Date: 5/17/2004


.......................SONIA'S CABINET.

Sonia's Ministers

Please spare a thought for the ministers in Rajiv KHAN'S cabinet.

Was there one BOOTA Singh with the IQ of "boot", and his President, Zail Singh, known as "Zaleel", who were semi-literate like Sonia, without any formal education, without any degree, to whom the use of computers was like being forced to sit in the cockpit of a jumbo?

In Sonia's cabinet a similar criterion will apply.

To start with, not one Hindu will be picked up who has IQ higher than hers. That is obvious if she is not to find herself outwitted and outsmarted by an inferior native.

All Hindus, but not the Catholics and the Muslims, will be subjected to the following tests since Hinduism is considered a rival and a serious threat to these two, and ought to be stood in corner, shown its place, or cut to size, best of all, wiped out.

1. At the outset, a good Hindu is out.

2. A secular Hindu but with a committed clever Hindu spouse is out.

3. A Hindu who reminds anyone of PARTITION, the historic and abominable high treason by Bandit Nehru, is out.

4. A Hindu, who wants the BOFORS case to be re-heard in order to punish the BOFORS CHOR for cheating and dishonesty, is out.

5. Any Hindu, who pleads for DUAL NATIONALITY for the Indians living abroad, is out.

6. Any Hindu, who mentions AKHAND BHARAT, is out.

7. Any Hindu, who suggests militarising the Hindus in South Kashmir for their SELF DEFENCE, is out.

8. Any Hindu who whispers "First the recovery of North Kashmir and then the next goodwill visit by our prime minister to Islamabad!" is out.

9. Any Hindu who says, "Abolish Hajj subsidies and the Minorities Commission," read MOHAMMEDAN, is out.

10. Any Hindu who has entered a Hindu temple, Sikh gurdwara, or a Jewish synagogue since May 21, 1991, is out.

11. Any Hindu who suggests re-naming "Indira Gandhi International Airport" as Prithvi Raj Chohan International Airport", is out.

12. Any Hindu who thinks the Sikhs are part of the Hindu family and should not shout, "KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN!", are out. (How dare EAST Punjab of NATIVE "niggers" dream of the sovereignty of EAST Bengal?)

13. Any Hindu who thinks Bandit Nehru ought to be tried for his hand in the unconditional surrender of LAHORE and DHAKA, is out.

14. Any Hindu who thinks that Constitution ought to have the word "Hindu" in it is out.

15, Any Hindu, who thinks POST PARTITION India ought to be Hindu Rashtra, is out.

16. Any Hindu who questions the presence of Muslims in Bharat AFTER its break up in 1947 in order to concede an ISLAMIC homeland on the soil of India, is out.

17. Any Hindu, who mentions the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, is out.

18. Any Hindu, who pleads for freedom of Broadcasting like the BBC in the "largest democracy on earth", is out.

19. Any Hindu, who thinks literacy ought to get a big boost and the use of Computers should be encouraged among the university students, is out.

20. Any Hindu, who questions the perpetucal appointment of Muslims as Bharat's ambassadors to Riyadh, is out. (That post is perennially for a Mohammedan of Hindustan.)

21. Any Hindu who thinks that the post of Indian high commissioner to London could go to a Sikh, is out.

22. Any Hindu who questions the presence of the Embassy of Vatican, a sovereign theocratic state in Italy, in New Delhi, is out.

23. Any Hindu, who wishes Article 370 in Constitution abrogated, is out.

24. Any Hindu who has a provocative name like BAHADUR LAL, BHARAT CHAND or SHER SINGH, is out.

25. Any Hindu, who pleads for half the autonomy of EAST Bengal for any Hindu majority state in Bharat, is out.

26. Any Hindu, who questions Indira Gandhi's real name after marrying FEROZE KHAN of Allahabad, is out.

27. Any Hindu, who wishes to research the family tree of that Feroze "Gandhi", is out.

28. Any Hindu, who moans at the disgrace and degradation of the native Indian women, is out.

29. Any Hindu who looks at the fragment called India on the map and then questions the Gandhian chant, "Hindu Muslim BHAI BHAI", is out.

30, Any Hindu, who speaks up for any compensation to the uprooted Hindus from South Kashmir, is out.

31. Any devout Hindu, who thinks Sri Ram of AYODHYA should not be placed under, or even equal to, Mohammed in Hindustan, is out.

32. Any Hindu who whispers, "The President of Hindustan ought to be a Hindu and the Prime Minister of India ought to be Indian by birth," is OUT.

33. Any Hindu who feels sick at the very thought of the dignity, manliness and PATRIOTISM of an Army GENERAL saluting the worthless Italian born import of BOFORS CHOR, discussing TOP SECRETS and troop dispositions, or battle plans, with the WHITE ELEPHANT of India, is out.

34. Any Hindu who feels revulsion at the very thought of Gurkha, Rajput, Maratha, Tamil and Sikh troops guarding the ENEMY OF HINDU DHARMA, is out.

35. Any Hindu, who wishes to see Sanskrit taught at schools instead of Italian, is out.

36. Any Hindu, who says, "Wait till Italy has a Hindu junior minister, America has a BLACK President and England has a Muslim monarch, before you hand over the keys of Hindustan to Sonia KHAN from Italy.

37. Any Hindu, who wishes to examine one of the numerous Foundations established in the name of Dynasty to siphon off national wealth, is out.

38. Any Hindu who whispers, "Dignity of Hindu WOMEN ought to be upheld at all costs", is out.

39. Any Hindu, who was seen looking into a copy of "YOUNG INDIA" (1989-2001) or clicking on www.partitionofindia.com to raise his awareness, IS OUT.

