Date: 5/11/2004



.........................UK & PI

.UK stands for United Kingdom. PI stands for Partitioned India.

We wish we had the courage or wisdom to officially name our country PI. Why hide the obvious? There will be new impulses generated to make India strong and united once again. A new spirit might be awakened to enable us to smash the enemy who eyes our territory, wealth and places of worship, and our daughters, with a view to destroy, kill, rape, loot and plunder, and convert.

There are striking similarities between UK and PI, and some differences, too.

Both are democracies. Both are tolerant and liberal. In both, dynasties play a major role. In the UK we have the Queen who inherited her throne from her father. In PI we have Sonia who inherited her office and power from her great (bogus) ancestor called MK Gandhi. She hopes that after her it will be Rahul Gandhi and then even Priyenka Gandhi who will dump PUNJABI “COOLIE” Wadra’s surname to become Priyenka GANDHI, just as Indira Khan performed the hat trick by becoming Indira Gandhi.

The difference between the two is marked. While UK never became slave, PI never became independent or free. Sindh fell in 712 AD followed by Delhi in 1192 AD. Her present frontiers were given by Sword of Mohammed in 1947 and since then she has done everything, including voting at UNO, to appease and please the Muslims. She even honoured Yasser Arafat with titles and cash awards three times as she never did to a Hindu son of soil. It is obvious that the frontiers of the UK were given by God or Nature. She is an island. But islands can also be divided as CYPRUS and IRELAND, but she is united due to the genius of her people.

The other difference is the MAJORITY community. In the UK they are manly, highly educated and skilled, virile, wealthy, and also united. In PI the majority community is divided, impoverished, demoralised and ignorant, and, therefore, weak and vulnerable, ready to surrender DELHI any time. (Impossible? NOT AT ALL. We have already surrendered Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Dhaka and Sylhet, even North Kashmir.)

In the UK it is clear as to who are “them” and “us”. There is even a political party that spells it out for all in simple language. It is called BNP, quite a warning to all the Muslims. In PI all are “us”. There is NO “them” despite occupation of Northern Kashmir, massacre of Noakhali, grand slaughter of West Punjab and Partition itself. There is NO counterpart of BNP in PI. None can even repeat the line after the BNP, “Islam is a threat to us all.” For saying just that in PI one could be assassinated, beheaded or sent to prison for the rest of his life.

In UK the state religion CE (Church of England) is mandatory for the Head of State. The monarch is crowned in Church. She is also officially the “Defender of Faith”. The Prime Minister is a COMMITTED Christian. By the way the President and the Prime Minister in BOGUSdesh and Pakistan are BOTH committed MUSLIMS. Only in Bharat these office holders PUBLICLY shun religion as if it is something DIRTY, DEGRADING and SHAMEFUL. Their humble subjects, too, reduced into submission, great adherents of “Havan, Puja and Akhand Paths”, do not expect their rulers to stand up for Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh.

The Constitution of PI is like a cocked gun facing any minister and governor walking towards a mandir for “puja or darshan”. To “behave as per Vidhan” means that in PI (Partitioned Indian Secular State) the Head of State can be a Catholic, an agnostic or atheist, even a Mohammedan. If it happens to be a Hindu, then he or she ought to make sure that the whole world knows that his Secularism is immaculate and “Ueber Alles” (ABOVE ALL).

Should he visit a temple in broad daylight once, he is expected to visit a mosque twice and a church five times in order to establish his immaculate secular credentials. For some the “certificate of competence” comes upon their daughter marrying a Mohammed, Ali or Khan.

At present in PI since the European born Sonia KHAN is the First Lady of Hindusthan, the privilege of having a spouse is denied to the Hindu Prime Minister and the Muslim President. Neither will be expected to have an Indian born spouse if Sonia becomes the prime minister, and, so long as she lives. Her European image and status cannot be eclipsed by a native female, perceived to be inferior.

In PI it will amount to political SUICIDE for the Prime Minister or the President to say in public, “I AM HINDU.” He will definitely lose his office. Even HINDUS will not vote for him. Chief Ministers of states as large as France and Germany, visibly seek Muslim votes and draw heavily upon their Muslim “vote banks”. Not one has declared, “I want HINDU votes. Thus Hindus, the majority community, have become weak, and seem to be trembling with fear like rabbits among the tigers.

In the UK whenever the first signs of stagnation, slackening or decomposition appear, a new force emerges out of somewhere to warn the nation. Today that FORCE is the British National Party (BNP) whose deeds and words are correcting the limp in the course of SS Britain. Tony Blair’s spirited cooperation with the USA in Afghanistan and IRAQ has also thrown cold water on the heady sentence “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West”, now making it look odd or stupid for anyone to boast, “I am a Muslim.” In fact, many Muslims are now escaping the rotten terrorist image of Islam by turning to Christianity or Buddhism, even Hinduism. Some have changed their surname from KHAN to KHAW or KAHN, etc.

On the other hand in PI even an illiterate “bhangi” (road sweeper) embracing Islam prides himself in his new surname KHAN, HUSSEIN, PIRZADA, KANDHARI, BUKHARI, AKBAR or SAYYED, even ALAMGIR (Conqueror of the World). His illiterate latest spouse, trailing behind the other three, walking in black burqa or shroud, becomes a “Begum” or “Khanum”. Highly tested and tried, noble, honourable and patriotic surnames like “Singh” and “Kaur” do not have much attraction for any Italian or Khan in PI.

UK (rather, England,) in her modern shape has been ONE country at least since 1066 AD when William landed from Normandy. In the last THOUSAND years, never was the Prime Minister the son or the daughter of a ruling prime minister. That is Decent Democracy. Now let us look at PI and her Dirty Democracy.

PI is barely five and a half decades (56 years) old. In this very short period of time, that is comparable to a wink of an eye in terms of history, she has had to SUFFER the INDIGNITY & INSULT of having THREE generations of prime ministers from the same Dynasty- NEHRU TO INDIRA TO RAJIV. Their only job, besides plundering the nation, bashing the Hindus and encouraging the missionaries and the maulvis, has been to passively watch the Hindus profusely bleeding in Kashmir, badly kicked in Uganda, raped and looted in East Bengal, and beaten up soundly in Fiji.

If the “throne” now goes to Sonia, then the world will feel sick in stomach in DISGUST. Some might even be so politically INCORRECT as to say, “Hindu electorate, the true guardians of their Dharti and Dharma (TERRITORY & RELIGION) are at the level of cattle.”

Is there a lesson for all the noble and brave PATRIOTS living across the world?

YES, redouble or treble your efforts to LIBERATE the Hindus from the treacherous “SWORD OF SECULARISM” that has made us headless, deaf and blind as to the status, fate and future of PI, and Hinduism across the sub continent, not only in South Kashmir and AYODHYA