Date: 4/28/2004


Well, what have the Coalition forces found in Iraq, especially in two cities of Falluja and Najaf? Why is their advance held up?

When all seemed nearly conquered and job done, these "FOREIGNERS" poured in.

The Shias came from Iran to Najaf and the Sunnis came from Syria, Al Qaida and everywhere else. Because they travelled or flew in on the wings of Allah, they were here, away from home, to FIGHT till the last. While the Iraqis want to get on with their lives, the Coalition Forces are up against the FOREIGNERS.

Our own Kashmir is occupied. Actually not only Kashmir but West Punjab and East Bengal, and a lot more besides, too. So who might be the FOREIGNERS to come to the aid of DEFEATED Bharat to free these sacred lands from the profane MUSLIMS?

Bandit Nehru lost the battle on our behalf even before it began.

He vehemently INSISTED that the British were foreigners but the Muslims indigenous. One cannot think of WORSE treachery on his behalf.

So we chased out the former but clung to the latter, even when massacred by them relentlessly and BY THE MILLION.

This "conditioning and brainwashing" of the entire Hindu nation still persists although the British left decently while the so-called indigenous Muslims occupy one third of India where the Hindu is looked through the jaundiced black eye of Koran.

As I write this (8 a.m. on April 28, 2004), the news from Bangkok is grim. The security forces are fighting a fierce battle with the MUSLIM separatists and have killed about 100 of them. This revolt by the SEPARATIST Muslims ought to be no surprise to us.

Wherever the Muslim population is on the rise, e.g., the United Kingdom. the Philippines, France, Partitioned India and THAILAND, one can expect a revolt and demand for PARTITION.

Muslims do not know how to live in peace with the non Muslims. What to do with them?

Back to Iraq. In the context of the FOREIGNERS pouring in to battle, we imagine the HINDUS of Bharat attaining the same degree of frenzy of patriotism and attachment to soil, and to demand, "All Muslims OUT! End Islamic occupation of Lahore and Dhaka."

Then a surprising thing will happen, militarised HINDU volunteers, counterpart of Mujahideen and Al Qaida, pour into South Kashmir from Gujerat, U.P., Bihar and as far afield as Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and cross the border west of cease-fire line, Amritsar and Kutch, and ADVANCE towards Bolan Pass and Khyber Pass.

That day will come soon after our Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan have been shown the door, and are GONE.

Since Islam knows NO reconciliation with the non Muslims, especially the HINDUS (Pakistan is the proof), it is either them or us who will survive in the end.

Knowing this, the United States and the United Kingdom acted in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And, knowing this, our Hindu leaders ought to get into "DELIBERATION & ACTION MODE" immediately.

Let us surprise ourselves, not just the world.