40. Any Hindu who sang "bhajans" in the open anywhere in Hindustan, is out.

After this round of ELIMINATYION, the readers are invited to think WHO IS LEFT to be Sonia's minister.

One can easily think of other RESTRICTIONS on the Hindus aspiring to any meaningful key post in PARTITIONED India (Partitioned Indian Secular State) of today that is about to go under the foot of the "granddaughter of Mussolini".

One needs to ask ISRAEL whether she feels concerned at her right flank crumbling. The world is a small place now. If what happens in Afghanistan and Iraq calls for timely intervention by the USA, then surely what is happening in DELHI must be a serious threat to Israel, too.

Sonia's Hindustan means one more vote for PLO and the Islamic Bloc.

Where HINDU BASHING and SIKH DEGRADATION and EXTERMINATION are concerned, even the UNITED Kingdom is prepared to turn a BLIND eye to what was once the "Jewel of British Empire", now slipping under the foot of Italy so easily and even the United Nations and the secular UNITED States are willing to see the ISLAMIC Constitutions of Pakistan and Bangladesh with approval while frowning upon the word "Hindu" in the one of Hindustan.

To save unnecessary hassle and wrangle among Sonia's ROTTEN camp followers, we suggest the following to their "RAJMATA" Sonia KHAN.

1. Home Minister: SITA RAM KESRI, the FOSSIL. He sees Sonia as Sita and Rajiv as Ram. His Kesri is the mongrel tricolour that treacherous Congress Party IMPOSED on ignorant Hindustan by simply replacing the "charkha" by Buddha "chakra" on it. He does not wish a Temple in AYODHYA, but a Cathedral, instead. It will be neither Mosque nor Mandir, he grins. Hindu crushed, problem sovled!

2. Minister of Defence: Sayed Shahbaduddin. Only he can pacify the militants from within and the terrorists from outside, in South Kashmir.

3. Minister of Information and BROADCASTING: Boota Singh. He will turn the culture of Bharatvarsha into agriculture.

4. Minister of Finance: Rahul Gandhi. He will help India's economy by repeating the performance of BOFORS CHOR and thus benefit the Dynasty and Priyenka, who is now "Indian by birth but Christian by conviction".

5. Minister of Education; HARKISHEN SINGH. He will delete Guru Gobind Singh and introduce Lenin, Marx and Stalin in school curriculum to unify BROKEN BHARAT under Hammer & Sickle.

Among the Hindus only one name could be proposed: that of LK Advani who attended the nikah of his niece to a Musalman and blessed them both to produce two dozen more, as per Koran. Mr. Advani never suggested prosecuting Pandit Nehru for surrendering one third of India unconditionally, without referendum, nor paying compensation to the dependents of the GLORIOUS DEAD OF 1947. He never suggested turning August 15 into Day of Remembrance instead of Day of Independence. He took NO step to establish a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, and he never suggested to Shri Vajpayee, "Wait for General Musharraf to come to Delhi on goodwill "yatra" before you run to him with your poets, bards, singers and dancers." Thus, among all the pseudo-secular Hindus, only Advani, the refugee from Karachi, could be forgiven and remotely considered for the post of Third Secretary in Sonia's cabinet.

Among the likely Hindus to be picked up, is the one whose daughter is married to a KHAN, whose Holy Book is Ambedkar's Vidhan, who speaks Italian fluently, who relishes the verses on Paradise in Koran, who eats pizza, and who promptly opens his mouth wide to offer Sonia KHAN a spittoon if she wants to clear her throat just like those days when Emperor Aurangzeb was converting the Hindus of Kashmir and Punjab to his killjoy Islam BY SWORD.

Today there is shadow over Ayodhya and Amritsar and it is a very dark day, indeed, in the history of Hindustan though the sun is shining brightly in Mecca and Rome. According to the Laws of Nature, rejoicing and mourning have to be equal. We need to see as to who is rejoicing and who is mourning.

Our sacred Bharat is not a "bunya's" shop, or an animal circus, or Pandit Nehru's brothel ("Ishrat Manzil" or "KANJAR KHANA"). It is our dignity, honour, pride, and the land of our culture, religion and roots. Its defence has gone to dogs. We saw our India mutilated and fragmented and we saw it divided and reduced. Now we need to stand up for our Motherland. We need not look around for the approval of the world. Surely to them the Indians are cheap labour and those at home easy TARGETS for exploitation, brainwashing. plunder, loot and conversion.

Our Hindustan, withoiut a clear HINDU identity, is now a bone of contention between churcdh and mosque. Hence, unlike every other country on earth, she desperately needs a candidate of compromise. Sonia is the candidate of MINORITIES and as in 1947, the minorities are about to prevail and overwhelm us all.

Bharat's noble sons and daughters are keeping away and the ancient land is going to the Hindu riff raff, Italy and Islam.

If none can visualise or tolerate a KHAN upon his wife or daughter, how can we passively watch the FOREIGNERS riding Mother India to death? Let us now look at ourselves through the eyes of the whole world, especially through the eyes of the IRAQIS who will not tolerate even one foreigner among them.

The reality (PARTITION) was so bitter than we don't talk about it. The Constitution of India is nothing but the Document of Exoneration of Congress Party's High Treason, the unilateral surrender of our Motherland to Muslim bullies and bandits, whose holiest city is Mecca, holiest land is Arabia, holiest language is Arabic and holiest mission is to EXTERMINATE the Hindus (and the Sikhs).

The result of NOT going back to PARTITION is that our children and grandchildren are as IGNORANT of the enemy within, as we were in 1947. It does not require high IQ to foresee that they will perish in 2047 as we perished in 1947.

...............Monday, 17 May 2004