Date: 5/18/2004



Sonia says due to change of heart she has decided to turn down the offer of post of prime minister. Manmohan Singh, finance minister in earlier Congress ministry (early 1990’s), is mentioned as the most likely replacement.

It is a great victory of the Hindu patriots, aided by many NRI’s and scored by the emboldened Hindu organisations at home after five year BJP term in office.

This visible show of PATRIOTISM is new. It is good news for Hindutva and Hindustan. The native can, for the first time in a thousand years, challenge the foreigner and smash their design to divide, intimidate and bash the Hindus further.

Now the worst thing that can happen is for the Hindus to say, “We have won the war.” NOTHING OF THE SORT.

The Hindu ship that came too near the iceberg has just avoided one. There are many more submerged beneath the surface. How long will Titanic sail safety up to its destination? Passengers on board are enjoying the banquet.

In disturbing reality, we have not even started the battle in right earnest if so many have “dumped” Hindutva and BJP to vote the unfit, undeserving worthless crafty alien to power.

In a country that has been invaded, battered, degraded, plundered, exploited and REDUCED so often and so much by the foreigners, our aim ought to be 99% of Lok Sabha elected on HINDU ticket. The one remaining “secular goat” will sit in Lok Sabha in the corner with mouth shut like the HINDU MP in the Parliaments of BOGUSdesh and Pakistan.

All those Muslims were our FELLOW CITIZENS like Abdul Kalam and Shahabuddin who swore loyalty to India like you and me and carried the SAME passport, used the same currency, spoke the same language, wore the same dress, were entertained by the same actors and actresses, and sang and danced to the SAME music but then all of a sudden all hell hit us without warning and with such devastating impact of which there is no example in history.

One third of India vanished from our maps literally overnight. We had two million slaughtered by our fellow citizens for one sin and crime, being Hindus who refused to embrace foreign Islam despite all the hammering and persecution in the previous centuries, simply for holding our heads high.

To overlook it or to forget it all is the worst crime a coward can commit. We were seen through the eyes of Congress. The iris (lenses) in their eyes made us the size of ants. That is why Nehru was so imperious, Indira was so arrogant and Rajiv was so corrupt. That is why Sonia still hopes to ride the CATHOLIC horse in order to trample us under its hoofs.

Sonia was, and is, dreaming of her Pope’s opportunity. Catholics and Muslims walk in step. Just like those days when the global British empire upset the German Kaisers, the Indian Catholics are upset over Islam capturing vast territories of Hindustan while they are reduced to peaceful and legal methods and conversion through allurement and inducements, even handouts, scholarships, rewards and cash awards, instead of by sword. It must worry the Catholics whose empire on globe is no smaller than the former British and German empires. The Catholics must wish to outdo the Muslims for global domination. This kind of urge is extreme motivation among the Muslims and the Catholics. One is desperate to extend Mohammed’s rule on earth, the other that of the Pope. We secular Hindus and “nishkam sewak” Sikhs are light years away from such ambitions of our enemies who DOMINATE the world.

Manmohan Singh is getting his chair in shadow of disgrace. He is picking up the discarded bone. The native was not the uncontested candidate for the top executive post. The Italian white elephant was.

His biggest internal challenge is to step away from her shadow. If he has any self-esteem, he will use his own head in the interest of the people, not take instructions from her. She is known to be short tempered, intolerant and very insulting at times. Her command of English is elementary and that of Hindi ludicrous.

When she was a little girl, her grandfather told her how they beat up the natives of Ethiopia and Abyssinia, Italian colonies then, and how they treated the natives with utter contempt. Her mother indoctrinated her deeply in her Catholic Faith and blessed her journey into Hindustan as Daughter of Christ.

“Follow the light of Mother Teresa. There are many dark souls, some very dark and stubborn,” was her mother’s parting advice. A close study of her life in Bharat reveals many a victory like a true Christian, not the least destruction of Hindu Constitution of Nepal and smashing many Tamil households and temples in Sri Lanka. Add to that the plunder of India’s riches, especially from countless palaces where the Maharajas were induced to give priceless paintings, silverware and antiques for “tuppence” to please the “Female Hindu-Charmer from Italy.” Her journey from rags to riches makes a fascinating story but that will not be told even in Manmohan Singh’s life time.

We hope, with an intemperate flashback of colonial memory of her imperial land of birth, she does not fly in tantrum and throw her shoe at Mr. Singh’s turban. That will hurt even Laloo Prashad and bring tears to the eyes of every Sikh.

