Date: 5/16/2004


..................SONIA, THE ICON OF DEATH

Ancient civilisation called Hindustan, boasting of Gita, Vedas and Granth, is reduced to dust of history. These holy books mean nothing to anyone except some curious cranks in study of comparative religions if ON THE LAND OF THEIR origin they go under two feet, one of ABDUL KALAM and the other of SONIA KHAN.

The ultimate loyalty of one is to the ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan (Conceded as the homeland of ALL the Indian Muslims) and of the latter to Pope, Vatican and Christ.

Hindu religion is ignored and EXCLUDED by PARTITIONED India’s Constitution while there are enough safeguards for ISLAM and Christianity in the “Book” to strengthen and embolden them beyond imagination. As a result of further HINDU BASHING and SIKH persecution and killing, the Combine of this mighty Fifth Column sends shivers down the spine of the mightiest of mighty Hindu stalwart.

BJP while in office spent more time and legislation to appease the Musalman, eternally Beiman, rather than strengthening and UNITING the native Hindus and Sikhs.

The journey of India, the “jewel of British Empire”, from Crown to Bandit Nehru’s Dynasty, then to ITALIAN MAFIA, is a story of further Hindu collapse after the unconditional surrender of one third of Indian Territory to appease the Muslim MONSTER.

“Bapu” Gandhi used to say, “Give them so much of territory and so many maidens and wealth that they will leave us alone for a thousand years.” He used to point to the tiger, saying, when he kills a cow, he leaves the herd alone for several days.”

This was HIS idea of avoiding conflict with the Islamic beast. That “Bapu” could have seen the course of World War 2 and seen how the Allies pursued Hitler till the very end. It was either the Boot of Axis Powers in London or of the Allies in Berlin.

Bapu saw whose BOOT prevailed. Still he lowered his head before Mohammed Ali Jinnah (JINN) to receive his BOOT with full impact on his head, pain going down to his bone marrow.

Then enter Bandit Nehru, a thoroughly CORRUPT autocrat. The “Son of a BITCH” groomed his daughter for the chair of Prime Minister. He made sure that the Indian leaders simply bowed their heads before Indira and later accepted her as their autocratic leader till her well deserved “execution”.

Her son, thoroughly corrupt LOAFER Rajiv Khan, (Son of FEROZE KHAN) then ascended the dynastic throne to be BLOWN UP by a Tamil patriot, completing the DIRTY TREACHEROUS TRILOGY of Indian politicians on May 21, 1991. None ever said, “Brown is beautiful and Hindu is a man.”

Yet the nation of SERVANTS AND COOLIES celebrated “Independence” on August 15, 1947, NOT Partition, and commemorated in crocodile tears the death of these bogus Gandhis. Not one is blood-relation of MK Gandhi, who was suitably dealt with by PARIOTS Nathu Ram and Nana Apte. The nation did not see Truth, nor difference between friend and ENEMY.

There is now a lot of money and MUSCLE behind the nomination of Sonia KHAN for the post on which Rajiv, Indira and Nehru sat to plunder India and to divide, weaken and IMPOVERISH the Indians.

In this scenario, simply forget the SIKHS. They have opted out of national scene due to dull leaders who did not notice the absence of LAHORE and NANKANA SAHIB from the map of India. They are about to find AMRITSAR, too, GONE. Sparta did not survive despite the athletic nation. God does not help the lion but the hunter with brain. Simpleton Sikh has FAILED to notice his HUNTERS. Sikhs like Amrinder Singh (Chief Minister on Union Territory) and stooge Manmohan Singh, standing at the feet of ex maid from Italy, are the laughing stock of the whole world.

The Chief of the Army Staff will discuss his TOPSECRET operational plans and troop dispositions with the ENEMY.

Generals in uniform will SALUTE the treacherous semi literate female of BOFORS CHOR who is about to BETRAY the Armed Forces and send them to DEATH. She will have plenty of support from the Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM, and the Defence Minister, who have been watching the Hindu nation BLEED to extinction in South Kashmir.

ABDUL KALAM is dead set against the idea of “militarising the Hindus” in the areas where they are most EXPOSED TO DANGER and being hunted like the animals in jungle day and night. It remains a puzzle as to why the Hindus should OVERLOOK their entire history and go under the BOOT of one Muslim and one Catholic voluntarily and so easily.

What benefit do they expect to the nation? The past record over FIFTY YEARS of Congress rule since 1947, is enough to send shivers down the spine of all the Hindu “intelligentsia” who FLED INDIA and refuse to return to COOLIE COLONY that is decomposing and disintegrating by design. Everyone has done well abroad but finds himself “HANDCUFFED by Sarkar” back home- home under the FEET of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan.

