Date: 4/28/2004



The first step towards standing up to, and facing, our enemy is PSYCHOLOGICAL.

The MUSLIMS use this weapon so frequently that we ought to have got hold of it ourselves by now since we have seen them gaining victory after victory by its CONSTANT use. It has never let them down.

They could bully us into surrendering one third of India unconditionally without firing a single shot due to our demolished morale (MORALE), not weakness of our bodies or shortage of resources and arsenal of weapons at our disposal.

Their leaders said to the "Father" of our Nation, MK Gandhi, "if you resist partition, rivers of blood will flow." They used WORDS to demolish our spirit (SPIRIT), not guns or bombs (materials).

Gandhiji and Bandit Nehru believed them and not only appeased the adversary, but SURRENDERED the principle of Secularism, and territory from Karachi to Gilgit in the west and from Chittagong to Sylhet in the east. With that surrendered territory also went real defence potential and security of India.

Let us pause for a moment and reflect: What would have happened if our leaders had countered by saying, "Just try doing something so Islamic and stupid with us!"

They could have added, "We will set our Gurkhas, Rajputs, Marathas, Jats, Gujjars, Tamils, Sikhs and the rest of us upon you. We happen to be the majority. You wouldn't find one Muslim or mosque across India if you attack India to break her up."

We are sure Jinnah and his friends would have seen light, backed off, and behaved like the Turkish Muslims in Northern Cyprus who are now professing secularism and declare their love of UNITY of the island.

India would have emerged UNITED, having passed the test brilliantly. Kashmir would have been a tourists paradise as before.

It was clearly the PSYCHOLOGICAL weapon that gave the Muslims their largest Islamic republic on earth- created on just one day. If that was past, what about the present and the future?

Since 1947 not one Hindu leader has attended to the PSYCHOLOGICAL weapon. The result: Muslims have nothing to fear if they clear Kashmir Valley of all