Date: 5/5/2004


>WHO IS A MUSLIM? > >Use your own head. Study history. See their performance throughout history. >Read the news. See their treatment of minorities in ISLAMIC lands. See the >freedom of speech and women in Muslim societies. > >Read KORAN between the lines. Find out as to why a Bangladeshi or Pakistani >Muslim is ever ready to go to Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan or Irak for >"Jehad" though he doesn't even know where these countries are. > >Find out why a Hindu or Jew is UNIVERSALLY condemned or despised by the >Muslims everywhere on earth. > >Find out as to WHY the Muslims could stay put in India to enjoy superiority >in law (they are allowed Sharia Law in preference to our Secular Law) and >equality in society after they partitioned her, and took out their homeland >called >Pakistan. > >Find out as to in how many mixed marriages does the Muslim groom embrace >the >(non Muslim) religion of his bride. Find out the rate of INCREASE of >Muslims >in non Muslim democratic societies such as India. Draw your own conclusions >about the future of the Hindus there. > >Find out as to why the Constitution of India, written just 2 years after >PARTITION and imposed on the helpless and clueless nation on January 26, >1950, >doesn't mention the word ("Partition") nor the vast territories (one third >of >India's surface area) surrendered to Islam unconditionally. Find out the >reasons >behind the prompt return of EAST Bengal to Islam by Mrs. Indira Gandhi >after >its capture by her secular forces. (Because she was a secret convert to >Islam >just as Rajiv, her son, was a secret convert to Catholic Faith. Indira >Gandhi, >the political "WITCH" of Hindustan perceived the Muslims of EAST Bengal as >her >own "family" but the Sikhs of East Punjab, the Hindus of SOUTH Kashmir, and >the Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka as her "enemies".) > >Find out as to why ISLAMIC Pakistan is readily accepted by the whole world >with a seat at the UNO but HINDU "RASHTRA" is not acceptable even to most >Hindus. > >Find out why India does not regard August 15 as the Day of PARTITION but as >the day of independence. (To make the MUSLIMS feel good but the Hindus feel >defeated, betrayed and cheated. The Hindus can never forget the ONE MILLION >put >to sword by their Muslim compatriots in the year of Partition while none >has >seen any benefit of "independence" yet.) > >Muslims have been described in many ways as NO other religion on earth. >Some, >like Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, call it "religion of >peace" since so far his own family, wife and children, have escaped rape >and >abduction. He will also not be around when they gang up to yell, "We want >the >Islamic Republic of England!" > >On the other hand some have described the Muslims as marauders, bandits, >murderers, rapists, gangsters, extremists and now, more and more, as >TERRORISTS. > >By the way, when the Kashmiri Muslims objected to the term "terrorists" the >entire Indian media switched over to describing them as extremists or >militants, etc. HINDU and APPEASEMENT go together. > >Mahatma Gandhi adored them so much that his son Hira Lal converted to Islam >and felt empowered to have four wives. Gandhi, the Father of India, was >thrilled at his son swapping the sheep's coat for the tiger's. > >A confused Mahatma, who envied his son for taking the lead over him in >going >over to brave Mohammed, could think of no other benefit except, "Now my >Hira >Lal will not be a vegetarian any more. As a beef eater he will develop his >muscles like a bull and become a brave man." > >Hindu girls share the noble feelings of their Mahatmas and Gurus and follow >the teachings of 'love towards all' that were uttered or composed centuries >before the appearance of prowling, abducting, seducing, raping and >marauding >followers of Islam. To their parents' shame they are seen ever ready to >fall into >Muslim traps instead of giving a slap in the face of one wearing steel >ring, >calling himself "Mohan" and declaring his love of Sanskrit and vegetarian >food. > >Later in life, Mahatma Gandhi called them "bullies", seeing them press home >their demand for PARTITION. He also noticed that the dream of Pakistan held >as >much spell for the Muslims of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Assam as for the >Muslims >of Sindh and East Bengal. He became terrified of them, seeing them all >standing united. He dreamt of them shouting ALLAH HOO AKBAR, lunging at him >with >daggers, spears and swords to disembowel or behead him in sleep. > >Some have called the Muslims "disruptive, trouble makers, separatists, dim, >dull, and producers of suicide bombers. > >The others believe that the lure of embracing the "numerous virgins in >Paradise", as promised by Mohammed in his own Book called Koran, is too >much for >most young Muslims to resist temptation to death by blowing themselves up. >The >urge to die makes them fighters for life, looking for their chance. > >Whatever one calls them, the fact remains that firstly, they can get away >with anything, and, secondly, they are forgiven promptly by the world for >any >crime they commit. > >That savage attack on