A few years under BJP showed us spring blooming in Hindustan. But such freedom was short lived and the enemies are back on top.

A semi literate impoverished Italian born ex maid ascended the throne of India effortlessly, raised high on the shoulders of Hindus who refuse to honour their own kind, overlook all the beauty and genius, abilities and qualifications of naïve born HINDU women, to lick the foreign “mem” all over.

Among these despicable native “dogs” are the professors of JLN University, senior commanders of armed forces and top generals as well as millionaires and billionaires.

As if BLINDED by bright sun of falsehood, the whole nation has gone BLIND or “BLOODY BE-WAQOOF”.

The performance of India’s Parliament is comparable to a circus or a sheep paddock where they spot a tiger from a mile. The tiger in this case is not a mile away but RIGHT ON THE HEAD of everyone.

There is jubilation in Italy on resurrection of Holy Roman Empire, shifting its Centre to EAST. There are dreams of another Vatican in Delhi or AYODHYA. The Hindu is walking the road of disgrace, shame and degradation. He doesn’t even notice it. He could at least see the IRAQI RESISTANCE this very day.

Bible and Koran have PREVAILED over Gita and Granth. Christ and Mohammed proved superior to Krishna, Rama and Guru Nanak. Even the “Enlightenment” of Buddha has turned into DARKNESS in the land of His birth. Through centuries of slavery, receiving beating, hammering, abuse, insult and degradation, today’s Hindus are the end product that is BRAINWASHED and CONDITIOND to reverse the day into night, the ugly reality into beautiful fiction, PARTITION into Independence, and martyrdom and persecution into moral victory over the bashers, tyrants, persecutors and KILLERS.

All over India and abroad, in grand wedding celebrations and social parties there is great rejoicing, free flow of liquor, noisy dances and celebration with NO thought to the burial of Hinduism under Vatican and Mecca. There is NO awareness among those elegant sari clad heavily bejewelled Hindu women of their degradation back home where an Italian is ABOV ALL.

It’s little use to revive the patient after his DEATH. When the Hindu was semi conscious in the shape of BJP government at Centre, he had to do the following;-

REPUDIATE the bogus PARTITION that cost him two million lives and set the world record in suffering and migration. It was a trap into which the Hindu fell easily. Our shameless and clueless leaders do not wish to mention PARTITION.

With the surrender of territory, minorities, too, were consigned to the Devil. There were no safeguards for safety of Hindus surrendered with territory in 1947.

3. We failed to see as to who agitated for Akhand Bharat and who ATTACKED her viciously. The new Constitution EQUATED the Muslims with the Hindus. How could the ENEMY be turned into a friend overnight?

The Constitution was simply to ENSURE the debacle that we see today. The Hindu did not get his IDENTITY clarified or sorted out. It was mixed to produce a MONGREL nation of all sorts where the Muslims would soon be joined by the CATHOLICS to go for key posts, and later, for the throats of Hindus.

A grand post mortem of PARTITON had to be held to apportion clear BLAME for the surrender of Lahore.

The VICTIM, the Hindu, had to be told that all are not brothers and his “Hindu Muslim bhai bhai” AFTER PARTIION was stupidity unparalleled on earth. The Hindu COOLIE went out to embrace his Muslim ENEMY and today he has no shame in wishing him “EID MUBARAK” and eating “IFTAR” with someone whose “Holy” Book defines a Hindu as KAFIR and INFIDEL. Hindu has lost his self esteem. It had to be RESTORED.

Hindu had to take over the destiny of HINDUSTAN in his own hands not surrender it to Italy and Islam.

The causes of Hindu disunity and weakness had to be DISCOVERED and promptly REMVOED.

India could be turned into the UNITED STATES OF HINDUSTAN on the model of the UK and the USA, not kept as one whole for exploitation, manipulation, plunder and CONVERSION. Bigger the COLONY, bigger the scope of scams, bribes and commissions on huge defence purchases. One can simply control BROADCASTING and then brainwash and mislead one billion listeners and viewers.

NRI’s were just KICKED OUT and were NEVER to get dual nationality. The ANTI NATIONAL rulers feared that they will pass on ideas to the coolies at home. That the coolies did not get ideas from abroad is seen now in the rise of ITALY and FALL OF HINDUSTAN.

Someone had to tell the HINDUS, “BE MEN, at par with the Musalman in LAHORE and DELHI. The dwarf is not at par with the Shaitan Bully Beiman even in AYODHYA.

