Date: 5/15/2004


.................India in grave crisis.


Dear friends,

“Hamain galle lagaa lo, O sarkar,”

(“pick me up, O’ Soniaji, and give me a smile.”),

cried the orphaned nation.

Soniaji whispers back, softly and sweetly, “First touch the feet of my Lord, you lost sheep.”

The sad fact is that the dancing Hindu supporters of Sonia, Congress, Italy (and Abdul Kalam), may leap up to the top of the trees, their President and Prime Minister (if it is Sonia KHAN) will not smile at the Hindu who has pined for his rulers’ smile for the last one thousand years.

Despite the NRIs’ intense ideological and patriotic input into politics back home, and our collective shine, SPIRITUAL darkness has descended on Bharatvarsha, the land of many religions, the sacred land of our roots and origin.

It may not be immediately visible to everyone, but the impact of today's events will be even more HORRENDOUS than the devastating defeat and unconditional surrender of 1947.

Hindustan is going under the foot of a semi literate but highly motivated and committed orthodox CATHOLIC female, the flag bearer of Vatican, who has NO connection with our history, religion, culture and traditions and no loyalty whatsoever to our sacred "dharti".

She has NO love lost for the poor of India for whom she professes love only before the media. When did anyone see her walk along the dusty tracks in a village, or comfort a Sikh widow, or a Hindu orphan?

The genocides and massacres of Noakhali, West Punjab and North Kashmir and South Kashmir do not interest Sonia, nor her spiritual “Father” in Rome, but that, "every Hindu is responsible for the riots in Gujerat and ought to be hanged."

She wishes to see the mosque of aggression, mischief and provocation re-built in Ayodhya, but NOT the Sri Ram Temple. Partition was the price we paid with our BLOOD for peace. Now Sri Ram Temple will be the price to pay for peace.

Sonia has uperseded and "beaten" the greatest and the most learned Hindu professor and scholar for the top executive job in the country, and every noble and well qualified native Indian woman.

Not one holder of PhD from that Jawaharlal Nehru University was a patch to her in ability to run the country.

No Hindu stalwart can now say, "Gaurav Se Kaho, Hum HINDU hain!", when we are all drowning in shame.

Is it the new "modern" era in Hindusthan in which the voter does not know how he will be treated by her compatriots in ITALY, in which the "reduced" Hindu boasts of his democracy and secularism that can effortlessly turn his shame into pride, his moral collapse into his moral superiority?

Sonia KHAN wants to see every HINDU converted, killed or in dog collar, and she wants to throw "dung" on the turban of every Sikh. Will she forgive them for "uprooting the mighty tree" of Hindustan, her mother-in-law? Only fools like Amrinder Singh, Boots Singh, Bitta and Manmohan Singh think she will.

Brainwashed, disunited, disarmed, ignorant and "nishkam sewak" secular HINDUS of East Bengal, North Kashmir, Lahore and Karachi are dead like dodo, while most of us living in the "Rest of India" and abroad, are now ashamed of the word "Hindu" and do not mind reverting back to the former era of rampant corruption, strangulating nepotism, stagnating economy, stifling red tape and bribery of the former Congress era, that drove many a clever Indian out of country during 1960's, 70's and 80’s.

The NRIs ought to have passed on some ideas of Patriotism back home like the Iraqis. We ought to have taken the continuous DENIAL of dual nationality more seriously. We ought to have honoured the likes of Gopal Godse, commemorated the likes of Nathu Ram Godse and Nana Apte, commemorated the surrenders of 1947, and thrown old shoes at Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul for bringing disgrace to our country. But many Hindus back home still "lick" them all over.

What are the IMPLICATIONS for the nation of one billion with NO spark of Hindu shine, now going under ABDUL KALAM (Supreme Commander) and SONIA KHAN (likely Prime Minister), who will soon be choosing the next Defence Minister, whose first task no doubt will be to shoot dead any Hindu approaching Ayodhya, not recover and inch of North Kashmir.

By the way, if anyone is interested in finding out the cause of the next, and even deadlier CIVIL WAR or PARTITION, the answer is THESE TWO enemies in high chairs.

Which HINDU leader is concerned about the future of Bharat? The defeated Nation is waiting for him to emerge.