Date: 5/12/2004





BJP (Bismillah Jaishemohammed Party), Sonia Khan's Raj, and a reality check.

Post elections results, BJP should immediately change it's name to Bismillah Jaisemohammed Party, appoint Arif Mohammed Khan as it's president, Shahnawaz Hussain as VP and send Hajpayee, Mullah Advani and Mullah Venkiah Naidu to Mecca. Advani is the biggest culprit. What has made this man turn mullah? The marraige of his niece to a muslim. Please can someone get the details of the number of muslims who voted for the BJP in AP and throw it on Hajpayee's face.

From tomorrow India's capital is Rome. The educated Indians are mighty please. They do not like Sonia, but neither do they vote or at least don't vote for BJP. They though like their mobiles, DVDs, cars and off course Rome. All their life in these stressfull times is centred around making it to office and that's it. They are logged out of the India system.

The reality check for India is - there is no India shinning for 90% of the people, majority of whom do not know who the PM of the country is. BJP got fooled by itself with the India Shinning campaign, there is no India shinning hoardings in Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam........ And the media has already started playing the everything will be ok if a Cong. coalition is in power. We all know that a Cong, SP, RJD, CPI, CPM govt. will be a disaster for the country. But the media is trying to say everything will be good, reforms will go on, Cong. is great for reforms, for the country. Numbming people's senses, like it numbed BJPs and made it a muslim / christian appeasing party.


Superbly written up scenario. Here is one of the reasons for this collapse. DELETION OF WORD PARTITION FROM OUR VOCABULARY.

A woman was raped by gangsters who threatened her with REPEAT if she reported to anyone.

India, Hindusthan or BHARAT has been bullied into silence after she was mutilated and gang raped by her indigenous Muslims in 1947. She has covered up the most ugly and connived with the worst crime in history. Previously the invaders struck and returned with their loot and maidens and slaves. After they had gone, we could curse them profusely. This time the invaders were home-grown and like those gangsters who raped the girl and terrified her into silence, are all round us in our own country. Hence none can abuse them, not even mention the word PARTITION.

The abused and violated maiden has a choice. Either to keep quiet but then live in fear to be caught again. Her silence is a guarantee to the attackers that she will always keep quiet if violated. Or to report them to her community and the police and demand compensation, retribution and punishment, not less than 15 years in jail.

India, sadly, has opted for the first option and has sealed her lips on PARTITION. The home grown attackers know that they can "get" her again and again and again.

With regard to the call "militarise the Hindus," I submit that this is FUTILE. Firstly Hindus will not have the courage to carry a pistol or sword and secondly this call violates the CONSTITUTION that is meant to kill the Hindus by slow bleeding in the manner of HALAL.

To our good luck we already have the MILITARISED HINDUS, some 25 MILLION OF THEM. But for the same reason that we do not mention PARTITION, we also do not notice them.

They are the Hindus whom Guru Gobind Singhji gave sword and sent forth to defend DHARMA, DHARTI and DAUGHTERS.

Now it is shameful and ironic that while the man in street will understand the value and logic of this posting, the top cock Hindu leaders will not read it or discard the idea out of TERROR, FEAR or EMBARRASSMENT. The result? Hindu intelligentsia will go on crying "Militarise the Hindus" while the ENEMY will go on bashing, suppressing, dividing, confusing and WEAKENING us further.

What ought to be done: GO OVER EACH DAY OF 1947 LEADING UP TO PARTITION AND EXPOSE THAT BOGUS "INDEPENDENCE". Call for punishment of BANDIT Nehru and "Goat" Gandhi for their HIGH TREASON

................No guts, then NO results.

Hindu is the SAME who defended Sindh in 712 AD, Delhi in 1192 AD, Lahore in 1947 and Kashmir right now. MOHAMMEDAN and CHRISTIAN is the same, too whom we have known for centuries. At least seeing the HINDI refugees from South Kashmir we ought to have seen something.

Fighting elections under this TREACHEROUS Constitution will lead us nowhere. Simple people have to be told in simple language, "The foreigner is our ENEMY NO. 1, and those who threaten civil war over the Temple in Ayodhya and occupy five provinces besides North Kashmir, cannot be our friends.

Now who will go against Gandhian suicidal "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" and against the sleep inducing sweet grain of Guru Granth Sahib?

If the answer is "NONE," then let us wait for the dog collar of slavery for these Hindus and SIKHS. We need to look at ourselves through the eyes of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan, not through the eyes of our spouses and mothers. We betrayed LAHORE and now DELHI is going.