Date: 5/11/2004


Even after end of slavery the residual terror and inferiority complex in the psyche of a defeated nation stay on until the rulers and leaders take the initiative to launch a vigorous de-brainwashing campaign.

Such vigorous de-brainwashing occurred in Germany after the end of World War 2. One cannot see the poster or picture of any NAZI hero anywhere. The name Hitler has disappeared from the vocabulary. That would be equivalent to wiping out Jinnah, Nehru (My spellcheck always wishes to replace "NEHRU" by "NEGRO") and Gandhi who surrendered one third of India unconditionally but are still celebrated heroes in our puny world of pygmies. We find "langoti-clad" Gandhi's statues everywhere. There is total absence of a statue of a national hero carrying the sword or gun. Does anyone know of a statue of Shivaji, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, General Hari Singh Nalwa or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose standing anywhere in Bharat?

In Lithuania the state and leaders have done commendable work to infuse confidence and self esteem in their people after independence from the yoke of Soviet Union in 1991. However the idea of superiority of the former occupying powers, Russia, Germany and even Poland remains deeply embedded in people's minds.

Like our much adored Khans of Bollywood, the Poles have easy access to the hearts of many a Lithuanian maiden but such love is short lived. Like the thieves, these foreign husbands, in particular the Khans here and the Poles there, who first charm the hearts, produce children, and then move on, leaving the impoverished and heart broken native Indian and Lithuanian wives behind. Since they (Khans in Bharat, Poles in Lithuania) are foreigners, new conquests are not a problem.

In India, of course, the Italian female is No. 1 in the eyes of many native Hindu men, even Sikhs.

The KHANS are a hit with many a Hindu maiden. Big posters of KHANS decorate their bedroom walls.

Muslims happen to be No. 1 in seducing the cream of Hindu womanhood and marrying them, while further demoralising the Hindu men.

If a Hindu girl outshines the rest in beauty or brains, then one can be certain that she is being (or will be) pursued by a Muslim predator while the Hindu young man is waiting for his mother to find a suitable bride for him.

"Conquered" Hindu girls find no revulsion in giving Muslim names to their children and sending them off to mosque when they grow up.

RSS and VHP are doing marvellous work in giving PRIDE to Hindu boys and girls and we need to support these brave and patriotic organisations. To our SHAME, leaders like Laloo Prashad (pauper Raja of Bihar), IK Gujral (cheap “Prince of Punjab”) and VP Singh (in Kashmiri fur cap to travel safely through North Kashmir) are pampering their MUSLIM constituents. Even the CONSTITUTION ("Vidhan of Bhangis, by Bhangis and for Bhangis") contains countless safeguards to put down and bash the Hindus while being over concerned with the uplift and well-being of MINORITIES (read MOHAMMEDAN) but not a word for the MAJORITY community in post-partition India.

We need to dump this Document of TREACHERY and COWARDICE, and enact a new Constitution to meet the challenges that lie ahead for our defeated nation. Partition was our worst ever defeat, surrender and TERRITORIAL loss in history. This Constitution calls it “independence”. That may have been independence from the British but the Mohammedans still remain our hated MASTERS if we cannot call our post-partition India “Hindu Rashtra”, nor feel safe in Kashmir, nor even raise our Grand Temple in Ayodhya.

The present Constitution cannot INSPIRE the nation to move ahead and wipe out one treacherous and thoroughly corrupt (NEHRU) dynasty, leave aside retaking North Kashmir and raising the Temple in Ayodhya. The present Constitution is very well suited to put the Hindu to sleep but make the Muslim run while enabling the Christian to fly.

The present Constitution cannot encourage the government of India and the leaders to launch a vigorous campaign of DE-BRAINWASHING as was done in Germany and Italy after their crushing defeat in 1945.