must make us think about ourselves. too.

The Greek Cypriots REJECTED union with the TURKS whom they consider some kind of perennial predators or devils. The Turks invaded North Cyprus. And here is a clear parallel with Pakistan INVADING our Kashmir and retaining North Kashmir till date. So both North Kashmir and North Cyprus went under the "filthy foot" of ISLAM. It is surprising that NO PhD or Professor of JLN University in New Delhi has told us so.

The first reference to the word TURK came into my life when I read history. TURKS invaded Hindustan and sacked DELHI in 1192. What barbarities and bestialities they committed then, were soon thrown out of our minds. We seem to have the shortest memory span on earth. It is also worth recalling with courage and guts what Guru Gobind Singhji said of the Turks three centuries ago. But sadly, it is not common knowledge today among the Hindus, young and old otherwise we would have INSISTED on their departing for Pakistan, lock, stock and KORAN.

Then we do see CENTURIES go past without recalling what the FOREIGNERS did to our land (TERRITORY) and our women and worst of all to our morale and spirit.

We could not defend LAHORE or North Kashmir and we become RECONCILED promptly after surrendering something to the foreigners. Right now hardly anyone is prepared to mention PARTITION or North Kashmir.

The second point is IRAQ. We should not just be "entertained" by the news coming from there but draw some CONCLUSIONS. To me, these are (1) Their UNWILLINGNESS to accept a NON MUSLIM and a NON IRAQI in their midst. and (2) their fierce RESISTANCE to occupation. Everyday they are FIGHTING a war to throw the Coalition troops OUT.

Given the equivalent of these two Iraqi traits, every Hindu would have shouted, "QUIT INDIA!" at the cheap ITALIAN import by BOFORS CHOR.

Let us emulate the brave and the patriots on earth and reclaim whatever we have lost or surrendered without fight or referendum since 1947.

In that, we wouldn't be doing something different from the Greeks and the Iraqis, but will command great respect of the whole world.