Date: 4/26/2004


.........................LETTER TO CNN


How is it that when it comes to reporting on PARTITIONED INDIA, yourselves and the BBC some times choose a MUSLIM reporter?

Your SUHASINI HAIDAR was reporting on Indian elections at 0010 hrs. on Tuesday, April 27, 2004. A "Haidar" reporting from PARTITIONED India is repugnant to the Hindus and Sikhs for TWO good reasons-

1. Whenever we see a HINDU female under a MOHAMMEDAN surname, we are reminded of the constant loss of beauty and brain of India to the MOHAMMEDAN predators. It is the case in most secular countries that any female marrying a Mohammedan must degrade herself by embracing ISLAM and adopt a Muslim name.

There has to be some limit to our tolerance. Do you have any Razia Sharma, Sakina Gupta, Benazir Thapa, Hasina Lal or Fatima Singh working for CNN? If not, then please do not show us any Suhasini Haidar, Ali or Mohammed, either.

Partitioned India is "OUT OF BOUNDS" to Muslims just as the USA is to the NAZIS. We will consider the Muslims as harmless humans when they accept Secularism above their Islam while living in multi-faith societies. Otherwise they are moving "time bombs" for world peace.

2. India was partitioned between MUSLIMS and The Rest. We the proud NON Muslims of India were shoved under the degrading label of "The Rest" by the then colonial masters. But even "The Rest" have self esteem and self respect that CNN ought to take into account.

MILLIONS of us were the victims of unmentionable bestiality in the shape of MURDER, RAPE, PLUNDER and LOOT by Muslims across Western, Eastern India and North Kashmir in 1947 when they established the separatist and provocative ISLAMIC (TERRORIST) state of Pakistan on Indian territory. The Hindus' TERRITORIAL sense is no less than that of the Muslims in South Asia and elsewhere.

We are the PEOPLE of India, not her "demoralised/secularised" government who dare not utter the word PARTITION or show HINDU refugees from South Kashmir to the rest of the world or show the bleeding scars in South Kashmir.

When you show us a MUSLIM reporting from PARTITIONED India, we ask, "What the h*** is he or she doing there? A Muslim ought to be reporting from PAKISTAN."

Please let us see some NORMALITY from you in South Asia and do not take Hindus' tolerance for our lack of patriotism or weakness. Do have some HINDUS reporting from East Bengal and West Punjab, even from North Kashmir and IRAQ.

Muslims may report from the USA, but NOT from Partitioned India. Perhaps you might like to find out what the Partition of India was for, or about, if we are to see Muslims reporting from India but NO Hindu from Pakistan."

Thank you.