Date: 5/1/2004




"If the British hadn't come to India, the Sikhs would have taken all of India."

The non committed WRITER of the above remark then did not elaborate whether he regards this scenario as nightmare or a golden dream.



What a fantastic possibility! But a golden Hindu dream lies smashed. India lies in fragments with little spirit or aspiration to chase the PERENNIAL ENEMY beyond Khyber.

Today many HIndus like Laloo Prashad and Rabri Devi typify the State of Hindustan. If they do not mind an Italian as prime minister, then what does INDIA mean to them? And if they don't mind a MUSLIM as Supreme Commander and a CATHOLIC as prime minister, then what does the word HINDU mean to them?

The Sikh MORAL and SPIRITUAL values of courage, loyalty and SERVICE (nishkam sewa) would have prevailed across India.

Instead of visible symbols, to which a severely persecuted community clings due to insecurity, invisible SPIRIT would have prevailed in climate of freedom, security and SOVEREIGNTY that has always been denied them and us. (The Hindu nation watched Indira KHAN's attack on Golden Temple in 1984 instead of beheading her to PUNISH her for High Treason. Similarly, our nation licking slavery, did not rise to BEHEAD her father for the High Treason of readily surrendering one third of India in 1947. The NOBLE DEED was left to Nathu Ram and Nana Apte to redeem Hindu honour. Do we have THEIR memorial in front of Lok Sabha?)

Given a SIKH INDIA, who would have dared to raise his ugly and dangerous head of separatism, to ATTACK Akhand Bharat?

Who could dare to degrade South Kashmir, occupy North Kashmir and FIVE other provinces of "HINDU RASHTRA", too (Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab, East Bengal and the district of Sylhet snatched from Assam)?

Would an Abdul Kalam or Sonia Khan have been seen within a thousand miles of Delhi? Today we take our political collapse AT THE TOP for granted, as normal, and, with the ease of breathing.

An ailing Hindu nation, gets its daily dose of the news of killings, abductions, rape and attack (not only in South Kashmir!) at home, and terrible news from abroad, e.g., Kabul under Taliban, Uganda under Amin and Fiji under Rabuka. We are either FORCED, or BRAINWASHED, into calling PARTITION (and SURRENDER) our "Independence and Victory over the British", but still aspire to raise the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, and all this is "normal state of affairs" for most of us.

We go on tolerating the INTOLERABLE, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, year by year, even decade by decade. Earlier, we tolerated all the NONSENSE, BRUTALITY, EXPLOITATION and SLAVERY under brutal and degrading Islamic rule century after century.

Had Guru Gobind Singh's following (even Chatrapati Shiva ji's following) spread across the whole of India, we would have been a power to reckon with- at par with EUROPEAN UNION and the United States. But like "Shiv Sena" today, the Sikhs remained regional- one confined to Maharashtra, the other to Punjab.

But let us pursue the idea of a SIKH India: Every MIXED marriage would have resulted in the Mohammedan groom embracing the Hindu or Sikh Faith. Dalip Kumar would have called himself by his real name.

The SIKH India would have been secular and tolerant of all like the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Gurdwaras would still have been serving "free food to all" like today. The Sikhs would still have gone to the rescue of a Hindu maiden being abducted by a Muslim good for nothing rascal.

Today most Hindus do not seem to be clear whether "Sikh India" is a NIGHTMARE or the GOLDEN DREAM that was not realised.

There is a kind of shortcoming in the Hindu nation due to which we could not recover a UNITED INDIA from under the British yoke. The same SHORTCOMING has ensured that the Sikhs have not taken their message across the whole of India as vigorously with conviction as the Christians and the Muslims.

Given the SIKH India, the frontier of India would have been KHYBER under BHAGWA, not Wagah near Amritsar.

I say with conviction that our "Broken Bharat" or "PARTITIONED INDIA" would have been "Akhand".

I dare say that those who cast ANY negative aspersion on the MILITARISED Hindus called the KHALSA, show ignorance of our history and play in the hands of our ENEMIES. They are the ones who do not notice the ABSENCE of any decent HINDU female in the top two houses of India, and don't mind the one in the chair of PRESIDENT of All-India Congress Party, either. (They even wish her to be Prime Minister of our Hindu nation, not realising that she will put us all on run, given that post.)