We expect Manmohan Singh to eradicate corruption, starting with the BOFORS scandal case, encourage individual initiative and spirit of enterprise, for long suppressed by Congress and Dynasty, and free Broadcasting, possibly, grant us dual nationality, too.

He could fight nepotism and red tape. He could send an honest and upright high commissioner to London where huge funds are deposited in Rajiv Gandhi Foundation that was established by despicable “dog of dynasty” LM SINGHVI.

The Dynasty is now sitting on vast wealth of people of India who have no idea of the magnitude of plunder since 1947. Under this Dynasty there are more sub dynasties. Just recall that there were NO elections to Congress high command for nearly two decades and their main accountant also stayed in that chair for decades. Loyal dogs are difficult, even dangerous to replace in case they spell the beans.

Dynasty is also trigger happy and quick to “eliminate” a voice of dissent. No wonder none will dare to stand up for her post as President of Party so long as she lives. To do so can be warrant of his or her DEATH. In morality and decency, the Gandhis of today are diametrically opposite to the first and real Gandhi who could not cash on his surname.

Will Manmohan Singh apologise to the Tamils of Sri Lanka for murder and destruction of their homeland by Rajiv’s Indian Army, and for the treacherous Operation Blue Star in EAST Punjab in June 1984?

Do we expect him to abrogate Article 370 of Constitution that has ruined the peace of valley through over pampering of Muslims? Do we expect him to do bus yatra in the OPPOSITE direction, to Ayodhya, to lay the foundation stone of the Grand Temple, the very national landmark that defines the culture of Hindustan? We may recall that the Muslim invaders razed Sri Harimandir Sahib three times but each time our militarised Hindu, the KHALSA beheaded the perpetrator and chased his Mogul army out of sight, once beyond Khyber.

Manmohan Singh can be encouraged by those deeds and do the impossible to win eternal praise and loyalty of his nation.

We expect Manmohan Singh to take note of something most shocking that the whole world saw on television screen. The natives surrounding Sonia on hearing her decision to stand down, went down upon their knees with pleas and prayers to take up the post of prime minister, to run the country.

Those despicable scenes where the native stood so reduced, humbled and menial, has a psychological reason. Slaves hate one another, convinced of their inferiority. Gandhi is said to have this innate wish for the Hindus to perish. Hence he went on protecting the Muslims of Delhi instead of saving the Hindus of Noakhali and Lahore and the Sikhs of Rawalpindi.

Those adoring the Europeans were shouting at the world, WE HATE OUR OWN KIND. A foreigner, a Muslim, a European, a Catholic or Italian is a must for us to feel good, safe and secure.

There is an inner voice based on a million battles lost and a billion floggings and beatings, that says, “UNDER A HINDU LEADER, WE WILL BE BATTERED AND BASHED AGAIN.

“All will be well with us and our country, if the top post is with a Muslim and/or a Christian.” Secretly our souls might be pining sub consciously for the British to come back and take over. At least under the British LION our Bharat was “AKHAND” and there was ONE law for all. They are also vastly superior to the Italians, and not sticky pestering Catholic.”

In the UK, no less an Indian than Mr. Virendra Sharma, Chairman, Indian Overseas Congress Party, expressed his full confidence in Sonia while condemning the Right Wing “Hindu fundamentalists” for forcing Sonia to give up the post of prime minister, at interview given to BBC World (Asia Today, 11.50 p.m. May 18, 2004). This “son of a cow” has never seen anything wrong in Prince Charles’s inability to marry a Muslim or a Catholic, but with regard to his own India, even straight looks crooked to him. This is the case of an inferiority complex ridden, much degraded, “NIGGER HATING ANOTHER NIGGER.”

We can see IRAQ, where such deeply ingrained inferiority complex of the proverbial “Indian coolie” is not in evidence, how they reject a foreigner to rule them. Unfortunately Mr. Sharma is not the only one who wishes the Hindus to be docile and subservient. He doesn’t mind if Lahore and EAST Bengal do not lick secularism. World media are having a great time in broadcasting the stupidity of Hindus like him.

We expect Manmohan Singh to DEFEND five PILLARS of Hindustan-

1. TERRITORY: What will he do to knock sense into ISLAMABAD to “Hands off!” both South and North Kashmir? Even Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam may be embarrassed. After all, it was he, not Vajpayee, who ought to have gone to Islamabad to warn them against their terrorist camps. We expect the President of India to be physically present at the cremation of each and every soldier killed by his own fellow Muslims in South Kashmir. Doesn’t he claim to be native Indian like Sonia?

