Date: 5/12/2004


Whether it is a national shame or not, it is certainly a danger to national security. Why do we have rules in the army which prohibit a foreigner, a foreign born person, even though he is a citizen, from occupying certain high-ranking offices in the army? Why do we say that our IPS officers should not be of foreign origin? Why do we say that our IPS officers cannot marry foreigners? Now, herein comes the idea of the modern nation-state.

A modern nation-state has a built-in insecurity and that is the reason why it has to secure itself. But can the Prime Minister have a foreign wife? Can the Prime Minister's son have a foreign wife? Sitting in the Prime Minister's Office, in the Prime Minister's home, a foreign wife for 15 years; who ran away with her husband when the nation was at war, breaching the discipline of commercial pilots is now a well, established fact. In India, the MLAs, MPs, and ministers are not subject to any rule or discipline. Even today whether an MLA or MP is a public servant is a matter that is being debated in courts.

So, can an MP have a foreign wife? Can a minister have a foreign wife? This distortion has crept into the system. And what are the consequences of foreigners penetrating our polity?

When George Fernandes spoke on this issue on the national television, it was chilling. He spoke of a particular file, which contained all the secrets of the government. Where are the nuclear weapons, where are the missiles, who can press the button, which missile points in which direction, who are our spy links in different countries? This single file contains all this information.

That file is not handled by anybody other than the Prime Minister of India. If Vajpayee ceases to be the Prime Minister and Sonia becomes the Prime Minister, he will have to hand over this file to her. It will have every nationa1 security secret. If it falls into wrong hands, it will strip India naked before inimical forces.

`Can we afford to hand over these secrets to her? ` Fernandes said even the Defence Minister cannot do anything; he cannot look at that file. Even the services chiefs know only their part of the secret. The combined, collective national secret is in the hands of one man that will be handed over to this foreigner, should she achieve her political ambition.

"Vinashaya Dushkritham Sambavami Yuge Yuge".

Media have created TWO more DEVILS - of NUISANCE VALUE, like Nehru created POK and Missionaries in North East. The Nation will have to suffer from these parasites. Those innocent people of Rae Bareily and Amethi do not know that Mother Nature is Furious. Every One is Lord Krishna - these people are forcing all Krishna’s to come out to take on these Devils and Asuras- breeding on our Motherland fed by Vatican, Missionaries and Pope, Anti Hindu Media, Psecs, Communists and Congress.

Let the MAHABHARATH start-the Commies, congresses, Psecs and Anti Hindu Media- will be forced to hide under the water like Duryodhan.

How did this Italian Born Catholic Christian Fe-Male OR SONIA MAINJI, and her Chief Operator The Catholic Bishop Council Of India, with the help of The Anglican and Antokian Churches' agents' IN MAHA BHARAT, with her 17 Indian Christian FRIENDS could take over Our National Political Party.

The Answer to the Question is: we are partly or wholly responsible in Inviting these devils agents into our Homes and offering our Hospitality like, Tea, coffee, food and later Our Temple Land/ Our fe-males / our males, and what not.

Swamy digs out 'legal bar' on Sonia becoming PM't~become~PM:~Swamy

May 03, 2004 19:29 IST

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Monday said that there is a 'clear legal bar' on Congress president Sonia Gandhi becoming the prime minister because of a 'reciprocity' proviso to Section 5 of the Citizenship Act.

The proviso stipulates that an Indian Citizenship, conferred under this section to an Italian, shall be subject to the same conditions and restrictions that apply to Indians, who sought Italian citizenship, he told a press conference.

In Italy, a naturalized citizen could not hold a high public office like the prime minister of the country.

"Because of the conditional reciprocal nature of Sonia Gandhi's Indian citizenship, she is disqualified to become the prime minister," he said.

He claimed to have consulted legal experts and legal officers of the country, who had concurred with his views, and has written to Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani to issue a Government Order to make this position clear.

If the Centre does not issue an order, he would consider approaching the Supreme Court. Hindus should take lessons from the happenings in IRAQ. We should not just be "entertained" by the news coming from there but draw some CONCLUSIONS. These are (1) Their UNWILLINGNESS to accept a NON MUSLIM and a NON IRAQI in their midst. and (2) their fierce RESISTANCE to occupation. Everyday they are FIGHTING a war to throw the Coalition troops OUT.

Given the equivalent of these two Iraqi traits, every Hindu would have shouted, "QUIT INDIA!" at the cheap ITALIAN import by BOFORS CHOR.

Sonia Maino says that she has a mission to shape Indian according to her own image and beliefs. This is the colonial ideology of the "White Man's Burden." This is what makes her behave so rudely with Indians. Her followers essentially accept her superiority because of her race. And these are not the illiterate villagers but products of India's elite (colonial) institutions. Her court is full of them.

So, don't blame Sonia, blame the educational system that produces such people-- people willing to sacrifice their freedom and identity for comfort and a subordinate position. They value comfort above responsibility of leadership.