the integrity of India in 1947 is already regarded >"history" by most Hindu leaders born with the genes of goats. None cares a >damn >for secularism in North Kashmir or East Bengal. > >Take the case of India just before the British Imperial Masters left her >after sucking every drop out of her economic and mental body. > >When the Muslims demanded, "There should be Sharia law in all parts with >Muslim majority," the HINDUS promptly buckled and agreed. > >Thus Lahore got its provocative Mohammedan flag 'Made in Arabia'. The >Indian >"coolies" there, now feeling proud as Muslims, put Arabic above the >languages >spoken by their own mothers. > >But when the Hindus said, "Now what is left after conceding you Pakistan, >ought to be under a HINDU CONSTITUTION, the whole world yelled at them, >"How dare >you be so fundamentalist and separatist?" The Hindus buckled and appointed >a >Muslim as the Head of State to prove their secularism. > >The idea of today's "nuclear free zones" actually originated in the head of >Mohammed. He declared his Arabia to be HINDU FREE ZONE nearly 14 centuries >ago. > >Can one beat that? His followers have gone on relentlessly adding to those >Zones of Death and Islam. > >Today in South Asia, Sindh is HINDU FREE ZONE. Afghanistan is HINDU FREE >ZONE. Baluchistan is HINDU FREE ZONE. West Punjab is HINDU FREE ZONE. NWFP >is >HINDU FREE ZONE. North and South Kashmir are HINDU FREE ZONES. And even >East >Bengal is HINDU FEE ZONE. > >Copying the Muslim overlords, the enslaved Hindus of Gujarat also thought >of >creating a MUSLIM FREE ZONE in their own state. But did they get far? > >That idea was nipped in the bud by none else but by ABDUL KALAM, the >PRESIDENT OF INDIA. > >When the Hindus in Gujarat proceeded to do what the Muslims in EAST Bengal >and North Kashmir did, the whole world ganged up against them. India was >painted >in BLACK across the UNO and every Islamic republic threatened severe >consequences. > >India buckled and made sure that not one Muslim was touched but allowed to >live, laugh and PROCREATE. > >Now it is time to turn the Islamic tide of MISCHIEF and TERRORISM back to >Mecca. > >How do we know that Muslims are gangsters? By the simple fact that even the >starving Muslim in Bangladesh and the road sweeper in Indonesia and the >bandit >in Afghanistan is ever ready to do Jihad against infidels anywhere on >earth. > >Indoctrinate him, pay him, equip him, arm him, and send him off. He is >already there in the combat zone fighting the "infidels". > >Their foremost target is the tiny State of Israel. Second in line is SOUTH >Kashmir. Then there are several more in the pipe line, including India and >the >United States. > >Israel is just ONE small Jewish state that the whole world ought to go out >to >protect. > >Even having produced 42 odd Islamic republics on earth, the "devils" are >not >content to live within their own borders and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. They >wish to push Israel out into the sea. > >What will happen if we allow the bullies and gangsters to wipe out Israel? > >The world will move ten steps closer to DARK AGES, the kind of which we saw >in Afghanistan under the Taliban and the Hindus saw under Aurangzeb, and >ARE >SEEING in North Kashmir, West Punjab and East Bengal. > >To become equal to the Jews on earth, the Muslims should have just ONE >Islamic republic, and that can be Saudi Arabia. Elsewhere we need to unite >AGAINST >them and give them secular tolerant constitutions. > >The FREE, DEMOCRATIC and SECULAR world will always remain at LOGGERHEADS >with >the World of dictatorial and brutal Islam, and their totalitarian Rule >under >Sharia Law. > >So, let the COUNTER ATTACK begin now. We have been retreating before the >marauding Muslim armies for the last 14 centuries. > >Now let us resolve to set fire to every ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION, starting with >the ones imposed over LAHORE and EAST BENGAL. > >Let us sound the bugles and drums of battle for enlightenment, freedom of >expression, and equality of women, the dignity of the languages our own >mothers >speak in 25 states of India and elsewhere while praying, for the >enlargement of >Israel in territory and for pushing Mohammedans BACK to the land where >their >war mongering Mohammed was born. They had, and have, NO right to damage or >destroy the existing civilisations of our time. The ones that were lost to >Mohammed, need to be RE CREATED. > >The Temple Mount and The Temple in Ayodhya need to be liberated. > >The dark night over Lahore needs to be turned into perpetual sunshine of >freedom and Secularism. > >Occasionally we need to speak their language, too. We ought to explode >bombs >and send suicide bombers into the BELLY of the Islamic world, and not >tolerate them killing our people on our own patch of territory in >perpetuity. > >Let us DEFEND our lives and values of life, and let us teach them a lesson >for ruining the peace of world for the last 14 hundred years. > >We need to show to the world and our own families that we can defend our >lives, way of life and TERRITORY. They are not meant for the prowling "dogs >& >wolves", roaming the globe with Koran and Sharia. >