The Hindus need PRIDE in own family. The Sikhs in many ways are our RIGHT HAND carrying the SWORD. We have a choice: Either to feel safe with a gun carrying guard (sentry) in front of our front door, OR FEAR HIM, and then go out to employ one Catholic and one Mohammedan to keep an eye on the guard!

I am afraid, input by BOGUS and TREACHEROUS Nehrus has made our Hindu nation schizophrenic with regard to the Sikhs. This is NOT good for our Hindu family, but it is God's gift to the Christians and the Muslims expanding and thriving in South Asia much faster than the mentally and ideologically impoverished Sikhs.

When the Sikh sword was lost under Gandhiji's chants of "Ahimsa", the MUSLIM SWORD STRUCK and carved the MOST DISGUSTING frontiers of our motherland in 1947, shouting "ALLAH HU AKBAR."

Hindu India has a big problem of the UNITY of our family. Sikh India is the SPECTRE for our enemies who see INDIA UNITED again and the NATIVE acquiring strength and Shakti.

My last comment would be on Ayodhya Temple. It was destroyed once and never recovered. Hari Mandir in Amritsar was desecrated and destroyed at least three times, the last time it was in "free" Hindustan in 1984. Each and every time the Sikhs RECOVERED and COUNTER ATTACKED and RECONSTRUCTED the Temple. Sometimes they even assassinated the Muslim perpetrator. (By the way it was NEVER desecrated by a Hindu ruler or governor. Indira, masquerading as a Hindu, like today's Italian "mem" seen on TV today in Amethi with big TILAK on forehead and in saffron sari. Indira's correct name was: Mrs. FEROZE KHAN or Mrs Khan.). Some ignorant Sikhs blame the HINDUS for that attack (to the delight of our enemies)!

The Sikh India will ensure that the magnificent Temple in Ayodhya rises up to the sky sooner than it will in the present Gandhian Hindu India, where to have a NON HINDU at top is to feel good and secure.

Through centuries of slavery we seem to have lost self confidence to the extent that the Sikhs seem aliens to many but the Muslims and Italians "bhai bhai". Who did such a magnificent BRAINWASHING of the entire Hindu nation?

We need to imagine ourselves on the day when Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, a HINDU sage and divine, was BEHEADED in broad daylight in Delhi. The Emperor then, like the President and Supreme Commander today, was MUSLIM.

Let us also spare a thought for those long minutes when two little boys of Guru Gobind Singhji were being offered "Islam or DEATH" and they, barely 7 and 9, chose DEATH. Such was the firmness and conviction of Faith in our nation then.

The Gandhian slogan of "Hindu Muslim bhai bhai" was EXPOSED as the greatest fraud on our Hindu nation long before the Sword Of Islam struck Bharat and we lost Lahore, and surrendered Khyber.

Hindus under the Muslims (Moguls) and the Christians (British) yearned and aspired for FREEDOM. It is still elusive. There is still a lot of alien and foreign thinking in our attitudes, mentality and psyche. We need to wash our brains and turn it HINDU.

It is time to unite the 25 Hindu states of India in the same manner as the 25 CHRISTIAN states in Europe are being UNITED today. The status of each HINDU State in our own Union will be no less than the status of Poland or France in the EUROPEAN UNION. The added benefit will be 25 SEATS (Hindu voice) at the UNO. Now the whole lot, one billion of us, have just ONE seat at UN and that too, can be occupied by any Salman Haidar, PC Alexander or a nominee of Sonia Khan or Abdul Kalam.

We think that my "Hindu Head" is as SOVEREIGN as any Bangladeshi Head or Dutch Head. The present political collapse where the HINDU chief ministers take orders from the NON Hindus at the top, is the most VISIBLE sign of our persisting SLAVISH mentality.

Let us sit up when the news of a Hindu murdered anywhere, or the news of a Hindu maiden converted somewhere comes in. At such times we wish we were a SWORD CARRYING HINDU NATION like the Sikhs. The clever enemy has put the massive ROCK of Bangladesh BETWEEN Hindu States in South Asia and the Buddhist states to the EAST and Far East.

In the same way I see a huge big rock of ITALY & ISLAM standing between the Hindu on this side and the Sikh on that side. The KNOWLEDGEABLE Hindus (alas, there are so few of them) are crying at this state of our helplessness like the mother whose child is abducted. Would one wish to imagine himself/herself in HER position? Then that is the TRUE Hindu today with the Sikh "abducted", brainwashed, or seen standing behind a glass screen.

.......................May 1, 2004.