2. DHARMA. We should not forget that Hinduism is NATIVE. As a parent does not throw out her own child into the ditch to pick up and run off with a more handsome or healthier child? With regard to RELIGION we must realise two facts. Firstly Hinduism is native to Bharat. It is not imported like Islam in Lahore or Christianity in Bharat. And secondly, if WE HINDUS do not reform it, renew it, improve it, then who else will do that, especially when we have two mighty powerful predators inside and outside, who wish to wipe out Hinduism?

There is already a murmur going round that with Hinduism eliminated the final war for domination of PARTITIONED India will be a fierce one between Islam and Christianity. That is a SHAME for us and we should ERECT the edifice of Hinduism quickly, without losing another day. While Vatican and Mecca can boast of their grandeur why should the Temple in Ayodhya remain a RUIN?

3. DHANN: This is national WEALTH that Sonia, seemingly a gentle sari clad female (recall the oversized TILAK on the forehead of Loafer Rajiv, who had no shame in flaunting our culture and sacred symbols for despicable political gains and hold on power), plundered to her heart’s desire, turning her pauper family into millionaires overnight. She followed the example of the savage Mohammedans who, year in and year out, ran off with our wealth, including the diamond studded “peacock” throne to Teheran, and cartloads of gold, diamonds and silver, all looted from destroyed temples, to Kabul, Kandahar and Ghazni, besides thousands upon thousands of abducted young girls as concubines and captured young men as slaves. As a start the case against the BOFORS CHOR must be re-opened and trial conducted IN PUBLIC and concluded.

4. DHAYAAN, or spirit and morale of the nation. Both were zero on the day we watched passively the massacres of NOAKHALI, the fires in LAHORE and the rape and abduction in RAWALPINDI and MULTAN, when we were BULLIED into surrendering vast territories in the West and the East to the indigenous Muslims.

Today, thanks to BJP, that spirit and morale has risen only slightly if we take note of Sonia’s victory and our defeat. Will Manmohan Singh do his best to BOOST the morale and spirit of the HINDUS? That is the only way Pakistan will behave in Kashmir, and the so-called “indigenous” Muslims in the rest of India.

5. HONOUR AND DIGNITY of Daughters of Hind. If an Italian female is head and shoulders ABOVE all the Hindu MEN in Bharat, then think how DOWN UNDER (in cesspit) are Bharat’s own Hindu women, our own sisters, mothers and daughters.

Not one Congress minister ever said, “BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL.” People can recall Nehru’s adoration of Edwina Mountbatten and Rajiv’s infatuation with the Import from Italy. His merely putting his head on her foot, turned her overnight into “Rashtra Bahu” and “uncrowned queen” of Hindustan. Which other country on earth is so degraded and which other nation so IGNORANT and SERVILE?

Can we blame the vast majority of Hindu voters who behaved like the servants of Italian Durbar and voted for their empress? They are ignorant and servile BY DESIGN of DYNASTY. Hence this dynasty ought to be EXTERMINATED if the Hindu is to escape their further scheming, bashing and attacks. After nearly SIX DECADES of so-called Independence, one expected the Hindu voters to come at par with the voters in the United States, France and the United Kingdom, in self-esteem. What we saw is what we see in a coolie colony. The gap between the Indian voter and the Italian voter is as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. It is for Manmohan Singh to narrow it down and then obliterate it.

Let us EXPECT Manmohan Singh to heal the wounds of our bleeding nation (not only in South Kashmir), make the native look decent and make everyone repeat a thousand times, “BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL.”

Under him PARTITIONED India is waiting to rise. The enslaved Hindu is waiting to be LIBERATED. Then the day will come when the world will be shocked to see such a FALL of Hindus in front of MUSLIMS and CATHOLICS. Congress that accepted the PARTITION on the basis of RELIGION alone (no other criterion but RELIGION) cannot fool us all by banning the word “Hindu”. They will face questioning by the rising nation till they are wiped out or till eternity, whichever comes earlier.

They will be stood before the “firing squad” like MUSSOLINI for betrayal of Lahore in 1947 and then putting the nation to sleep.





We will GRIP THEIR HEADS and turn them around to see the provocative ISLAMIC flags planted over Lahore and Dhaka, due to HIGH TREASON by Dirty Dynasty and anti national Congress Party.

....Manmohan Singh ji, “SAT SRI AKAL”. THE BEST OF LUCK.

. 000000000