Date: 5/19/2004


As one who has seen and personally gone through the tragic events of 1947 Partition and pre-Partition events of 1930’s and of early 1940’s, I see the same symptoms now, of Hindus being suddenly attacked, robbed, beaten, molested, raped, killed and driven out of Jammu-Kashmir State very soon, followed by a mounted military attack on the rest of India, when no Hindu will be safe and secure in any part of India. Symptoms are fairly clear and also the same type of cheating by Press and Politicians is going on. This cheating is also a part of the game to keep Hindus sleeping and snoring. When the attack comes as it has been repeatedly coming during the last 50-60 years, these politicians will run away to safe places; the mercenary Press hirelings cannot be expected to do anything except to please their pay-masters, now as well as later on. But the poor un-suspecting Hindu community suffers terribly, as I have seen with my own eyes in this recent past. Scenario is developing just on identical lines. Those who speak the truth and give warnings of impending disaster will, of course, be dubbed as communalists by the cheating politicians and mercenary Press hirelings, whom we have, by now, known too well to misguide us again and again; but the cheats are around in plenty: Those who want to attack Hindus, to convert them or to kill them are around; also the politicians who will like to remain in chairs of power in the name of maintaining law and order in the country are available in large numbers. What do these politicians lose? Nothing in this world at least. What happens to them in the next birth is of no threat to them; who knows about the next life, they can legitimately ask? Here, let them enjoy life of power as long as they can, till death doth take them away.

How were Hindus driven out from West and East Pakistan? In the 1930’s and in the early 1940’s,very honorable Hindu politicians promised the Hindus that they shall not allow Partition of India as long as they live on this earth; then they failed to keep their promises or even to remember their promises. Having agreed to Partition, these same people did not arrange orderly exchange of population which was the logical way to follow. Even, the same cheats said: “No exchange of population”. Then why did you agree to Partition? What was the basis of Partition? No logical answer came. The Hindus were attacked, robbed, molested, raped or killed; Hindus began to run for life and livelihood, here and there, not knowing where they will get a place to live or to earn their livelihood. I have seen this happening in front of my eyes. The cheater-politicians just showed lip sympathy and regret for the events that took place; these cheats had refused to see the developing situation or to listen to the honest warnings; they refused to see the strong signals coming from all sides; they were just busy in their enjoyments. The Hindus are now being systematically driven out from Bangladesh. How does it affect the politicians? Not at all, in essence. They get their honors from the buffoons and clowns who cluster around them; they get garlands and felicitations on every step they take; behind the curtains, something else also moves on as scams, one after another, reveal.

3-4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir Valley are leading miserable lives in refugee camps, living and dying in misery. How does this affect the politicians? Not in the least. Even Supreme Court of India has expressed concern for the condition of these refugees; but who cares? Why should they care?

Shri Jagmohan, in his Book “Frozen Turbulence”, painted the grief and horror of the fleeing Hindus from Jammu-Kashmir State; he could hardly bear the bitterness of cries and horror of these victims of loot, murder, rape and death. What happened to the ruling politicians? Nothing; they lived and continue to live in their luxury, giving ridiculous sermons on peace, love and brotherhood. It does not cost a penny to these great political persons to give these sermons which, at their back, people call “ridiculous and silly sermons.”

Situation is now fast developing when Hindus will be again attacked, robbed, looted, raped and killed in Jammu-Kashmir-Ladak area as in previous incidents witnessed helplessly under the rule of our wise rulers. Almost similar wise rulers are in power right now also. It does not affect them at all; they will be safe in any case, at least they hope so. But Hindus have to awaken themselves out of deep slumber of day-dreaming; symptoms are similar. Terrorists have been released and more will be released in India. Many are waiting on the other side of our borders to march inside India. The Central Govt. is washing off its hands; it is the responsibility of the State Govt. they announce. Then, why do they say that Jammu-Kashmir State is an integral part of India? Whom are they fooling? And how long will they continue to fool the Hindus?

Do you think that India lacks in efficient administrators – civil, judicial, police, security, and military administrators- who can stop this repeated massacres, murders, loots and rapes which are frequently occurring in India? No, there are plenty of able administrators in India. To give only one example, Shri K.P.S.Gill gave a challenge that he can stop this terrorism in Jammu-Kashmir State as he stopped similar things in Punjab. There are many more capable non-political people who can do the job. But our final administrative decisions are in the hands of what you may dare to call “criminal and cheating politicians” who have interest in playing this cruel game on human beings. Amongst these politicians, there is something like Trade Unionism which enables them to combine together and oppose the stopping of this cruel game. They have deep vested interests in this game. One day, the Truth will burst out. God’s mill grinds slowly but surely. The criminals will get caught and p unished one day.