Someone had to reach the illiterate masses of SIKH and HIJNDU peasants, farmers, even beggars, snake charmers, “sadhus and sants” but BJP leaders just sat passively in chairs hoping all would be well. That is how battles and wars are LOST when the generals think all would be well.

Hindu leaders, the most useless on earth, had to bare their bottoms before the illiterate villagers and tell them why it is sore red, due to the bashing received from Mohammedans in 1947. They covered up the sores in nice garments and went about smiling, calling the DEFEAT of Partition the “victory of Independence”.

They had to say, “This time these sores were given by none else but the INDIAN MUSLIMS, not the Turks, the French, the British, the Afghans or the Persians.”

Stooges of Islam treated the PLO terrorists as heroes thus overlooking the security interests of the state of Israel. They should have advised YASSER ARAFAT, “Let your people SCATTER and get ABSORBED in VAST Arab lands as WE HAVE ACCOMMODATED TENS OF MILLIONS OF OUR OWN REFUGEES, across India!”

These RATS gave awards and conferred honours on PLO leader whose days are now numbered. With Yasser Arafat, it seems that the days of the HINDUS in Hindustan, too, are numbered.

Countries, like people, are known by the friends they keep. Consider the shame of Hindustan who walks in the company of PLO terrorist who swears death to Israel.

Surrendering India to ITALY is like surrendering Lahore to Mohammed, both despicable acts that make the HINDUS look like walking corpses- soulless, spiritless, gutless and lifeless.

Overlooking PARTITION, learning no lesson from it, useless Hindu leaders like VP SINGH, LALOO PRASHAD, MULAYAM SINGH, LK ADVANI AND AB VAJPAYEE ran after every Mohammedan in Broken Bharat. They were all too eager to even clean the MUSLIM toilets for the sake of Muslim votes. They thought of the Hindu electorate no more than vermin.

In terror the Hindu leaders heaved a sigh of relief on choosing a Muslim ABDUL KALAM as their Supreme Commander. What de didn’t do is to save the Hindus in Kashmir and what he did do was to terrify the Hindus from mentioning the world AYODHAY.

Sonia’s rise was the logical RESULT OF THE BACKING from the Muslim President. Their subtle treason and liaison are beyond the grasp of dull Sikh leaders, too, who recognise one ONLY by VISIBLE symbols

Disunited weak Hindu nation was the best invitation to all the invaders and plunderers. Now instead of killing the Hindus by sword or gun as in earlier centuries, the Hindu extermination is taken care of by LEGISLATION, by constitutional means, that go on unnoticed and painlessly till the last Hindu wears the dog collar and delivers himself into slavery as easily as we surrendered Lahore.

That Constitution of Hindu “vermin and rats” which does not mention PARTITION, but grants equal rights and status to the foreigners and aliens is the constitutional means to demoralise and destroy the Hindus. Then we perished by sword, now we shall perish by legislation

Instead of attending to the scene of Hindu devastation, our leaders turned to appeasing the blood thirsty, sworn, perennial enemies. They wasted time and OPPORTUNITY.

Perhaps MANMOHAN SINGH and HARKRISHAN SINGH, the two men in turban, seen standing behind the foreign brat in pictures seen in the media, show the extent of Hindu collapse. These Sikhs were supposed to be the MILITARISED Hindus. They were recognised as such by the British and then FOUGHT bloody battles to win a dozen or so VICTORIA CROSSES but our own Hindu nation did not consider them god enough due to the dirty and treacherous input by our Muslim and Catholic enemies. They would be seeing nightmares if the Sikhs rose on the side of, and in support of, the Hindus.

Although the honourable Sikhs would be the ones MOST HURT AND INSULTED due to Italian born Sonia’s rise, they are advised NOT TO ACT in haste, but to wait for the RAJPUT SON OF SOIL to do what ballot cannot do in the controlled, brainwashed, intimidated, impoverished, misruled and ignorant COOLIE COLONY of Hindustan.

Putting ears close to the earth one hears, “Come forward my RAJPUT SON, take off your glass bangles and ACT. It’s a grave moment in the history of Bharat.”

Mother India says, “The Marathas, the Sikhs and the Tamils have stood up for my integrity and HONOUR. It is YOUR turn now. You do no want the repeat of CHITOD in the future.”

Today the SIKHS, carrying kirpan and wearing turbans, are reduced to DUST UNDER SONIA’S FEET. There can be NO further comment of the DISHONOUR of Hindustan.

We invite the INTELLIGENTSIA and all the Hindu LEADERS and the NRI’S, to SPEAK UP, AND ACT. India is just one second before midnight. Her sleep (slavery) will be eternal.